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  • Book pages are less likely to expand. It's more efficient to just have all books listed on one page instead of creating individual pages for books because they receive any major editing activity for years. When we create individual book pages, it depends on how much attention the article gets and how popular to topic in question is, like the Descendants novels. The same goes for all the articles on this Wiki.

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    • That's fine - but from a perspective of search engine optimization, that's probably not the best practice. Even if you don't want to have the page for the particular book, rather than flat-out deleting it, it would be better to instead keep it as a redirect to the list of books. That way if somebody searches for the book title or otherwise come into the wiki that way, they'll be sent directly to that rather than simply finding a deleted page or not finding anything at all. It also serves as an easy indicator that the list of books page is preferred, rather than having the article that doesn't have much content.

      As for the concern regarding spoilers, perfectly understandable. I was able to find the Spoiler policy and I read other it, so I will be mindful of that. It might be helpful to include some form of that in the "Upcoming" template that is on the top of such pages.

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    • Every deletion I make is given careful consideration, and all broken links are either removed or redirected. Your concerns about users ending up at a deleted page will never happen here. We're always around the clock looking out for broken links. I have other users who help me out in that department. We do have a separate notice for "Spoilers", which is only inserted when the movie premieres and after a month it's removed.

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  • where is the star wars history

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  • Anyway i would appreciated your assistance here.

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