Berry of the RainWings

aka Riberry(WoF) Berryfoot(WC) Beridan(LotR)

  • I live in On wiki activity.
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is A Roleplayer.
  • I am They/Them Genderfluid.
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  • Hello there, my name is The Great Luigi, And I created a Wiki for you guys all about Varian. More information can be found at the wikia.

    Here's The Link

    Spread the Word Around so other Fans can know about this new hangout for you guys 😊. - The Great Luigi

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  • Hey, I havnt been on latley! Whats up with Varian!?

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  • Berry? Can you make a "Varian is good club 2"? I tried but well it didn't work out.

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  • Berry? What happened? Why can’t we post anything? Is something wrong?

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    • I’ll contact the admin and ask if it’s alright.

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    • Berry of the RainWings wrote:
      An admin (I presume) shut down the thread. You’re trying to reopen it. I promised the admin I wouldn’t let it happen again. So STOP IT.

      STOP WHAT?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The second Thread for the Varian is good fanclub isn't working acording to LuLu So What's wrong why can't we post anything. I Like it to get fixed soon

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  • May I be in your club?

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  • BE94A35A-1992-4B2A-BA64-8BF528AA80C2

    So Cute

    This is a Club, focused mainly on the geeky cinnamon roll called Varian and how he would never be bad unless he is seriously occ. And also the scumbag we nicknamed Nigel. Anyone who loves Varian is free to join at anytime, but anyone who hates Varian’s comments will be deleted. I declare this club open!

    -Berry, founder of club







    Tangled (main fangirl)

    Lulu (theorist)



    Japan (eyes in the tumblr)

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