aka Shay Speare

  • I live in A fantasy where there sugarplums and unicorns.
  • My occupation is Num.....Num...Num.... eating Oreos
  • I am I'm a vampire, werewolf, fairy, unicorn. Whatever creature you imagine me to be.
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  • You're yourself but not alone 123Raura, I'd rather say in your imagination you're actually creative but not weird. It's my loyalty and artworks done to express myself that confuse others first when they meet me. I'm a fantasy fan myself, and a nature lover too. Even my story writing is unique enough to make people consider me strange or crazy 123Raura.

    Cooperating is what I like to do. I value peace. Achievement obsesses me. I'm willing to resolve which probably what gave me strength during my childhood, I mean for years quite daily being Autistic I was laughed at by many other kids, but I'm 27 now. I love to cheer up others and help them not give up. I'm one of the few out there for those who feel like they haven't found a gentle enough friend yet, and those who have felt lonely for years. You're free to be yourself with me 123Raura. 

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  • Yo.

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