• There was no reason for you to replace over these images. They were fine as they were. They were already big enough and in good quality.

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    • Pay attention. We talked about this and came to an sensible understanding. Now you're suddenly bringing us back to what got me mad with you and you hating me in the first place.

      Those pictures were fine the way they were. Any one with common sense would know that and wouldn't bother with images already in good quality. Use your head and focus on images that do require replacing. Do I make myself clear?

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    • I can understand you're autistic like Me, and if I were to guess you are sometimes forgetful, perhaps what we talked about. You don't have to deny it, because I'm can sometimes be forgetful too.

      You gotta be smart. If you're clever enough to use a computer then you're clever enough to know when and when not to replace over images. I really don't want to turn to extreme measures. Please don't force my hand.

      Work smarter, not harder.

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  • Just to let you know. I only deleted some of the images you replaced over because of their headings. We often throw out gibberish named image files or rename them, as it's essential on Disney Wiki to have clear headings. So, if you have any images with gibberish headings be sure to rename them before you upload them. Click here for more information: Photo Policies: Images Titles


    • Acceptable: Dancing on Ice.png
    • Unacceptables: 2014-01-12 05.55.31 am.png
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  • Hello,
    Because you are uploading jibberish filenames and not improving your editing style, you have earned a warning. If you continue acting this way, you will earn another warning until the third one, which gets you a block. I advise you to listen to other user's advice on how to edit here.

    Safe editing,
    The Silver wings of Night (talk) 20:06, June 7, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Please stop uploading image files with gibberish headings, otherwise I am reporting you. Unless you rename them before uploading them, they will keep getting erased.

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  • Excuse me, why are you replacing over images that are already good quality? There is nothing wrong with some of the images you replaced over. I expect an explanation, so please do not ignore this message, otherwise I will have to take it up with the Admins.

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