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You know, your mom and I grew up together.

Mena is a character in the film Bambi II. It is known that she grew up with Bambi's mother.


Bambi II

After the death of Bambi's mother, the Great Prince of the Forest asked Friend Owl to find a doe to become Bambi's foster mother. After a long search, Friend Owl found Mena, who appears near the end of the film and warmly greets Bambi, who is excited to see her at first, as she was a friend of his late mother's, but his feelings change when he learns her purpose.

Bambi was initially reluctant to live with her and challenged the idea, but eventually relented and left with Mena home. On the way, Mena witnesses Ronno provoking and then fighting Bambi. After Bambi wins, Mena expresses concern for Bambi. However, Ronno recovers and leaps up to ram Bambi on the side. This causes Mena to stumble into one of Man's snares. Hearing Man's pets approaching, Mena orders Bambi and Ronno to flee. Ronno flees quickly, but Bambi is petrified with fear. As Bambi begins to run, Mena inadvertently repeats the dying last words of Bambi's mother.

This incites Bambi to turn back, determined to prevent another tragedy. In other words, he does not want to have Mena left behind to be killed, like his mother. Bambi is able to distract and elude the dogs as the Great Prince comes and frees Mena. Later she sees the Prince mourning his son's supposed death. To her and the Prince's relief, Bambi revives and is lovingly embraced by his father. She and Friend Owl share a glance, and she leaves, knowing Bambi and his father will be fine and that she isn't needed after all.


Mena has Light brown fur, a dark brown back stripe, a cream-colored belly, and green eyes, somewhat similar to the other does featured in Bambi and Bambi II.


  • It is possible that Mena's inspiration was Nettla, a doe from Bambi, a Life in the Woods who cared for Bambi after his mother's death.


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