aka Danny Steele

  • I live in That information is Classified
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Classified
  • I am Male
  • Bio I have been a Star Wars fan all of my life. My first experience with Star Wars was going to the movie theater to see Episode 4 when they first released the Special Edition. So I have see all of the Star Wars movies in theaters.

    I own all of the movies and TV shows that are considered canon on DVDS ( some of them on limited edition).

    I have extensive knowledge in History and Mythology. I also have knowledge in psychology, sociology , philosophy, and Theology.

    I also enjoy History( it is my passion), Fencing, Bowling, Golf and James Bond ( I want a martini shaken not stirred)

    Link to Animo profile

    The Most Important Link

    Links to good discussions
    Tracking the Skywalker Lightsaber

    Star Wars Slogans the updated version

    Good links to other sites
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