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  • Hello,

    I was looking at this Wiki's This Is Your Life, Donald Duck (comic) page and noticed that you were the creator of it, if I'm not mistaken. I took a peek at your contribution history (I hope you don't mind) and see that you seem to be interested in and knowledgeable about the Donald Duck universe. Because of this, I would like to invite you to check out and contribute to the Scrooge McDuck Wiki if you would like to. This Wiki is fully dedicated to covering Donald Duck comics, cartoons, books, etc. I think you'll like it, though I can understand if it's not your cup of tea. I'm not in any sort of position of authority there, but I am a semi-active contributor and would love to see you there, too.

    I'm not at all trying to recommend or suggest that you stop editing the Disney Wiki, nor am I trying to pry your attention away from a site you must love, seeing as how you have over 1000 edits on here. I just simply want to invite you to check the Scrooge McDuck Wiki, see what you think, and maybe think about contributing as much as you'd like. If you're as passionate about the Duck comics as you seem to be, I think you'll like it, even if you never contribute to it.

    At any rate, let me wish you a Merry late Christmas and a Happy New Year! I may not know, but you do seem like a kind individual, and I hope you've had a swell holiday season this year. I hope this message does not come across as annoying, self-promoting, assuming, or overly-assertive. I only wish to inform a fellow Duck fan about what I personally view as a great Wiki, and I hope I have not offended you in the meanwhile.

    God bless.

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    • Hello. Thanks for the invitation. Yes, I love Duck comics. I've been reading some stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa, and also some by other authors. I've seen a bit of the Scrooge Wiki, not much yet. Your invitation was thoughtful, I'm impressed. You don't have to worry about anything. :)

      It's nice to have an in-depth wiki for Duck comics. Apparently Scrooge Wiki accepts pages for minor characters who have appeared in only one story, and other pages like "Daisy Duck (Donaldless Continuum)" (a version of Daisy from an alternate timeline), which I guess would not always be exactly possible on Disney Wiki as separate pages like that.

      Maybe I can help at least with information about some Duck comics published here in Brazil (my country), which may have not been published in other countries.

      I guess maybe all Mouse comics would also be accepted on Scrooge Wiki, since that wiki says "We are an unofficial project to cover the entire Disney comics universe", but the focus seems to be on Duck comics nonetheless. At least that's my initial impression, I could be mistaken.

      I have created the Fulton Gearloose page on Disney Wiki a few weeks ago. For now, as a small gesture, I started by adding a bit of info in the "Fulton Gearloose" page in Scrooge Wiki as well.

      Happy New Year!

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    • I'm glad you're not offended or insluted by my invitation. I was hoping it wouldn't come across as too assertive or anti-Disney Wiki.

      Yes, Mouse comics are fair game for the Scrooge McDuck Wiki. Duck/Mouse shorts, storybooks, comics, movies, television shows, etc., are all allowed, though I think the primary focus is the Duck comics. Also, yes, the Scrooge McDuck Wiki does indeed allow for pages for more minor characters and alternate versions of characters that probably wouldn't be allowed here on the Disney Wiki.

      I'm happy to see you've made an edit over there. I hope you edit more if you want to. I don't think we have too many pages on Brazilian comics currently, but you're more than welcome to add some.

      Happy New Year to you, too, and thank you for your kind and friendly response.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • If you don't want me to get cross with you again, start editing smarter not harder. Do all your edits in one go and don't publish until you're absolutely sure you have finished. Better yet, use a sandbox to do your edits before publishing them onto the actual page.

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    • OK, I will comply with what you said.

      At that time, I did not know that different shots would not be permitted. Some films have multiple images of basically the same logo because of trailer variations.

      The page really should have a list of sound variations in my opinion. I'm just stating my opinion, I won't add sound variations there.

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    • Don't take things so literal.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I hope you're not uploading more just so you can create a separate gallery. I don't like how you're approaching this. Uploading more pictures to the point of them being too many is a bad a sign from my point of view. This is a Wiki, not a gallery site. Our top priority is information.

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    Daniel Carrero
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    07:39, August 7, 2019
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    • You're still not getting the point.

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    • I've apologized (twice) and said I'll be complying about the editing history issue. That seems one big problem which I'd like to avoid. You are right about that.

      When you tell me "You're still not getting the point." I assume you are talking about this point, because it was the last thing we talked about here.

      I guess this discussion got a bit long because there were quite a lot of other points raised around here.

      I think some of the points raised are misunderstandings, which I talked about above. Like when you said I've never edited or expanded written contents, or that I've done more gallery editing than text editing. Don't take this the wrong way, but I had a problem with those remarks. I think maybe you didn't pay much attention to my edit history at the time, because these points don't seem to actually apply to my work around here. So I've wanted to clarify that.

      You don't seem to want to talk anymore, so I wish you the best. But feel free to reply and continue this conversation if you want.

      I'll remember about not editing the same article so many times, like you said. Again, you are right.

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  • If you want to be more professional with inserting reference links you can use this coding.

    {{Cite web|url=|title=|website=|date=}}
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  • Hi

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