Merlin was a great and powerful wizard, and a character from the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Role in the film

Merlin is a powerful magician that works as a servant in the kingdom of Camelot.

During his service in the kingdom, Merlin looks after a young girl named Morgana le Fay. Morgana is a witch that needs help practicing magic. Therefore, Merlin takes Morgana under his wing and teaches her the sacred art of sorcery.

For years, Merlin looks after Morgana with love and care, until she betrays him by dabbling in the dark arts. Merlin tries reaching out to Morgana by warning her not to tamper with dark magic, but his warning is not heeded.

Shortly after Morgana's betrayal, Merlin takes on three apprentices, Balthazar Blake, Maxim Horvath, and Veronica Gorloisen, in his attempt to stop the evil witch.

Unfortunately, Merlin is betrayed once again, this time by Horvath. He distracts Merlin after he appears to have Morgana beaten. Morgana then stabs and mortally wounds Merlin. As he is dying, Merlin gives his Dragon Ring to Balthazar. He also charges him to find the Prime Merlinean, the only one who could destroy Morgana.


  • Merlin is based on the legendary wizard with the same name who existed during the time of King Arthur.
  • Merlin is only mentioned in the early script of the film as the founder of his legion of good sorcerer, referred with his full name "Merlin Ambrosius". Additionally, he's not Balthazar, Horvath, and Veronica's mentor as in the film as the mentor role was originally given to his modern-day successor Aurelius Flood.
  • Merlin made an appearance in flashback sequence of the prologue scene of the videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice on Nintendo DS where, as in the film, he was killed by Morgana who eventually sealed by Balthazar in return. The difference is that Veronica was not involved (as her character was excluded in the game's storyline).


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