Merlin's Cottage is the place where Merlin and Archimedes once resided until Merlin decided to leave so he can help educate a young man named Arthur, but known as Wart at the time. 

Kingdom Hearts 

Merlin's house in Traverse town looks very similar to Mim's Cottage as opposed to his house in the film. Internally however it looks more like Merlin's house from the film.

Once Upon a Time

The Cottage appears on the show like the home where reside The Apprentice, working for Merlin. It was here that he guards the Sorcerer Hat in a secret cave. However, Anna, herself manipulated by Rumplestiltskin stole it. Later, Ingrid the Snow Queen comes here to conclude a pact with the Apprentice: the hat in exchange with two new sisters for her. After the curse caused by The Evil Queen, the cottage become a luxurious manor.

From the outside, has a pit in which Merlin draws water. Most household objects appear to be delighted. Merlin moves from his home and goes to live in a Tower. Probably, the cottage is abandoned.

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