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  • You do not upload image files with gibberish headings. When you upload pictures you must have their headings named to something appropriate. You are not allowed to photo spam or upload pictures that are poor quality or have windowboxing. Such images will either be renamed, adjusted or erased from the Wiki. Should you continue to repeat the violations stated here then regretfully drastic measures will be taken against you to prevent any further corruption.

    Please remember before you upload anything rename your pictures first, do not photo spam, find good quality, and make sure there are no windowboxes (black edges/framing seen around an image).


    • Acceptable: The Fox and the Hound.jpg
    • Unacceptable: 39660315.jpg

    I should also point out that due to some growing concerns about users uploading too many pictures, only a few are permitted. You can still upload but so much.

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  • Hi, welcome to Disney Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Margrubbs page. Please read the DisneyWiki:Do's and Don'ts for how to edit on this wiki before doing any other edits. Also, please be respectful of other users.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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