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  • I have a friend badge on other wikis, but I don’t know if it will work here. So, I will give you this as an experiment.


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  • Hi, What's your name?

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  • Once again our previous thread was getting long so let's begin a new thread with the new year. Happy New Year!

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    • You should try and go play it then, brother.

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    • Still haven't finished Final Fantasy II yet. I'm not sure how the gameplay is either (the guy in the playthrough died a few times), but the story at least was pretty good. Maybe sometime down the road. Speaking of FFII, I might have an answer as to how to find the Dreadnought now.

      This is the final boss of Final Fantasy V, btw. An evil warlock transformed into this monstrosity. Whether or not I will play III, V is one I might want to miss out on coz I heard he's extremely difficult. I might also give VI a miss, researched it already, its gameplay seems a bit difficult. (I had considered it though, I kinda liked Terra and Edgar and the main villain is an evil clown) I will research IV next, see how it turned out.

      Fun fact: II, III, and V weren't initially released in the US (they eventually were for PSP, GameBoy Advance, and DS, III being remade entirely into a more 3D game like VII and difficulty toned down), so the initial American release of IV and VI were called II and III, respectively. Causing some confusion when VII (Sephiroth's game) retained its original title.

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  • Hi, TheOne1000. This is JustMeJordanW. I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't against your idea of a limited series centered around Kristoff from Frozen. He is one of the most noble characters in the films as well as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. My reason for posting the comment in the previous thread yesterday is because the idea took by surprise. I would just like to apologize for having you misinterpret what I said earlier. It was never my intention to make you make you feel stupid for your idea or that it wasn't a good idea to begin with. I now believe that he is just as important as the two female leads of the franchise and that a limited series would be an interesting take on his character.

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    • Hi, JustMeJordanW. Thank you for writing this, though I want to assure I was never offended and was curious to see what your reasons before the thread ran out of replies. I hope I didn’t give off the impression I was upset or offended anything to you. I promise I was not, but I do again thank you for writing this. I also think that’s awesome you think limited series would be a good take on the character and I would be interested in learning more about him and explore his backstory into greater depth too.

      Thank you again for your message!

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    • It's no problem.

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    • Sure! Happy New Year!

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  • Hi there, I am new to Disney wiki. I've been a fan of Disney all my life and I just started using Disney wiki and Frozen is one of my favorite movies by Disney. I just love all the characters. 

    I created some characters with my friend and I imagine them being in the Disney universe.

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    • Happy New Year!

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    • Happy New Year! Hope you have a good one!

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  • Tis' the season to be jolly! Talos must learn the true meaning of Christmas to save Carol from getting a "haircut" in THE DISTANT FUTURE...

    Note: I did add multiple Endgame references and harsh scenes but luckily the story has a happy ending. So, in order to celebrate one more month 'till Christmas, here's MY gift for YOU:

    Phil: Hey Gary, isn't it a suprise that it's almost the end of the year?

    Gary: Tell me about it, I can't beleive it went by so fast.

    Talos: Well, you two can't really blame the terms of events. (Drinks soda can) I mean, look at what happened to us this year; our previous home was destroyed, Carol helped us out by getting rid of the Kree and now she's on the lookout for a new home for us! Hopefully she does soon because for now we're just on this main Skrull ship parked right next to Earth which may attract unessecary attention...

    Gary: and what makes you think THAT!? We can just shapesift to keep the unessecary attention from happening.

    Phil: But people are STILL gonna be witnessing you, when you get bashed up by Carol while disguised as an old lady. I can't beleive that's even a meme!

    Gary: Stop referencing the future, this is 1995. 

    Phil: Alright, fine.

    Talos: I always wondered soemthing ever since we came to this planet; what DO people on Earth actually do to celebrate the rise of a new year? I say we should go down to the planet ourselves and see what Carol's freinds are up to. 

    Gary: I actually just wanna stay inside this nice warm ship for the rest of the year, Boss. I've heard that at this time of year for the Earthlings that it gets REALLY cold!

    Phil: Tell me about it Gary, we sure do have a LOT to learn about the way those human's live their lives. 

    Talos: Honestly, I think we should've done that back when we infiltrated the planet, because even though we can make ourselves LOOK like the humans, we can't exactly ACT like them properly. But still, if we didn't act a whole lot like THEM, then people would just assume that we're crazy! 

    Gary: Then they'd report us to Area 51 in order to prove that Aliens DO exist in the MCU. But luckily, that's not gonna happen now that Carol's looking for a new planet for us to stay on. This way, we won't have to not act like our normal selves ever again.

    Phil: Tell me about it. Pretending to be himan was EXHAUSTING!

    Talos: Well, I'm gonna look down at the planet with the high-tech telescope so we can see how people act at THIS time around. (So he looks out the telescope and sees people decorating their homes with Xmas lights and also sees two people trading gifts) 

    Gary: Well Talos, what did you find?

    Talos: The humans seem to be decorating their city with weird-looking lights and stuff. Something about these people just doesn't make any sense to me... 

    Phil: Hmm... I wonder what's in those wrapped packages? And why are they so darn beautiful?

    Talos: I'll send a drone down to the planet and see if we can figure out this stuff. (Sends drone downs to Earth which picks up two people's voices as they exchange gifts)

    Person 1: Merry Christmas Daniel.

    Person 2: Merry Christmas Lidia.  

    Talos: Christmas? What the heck is Christmas?

    Phil: Guess it's one of those holidays that only humans celebrate. But honestly, I'm starting to get real curious about what the whole purpose of this "Christmas" thing is...

    Talos: Is it weird that no-one is doing anything BAD? Everyone seems to be acting NICE at this time of year. 

    Gary: Well, you should be GLAD, Talos. Nothing bad happening is a sign that everything's gonna be okay.

    Talos: Now I'm even MORE confused. I have no idea WHAT this Christmas nonsense is or why humans are doing it, but I don't see any point in stopping spying on them now.

    Soren: Hey Talos, I just recived a message from Carol, she'll be here soon.

    Talos: HAHA, YES! She FINALLY found us a new planet! (Starts sliding across the floor) WHOO HOO!!! I gotta say, this new year has just gotten to a GREAT start!

    But when Captain Marvel arrived on the Skrull ship, she wasn't there to tell them that she found a new planet at ALL. She came by with a large box of Christmas decorations for the skrulls to use as she beleived they celebrated the holiday.

    Carol: Hey Talos, just thought I'd drop by with this box of Christams decorations you can use to make your ship look pretty. 

    Talos: WHAT!? I thought you were stopping by to tell us that you found us a new planet to live on! And what the DAMM HELL is Christmas?!?!?

    Carol: You don't KNOW what Christmas IS!?

    Talos: Now why the heck would you think that, Carol? The way we live OUR lives is way different to the way HUMANS live THEIRS. 

    Carol: Oh, I guess I'm sorry then. It's just that; back when I had a life on Earth I remembered that we'd always celebrate each year with a 1-day event known as Christmas.

    Phil: Can you at LEAST tell Talos what it is because he's starting to get even MORE curious!? And so are we.

    Carol: Well, as far as I can remember, it was a time of year where a guy named Santa comes along riding on his sleigh at nightime on Christmas Eve, going from house to house leaving presents to those who have been good during the season. However, some people won't get anything at all due to their mean and wicked acts. I also remember that each person gets put on a different list; it's either the Nice List or the Naughty List.

    Talos: Okay, so this is basically just a way to get late Birthday Presents, isn't it?

    Carol: Well, some people DO have their birthdays right around Christmas, which doesn't seem fair to them because they get cheated out of a gift.

    Talos: But now I'm starting to wonder even MORE! Who is Santa? How is he suppose to get inside people's homes if the doors are locked? And WHY DOES HE DO THIS STUFF!??! THE HUMAN'S LIVES MAKE NO SENSE TO ME!!!

    Phil: You could just search up all the information on the computer, Talos.

    Talos: I don't trust those websites very often though, Phil. Some of them can even be EDITED and I do NOT need that in my life. Idiotic people changing facts in articles? Now that's just wrong.

    Me: And then later on in life, they'd make FANDOM. 

    Talos: Urgh! We sure have a LOT to learn about this Christmas nonsense...

    Carol: well then, allow me to guide you, Talos. Here is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE HOLIDAY! So, first of all...


    Carol: ...and now you know absolutely everything you need to about Christmas. So, Talos; did you learn anything in the past 8 hours?

    Talos: Oh, I have Carol... now I know EVERYTHING I absolutely need to know about CHRISTMAS! MY BRAIN IS FULL OF KNOWLEDGE AND POWA!!!! 

    Phil: Same here.

    Gary: Same here.

    Soren: I was a bit busy preparing our dinner so I wasn't listening to any of it.

    Talos: Oh great, now Carol has to explain EVERYTHING AGAIN just so Soren can catch up!

    Carol: I'm afraid it's gonna have to wait for later, Talos. For now, it's 3 hours to MIDNIGHT so whaddya say we decorate the ship?

    Talos: Sounds like a great plan to me.

    Soren: Seriously, can someone please help me out here?

    And so, Carol and the Skrulls got to work in decorating the ship. Phil and Gary went down to Earth in order to bring back a Christmas tree.

    Talos: This looks beautiful! The only thing missing right now is the STAR that goes on top of the tree.

    Gary: What the heck is a TREE!? 

    Carol: (Slaps herself in the face because NOW she'd have to explain what a tree is) Urgh! It doesn't matter. Hopefully we can all go to bed soon before the Bigman arrives but for now; let's sit at the table and EAT.

    Phil: I don't understand why going to SLEEP is gonna help. I wanna see if this Santa Claus is actually REAL! And there's no way you're gonna figure that out if your eyes are shut!

    Talos: Alright, let's quit the argument and head to the table. Soren has made a good meal for all of us to enjoy. Okay fine, I will admit she had help from Carol since what they both made was HUMAN food.

    Carol: It's called figgy pudding. i sure hope you like it as much as I love Ice Cream.

    Gary: What the heck is-

    Carol: (Gives Gary a dirty look, signaling him to stop asking questions)

    Gary: (Sigh) Fine, I'll stop... 

    Phil: Mmm! This tastes GREAT! I never knew how enjoyable human food is. In fact, I had no IDEA how GREAT your lives our. But still, it's 1995 and WE are the ones who have access to all this technology that would later appear in the human world in the 2010s.

    Talos: STOP referencing the future. This is suppose to be a Captain Marvel holiday special and you can't even keep your MOUTH SHUT!? 

    Phil: (Shapeshifts into Talos and starts mocing him) Oh, look at me, I'm Talos and I am known for sucking the fun out of everything! My fellow Skrulls Phil and Gary dislike me so I'm just gonna destroy them!

    Talos: HEY! Stop mimicing me! And yes, I DO wanna destroy you now after what you just said!

    Carol: CALM DOWN! You know it's Christmas! The Bigman can still hear you!

    Phil: How exactly is he suppose to get up HERE in order to give us the presents? Maybe we should just go down to earth and stay at a hotel or something?

    Gary: How do YOU know what a hotel is and not ME?

    Phil: Because I remember during our time infiltrating Earth, I had to stay in a hotel with some other Skrull friends of mine because we couldn't afford to stay anywhere else for that night. I was able to pay for it because I stole someone's credit card. But since it had a picture of the owner on it, I had to shapeshift into him to avoid police.

    Gary: Well, add that to the "Top 10 ways to bypass without attracting police".

    Talos: Can we just eat? The food? While it's still hot?

    Carol: I can tell you just wanna forget about the time you were treated like villains. But you'll always be the good guys to me.

    Talos: Thank you, Carol. 

    Phil: (Cough) (Cough) DAH! What is the meaning of this!?

    Carol: What's the matter?

    Phil: There's PEPPER in this food and it's NOT FUNNY. It was probably YOU, Gary!

    Gary: I never put pepper in your meal, I don't even know what it IS! SOREN is the one who made this meal so SHE should be to blame!

    Soren: It wasn't me who grinded up pepper in the food!

    Talos: Then if it wasn't us, Carol or ME then WHO!?

    Phil: I know it was YOU, Gary! You cannot lie your way out of THIS situation! In fact, why don't you take THIS! (Throws the food at Gary)

    Gary: Oh, no you did not! (Throws more food BACK at Phil)

    Me: FOOD FIGHT!!!


    Phil: C'mon, Gary! SPILL THE BEANS!!!


    Phil: YOU ASKED FOR IS PUNK! (Throws more food at Gary)

    But the food hits Soren and gets in on the action as well as some OTHER Skrulls. Suddenly, Talos standing aside Carol looking at the whole fight blow right in front of him, finally had ENOUGH)


    Carol: Talos, it's not always about getting what you want. It's about caring for those that you love. Trust me on this.

    Talos: I trust you, Carol... but I will NEVER trust THESE MORONS AGAIN! (Walks away into his room. He lies down on the bed and groans miserably)

    Talos: I know, Carol is trying to help, but I don't see how I'm suppose to deal with trash like this. Human holidays are just too much for a Skrull like me. I feel like I'm missing something...

    Past Ghost: You sure are.

    Talos: What the- who the heck are YOU!? 

    Past Ghost: I'm the ghost of Christmas Past! Haven't you heard of me?

    Talos: No? But seriously, you're obviously not a REAL ghost, rather a Skrull imposter.

    Past Ghost: No really! I AM a ghost. See? I can walk through objects!

    Talos: Okay, this is getting a bit freaky... what do you want?

    Past Ghost: WANT!? No, no, no, you see here Talos, I don't want anything! I want to GIVE you a one trip back in time so you can discover the true meaning of Christmas!

    Talos: Why can't you just tell me right now before I call Ghostbusters on you!?

    Past Ghost: Because that's not how it WORKS! Now, we need to figure out how to get to the time I want you to visit.

    Talos: I thought you could do that YOURSELF like the way Carol told me!

    Past Ghost: Well, whaddya say we steal a time machine and THEN we can go to the past!

    Talos: And where exactly are we suppose to find something like THAT around THIS day and age!?

    (Just then, a time machine appears in the room and Doctor Who steps out of it revealing to be his Police Box)

    Doctor Who: What the- this doesn't look like 2023... where am I!?

    Talos: What the- who the heck are YOU!?

    Doctor Who: I'm the doctor.

    Talos: Doctor? Doctor WHO!?

    Doctor Who: Indeed I am.

    Past Ghost: Great! Now's our chance! (They hope into Doctor Who's time machine and head back in time to Carol Danver's childhood leaving the Doctor behind in the room. Then, Soren opens the door to check on Talos but realises he isn't there)

    Soren: what the- who are you supposed to be?

    Doctor Who: I'm the doctor, of course. Now, can you please tell me where I am?

    Soren: Doctor!? Doctor WHO!?

    Past Ghost: Here we are, Talos. 

    Talos: What the heck is this place?

    Past Ghost: We have travelled back to your friends' childhood on December 25th, many years ago. (I can't do any math which is why I can't say a specific year, but it's pretty much somewhere during Carol's childhood)

    Talos: This is Carol's CHILDHOOD!? Why'd you bring me here!?

    Past Ghost: Because I WAS gonna go back to YOUR childhood when it occured to me that you never CELEBRATED Christmas before. So I decided to just wing it. Come with me. (They both walk a long way until they reach the house that Carol and her family lived in) This is the house. Now, you might wanna disguise yourself before we go in.

    Talos: I'm not stealing identities, let's just watch through the window. (So they do that instead)

    Past Ghost: Take a good look at her. (They see young Carol playing with her new toys on late Christmas Morning)

    Talos: She- she seems so HAPPY. But how come?

    Past Ghost: Well, she enjoyed the season during her time as a child. Pretty much everyone did.  Your friend LOVED Christmas so much, that she was heartborken when she lived her new life as a Kree solider. You think you'd miss a beloved holiday if you were taking into an alien race that didn't celebrate it at all?

    Talos: I-I suppose. Seems sad.

    Past Ghost: Exactly. That's what happened to Carol. She ended up finding out the hard way that Kree didn't celebrate Christmas. She didn't even bared to tell them since they'd think she'd be "different". 

    Talos: Then how come she wanted to share the event with ME?

    Past Ghost: Because she CARES about you, Talos. Ever since you confessed that you were the good guys, she's done what she could to help you- bring joy back to your family and people.

    Talos: It's actually generous that she did such a thing. But I don't really get the point of the holiday still.

    Past Ghost: Well, hopefully the next ghost will help you out.

    Talos: There's ANOTHER ghost?

    Past Ghost: Yes, two more exactly. They'll help you on your quest. (They both watch young Carol play with her toys through the window for a few more minutes) Hmm... I suppose we should head back now. We'll meet the next ghost there.

    Talos: Okay, then. (They head back to the present in the time machine) So, uh, where is this second ghost that I need to meet?

    Past Ghost: He'll be here, soon. (Walks into the Police Box)

    Talos: You're not stayinG?

    Past Ghost: Let's just say I gotta head to the future to get the third ghost, in case you still don't get the point of the season after what the Ghost of Christmas Present has to say. (Shuts the door and travels into the future)

    Present Ghost: Man, I thought he'd never leave!

    Talos: GAH! You scared me! But why would you want him to leave?

    Present Ghost: Because he's ALWAYS saying that life was better in the PAST, though it's pretty much cool to see they way we are NOW. Here, drink this. (Hands Talos a potion that allows him to be invisible to others and to walk through solid objects like a ghost)

    Talos: Woah! Guess I'm one of you now! (Chuckles)

    Present Ghost: Come with me. (They head out to another part of the ship, where they see Carol, Soren and some other Skrulls, although they cannot see THEM. Doctor Who was also there, telling the people what happened to Talos)

    Doctor Who: -and then they just jumped into my Police Box and travelled back in time. Who even KNOWS where they're heading.

    Gary: Maybe they're going back in time to undo the mistakes that just happened.

    Doctor Who: I can see that, but it's pretty much DANGEROUS! You must NEVER mess with the past because it'll just change the future! Think about it; if Earl of Sandwhich never made a sandwhich then we'd just be eating food seperatley!

    Present Ghost: And they actually believed the Doctor. 

    Talos: Tell me about it. I should've not let my rage run free because they possibly beleive I'm a total jerk now.

    Present Ghost: I bet they do.

    Carol: Well, it's possible that Talos doesn't care anymore. He just escaped in that Police Box so he could have a new life in some OTHER time. In fact, he could even wanna keep Christmas from ever being INVENTED at all! (Depressed emotions occur. She sobs as a big part of her life was gonna soon get undone by Talos which is not true at all)

    Soren: Carol, you know Talos wouldn't do something mean like that.

    Carol: But he was really angry because of what we've done. We put a lot of effort into his first Christmas and a fight over Pepper just ruined it for him. i bet he doesn't even care about ME anymore either...

    Talos: No! Carol, that's not TRUE! I DO CARE, Carol!

    Present Ghost: I'm afraid the potion made it so they couldn't hear anything you're saying while equipped with it.

    Carol: Well, I might as well just leave and forget about all of you then. (Picks up the huge box and leaves)

    Talos: I-I can't beleive she thought that! She actually thought I went back in time to keep Christmas from being invented in the first place!

    Present Ghost: She sure did. But luckily, there's still a way we can turn it around; as long as you figure out what the true meaning of Christmas is, you'll be able to apologise for your mistake and save her from getting a shave in the future.

    Talos: A shave? What does THAT mean!?

    Future Ghost: Sorry I'm late, Past Ghost was busy ordering a microwavable burrito that I had to leave him behind. Anywa, I must take you to the year 2023, Talos. There, the jourey will continue.

    Talos: Okay, I will. (So, they both head back in the time machine and travel to the year 2023)

    Future Ghost: Here we are! The year, 2023. I must take you to the right location in this city. (Talos, who still had the potion equipped with him and Future Ghost head off into the city until they witness Carol in a barber shop outside the window)

    Hairdresser: What can I get ya?

    Carol: I'd like you to give me a shave, so I look like the way I do in this comic book. 

    Hairdresser: Okay, farewell 1995 version then.

    Talos: (Witnesses Carol getting a close shave) No! NO! This is terrible! How did this happen!?

    Future Ghost: Well, when she abandoned you and the rest of the Skrulls, she went to live a life somewhere else for 23 years. Later in 2018, she was recruited by a superhero team to destroy a villain who just snapped half of the universe out ofexistence. But when they lost the battle- she left and got herself a haircut. And didn't show herself until the final battle of Engame. All because she beleived you were gonna get rid of a big moment of her life.

    Talos: This-this is disappointing. I LOVE her 1995 look, and I did not see this event coming where she'd let it all go away. Now, all of a sudden, I feel deeply sorry for her. (Gets an idea) BUT I HAVE AN IDEA! Bring me back 15 minutes before Past Ghost came to get me, I must fix my mistakes!

    Future Ghost: I knew you'd figure it out! You're gonna fix everything!

    Talos: I know I will! (So they go back in time before Carol abandoned the Skrulls forever)


    Regular Talos: (Arrives in the same time and chucks his past self into the Time Machine. Then he sends his past version back in time to 65 million years) 

    Carol: TWO TALOS'S!? What's going on?

    Talos:(Lies in order to bail himself out) Let's just say that guy was my Evil Brother pretending to be me. Just thank me that I saved you from getting a haircut later on in life.

    Carol: Uh... okay?

    Talos: Ah, it's just that (chuckles) I'm glad to have you all! I finally know the purpose of Christmas! It's about spending time with your loves ones and friends, giving them gifts and wishing all of us a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

    Carol: That's what I've been trying to tell you all along, man! (:

    Talos: Heck, it was! Even without a planet for us Skrulls to live on-  1996 JUST GOT OFF TO A GREAT START!

    (Everyone cheers while the 3 Ghosts watch down from above)

    Present Ghost: He sure had learned a very valuable lesson.

    Past Ghost: He sure did. 

    Future Ghost: Wait a minute- By chucking his past version into the Jurassic age, then does that mean he shouldn't exist here in 1995!?

    Me: I don't really know anymore. Also, a message to all the veiwers who loved this parody; a short film sequel is coming soon based on Christmas Day where the Skrulls meet up with the Kree once again, so stay tuned!


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    • And his Evil Brother lol

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    • YEP!

      Hey, what if "Lost In The Woods" could be Nat's song to Steve after he doesn't bring her back and becomes old?

      Also, saw today on this wiki they're making an action figure based off of Carol's 2023 look......

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  • Here's a new thread coz last one was getting long.

    To restate previous messages:

    (What did I think of Evil Heimdall?) Pretty cool.

    (Maybe they can bring in Magneto and Polaris?) Maybe.

    (What will I do if Hordak and Horde Prime don't die?) Not watch Seasons 2 and above. I kinda lost interest in the middle of Season 2 so it doesn't make a HUGE deal to me.

    (What Disney style do I refer to?) Surprise villains, killing off family members of the hero but not the main villain (except Arthur, who reformed first), etc. I want it to be all around fun for me and everyone else. I think I remember hearing that bit about The Mummy but as you said the film was bad so I haven't seen it.

    (Dad will probably stick around once they get his top half) Probably.

    (Scarlet Witch movie) It will be interesting for sure.

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