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  • Ever notice how the ending credits are practically unreadable? Anxelin could have been named Anxelin for the movie. But we can not even read the ending credits! They are way too small!

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    • Haha, that's pretty true, and a really good point.  I had to pause it multiple times, and magnify it on my computer while streaming.  That being said, it still did not appear on IMDB, or in any related media.  While it is entirely possible her name was Anxelin at some point, it may have been dropped later in the story, much like Aziz (Jasmine and Aladdin) was. 

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    • ^i think Aziz is somewhere in there too along with Anxelin,I think they are probably just characters who have no lines. Plus if we could read the end credits we could see the rest of the cast. Because the yearbook has Aziz's name with the number 11 for the tourney team and the yearbook also names William(the red haired That is by Doug in the family day scene I think),Tyrone,Brendan,Miguel&Akio and Iam pretty sure William,Tyrone,Akio,Brendan&Miguel do not come from anywhere else except the yearbook.Akio Is number 42 on the tourney team,William is number 12 for the tourney team,Tyrone is number 32,Miguel is number 44&Brendan is number 20. Plus I heard the coach call a kid by the name of Taylor in the movie that is on the tourney team during practice. Then in the tourney finale scene the coach called someone over. Plus if the team members would not have been dancing the whole time it would be easier to see their numbers. Plus i think Aziz was somewhere in the coronation I saw someone who looked like him.i wish the end credits would not have been so small! I have never seen ending credits that small before. So Iam guessing Disney named a bunch of the unnamed characters. Plus Aladdin gets mentioned and it would be kind of weird if Aziz did not appear with Aladdin getting mentioned and Jay appearing(plus Jay's appearance in the film without Aziz somehow appearing would make no sense).

      Not to mention Iam pretty sure Aziz is meant to have problems with maybe Reza or Anthony in a future sequel to the first movie that will eventually get fixed by the end where Aziz ends up befriending Reza or Anthony in the end(even with Aziz on Ben's side). Iam guessing Jay was meant to make problems for Chad.

      I think Aziz's lines were taken out of the movie because jay's group attending Auradon prep did give Jay any problems. Plus the descendants movie would need a lot of extras to make The movie which means Aziz would need to be in the movie as a minor character with no lines because other wise the isle of the lost book would not make sense. Which means Jay being in the movie and getting picked along with Mal,Evie&Carlos without Aziz would not make sense either they would have saved Jay for the sequel if Aziz was cut.

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