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  • Here's a new thread coz last one was getting long.

    To restate previous messages:

    (What did I think of Evil Heimdall?) Pretty cool.

    (Maybe they can bring in Magneto and Polaris?) Maybe.

    (What will I do if Hordak and Horde Prime don't die?) Not watch Seasons 2 and above. I kinda lost interest in the middle of Season 2 so it doesn't make a HUGE deal to me.

    (What Disney style do I refer to?) Surprise villains, killing off family members of the hero but not the main villain (except Arthur, who reformed first), etc. I want it to be all around fun for me and everyone else. I think I remember hearing that bit about The Mummy but as you said the film was bad so I haven't seen it.

    (Dad will probably stick around once they get his top half) Probably.

    (Scarlet Witch movie) It will be interesting for sure.

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    • Third paragraph - Not sure what you meant about that. Basically one of the most evil main villains is revived, there's no longer anything or anyone that can kill her or is willing to, and the current main villain is way more powerful than her and is probably gonna win, besides, he represents the writers of the show and is actually kinder to the main characters than the writers coz back when he was pulling the strings he was cheering for them while the writers are suspected to have a torture fetish for them.

      Avatar - Ah.

      Yeah I hope she comes in after the Thanos thing so we can enjoy her appearance.

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    • Why would the writers bring this villain back anyways?

      Yes, I do want to see her in the MCU soon too. Her powers are awesome. Here's  another video were she agains rejects the choice to be evil again (yes, the video quailty isn't very good, but it's the best I could find). What do you think of that one?

      Btw, I think I'll finally start writing my sequel soon. An idea I have is where AIM (dressed in the yellow suits) under orders from Ross (he took a job on AIM's "advisory" board after being fired by Ellis) attacks New Asgard hoping to take down Bruce (who is a teaching Thor's people earth customs and things like that). What do you think?

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  • Here's the parody. just tell Carzy it's on your wall so she can read it, too.


    Welcome to the TILE DENIAL SHOW! The show focuses on either me or fictional CEO's of Disney Marvel and Pixar, set in a world where fictional characters from film and TV exist, Bee Movie is at the top of Box Office, and Anime is nowhere to be found. (Seriously, I don't want anything to do with it)

    Anyway, onto the show!

    In a world where film and TV characters exist, and Bee Movie memes are supreme, Tile Denial and the fictional CEO's of Disney Pixar and Marvel will have their lives tested with ups, downs and everything in between. In time, there was a great big war over film companies, but luckily came to an end. The citizens of this world hope that a new war never occurs. 

    However, for some folks like DC, Marvel Studios' rival, he would rather start a NEW war in order to get rid of Marvel once and for all...
    DC: (Stares out the window)

    Warner Bros: Seeing you staring out the window for 3 hours is pretty much disturbing. You okay?

    DC: Of COURSE I'm okay, WB. It's just that- there's been soemthing going on. I've had the feeling that a new war isn't going to start soon. I've been waiting for AGES to get this over with so Marvel Studios could FINALLY know how I felt after all those years getting my films critically FLOPPED by Rotten Tomatoes... 

    Warner bros: DC, that war was YEARS ago. People have moved on beyond then. I think it's time YOU moved on as well.

    DC: Marvel says some people DO move on... but not the Avengers. And if THOSE GUYS can't move on then I'm not gonna move on either. I don't feel any war vibes around in the city... there's only laughter and joy lurking about...

    Warner Bros: So, are you just gonna constantly waste your time seeking revenge on Marvel whilst staring out an open window or are you just going to give up and move on to doing something else.

    DC: I'm not going to stop, WB. Not until Marvel is destroyed.

    Warner Bros: I get what you mean but even if we solve THAT probelm, some NEW thing will come along and we'll have to deal with THAT.

    DC: Hmm... (Gets an idea in his head that may cause the end of the world and a new war) OF COURSE! If no-ones gonna be starting a war anytime soon, then I shall start my OWN war. My first act will be threatning to bulldoze Marvel's studio and if he doesn't get enough signatures to save the studio within 48 hours, I get to CRUMBLE THAT PILE OF RUBBLE DOWN! The way I see it, EVERYONE wins! And by everyone, I mean ME!

    Warner Bros: But what if the plan DOESN'T succeed?

    DC: Good question. which is why we possibly need to bring some new recruits to the table... there are many villains out there but I only wanna hire the POWERFUL ones.

    Warner Bros: You do realise Thanos and his 2014 viriant are deceased, right?

    DC: Then we might as well just get Palpatine. No one's ever really gone, right?

    Warner Bros: It says on his Discord Server that he won't be showing himself until December 20 when The Rise of Skywalker releases.

    DC: Well this is just great. Two of the most POWERFUL villains in history are not avaliable. We're just gonna have to find some that lead to a close match... to help with our scheme in taking over the world!

    Warner Bros: Prehaps you should bring Evelyn Deavour and Hawk Moth into the arena... I mean, this is a world where ANY fictional character can exist, right?

    DC: Of course it is... This is EXACTLY what I need Warner Bros. There's been a little extention to the plan now; all I have to do is mak sure that Marvel doesn't get enough signatures to save his studio from being bulldozed- then, his whole life's work will be gone, making him depressed enough so Gabriel can Akumatize him. We must go recruit our villains at once!

    DC and WB begin their journey across the globe in search for their chosen few to help him create a new war that'll end Marvel Studios. They soon arrive at the train station in Paris, in search for Gabriel Agreste.

    DC: Alright, villain 1- Gabriel Agreste. Let's find him and get outta here.

    Warner Bros: You know he's not too eager to leave his home, he's too busy staring at a portrait. Just like you staring out the window back in America, waiting for a war to happen.

    DC: Oh, shut up, you idiot, it's not gonna be a big mystery to find him then. Besides, I'm sure we can convince the guy to come along with us as long as he just tells his son that it's a so-called "buisness trip."

    Warner Bros: Aw, do we have to go NOW!? Can I at least get something from the vending machine at this train station first?

    DC: Alright FINE, but you better be quick. The sooner we pull off this plan, the better.

    (Soon they arrive at the Agreste's mansion and DC starts to discuss his scheme with Gabriel)

    DC: I've hired you for a new job that'll end Marvel Studios forever. This can be you one chance to akumatize your ultimate villain yet.

    Gabriel: You know I'm not too eager to leave my home. I have Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculouses on my hands. But to be honets, I haven't had any akumatizations since Season 3 ended. 

    DC: So what? You'll do the job for us?

    Gabriel: Well, since I have nothing else to do than just stare out of my window doing nothing, than yes I will. As long as Nathalie stays here and takes care of my son-

    Nathalie: I wanna come to, you know. This could be my big chance to try out the newly fixed Peacock Miraculous.

    Gabriel: But what if there's another party at my house like LAST TIME!?

    DC: WHO CARES! Either you both are in this job or not. This parodic world needs a new war! Which is why I need the powerful Miracilous holders Hawk Moth and Mayura.

    Warner Bros: Gabriel is literally overprotective and would rather not leave his home, so how about we forget about recruiting Hawk Moth and head back to America.

    Gabriel: No, we will do this job. I'll go tell my son that we're leaving for a "buisness trip" and we'll be all set.

    (The three villains head back to America by plane and disguise themselves and make their way to the Police station, in search for Evelyn Deavour)

    Evelyn: (Draws tally on wall with chalk and chalk breaks) Urgh! This place is AWFUL!

    DC: Well, guess what, Evelyn: we're busting you outta here!

    Gabriel: (Transforms into Hawk Moth and uses his staff to slice the prison bars, setting Evelyn free)

    DC: Now let's get outta here before we're detected.


    News reporter: We interrupt this program with FOX NEWS. Miraculous holder Hawk Moth, Miraculous holder Mayura and NON-Miraculous holder, Evelyn Deavour have somehow teamed up to commit the greatest disaster that'll end humanity as we speak: Their undentified Big Boss has hired them to work together to start a new war to this parodic world! WHAT CAN WE POSSIBLY DO ABOUT THIS!?!? WILL SOMEONE SWOOP IN AND SAVE THE DAY, OR WILL IT BE TOO LATE!?!? AND WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR STEALING THE ZOO'S BUTTERFLY EXHIBIT!?!? FIND OUT SOON!!!

    Marvel: (Watching TV) Hawk Moth, Mayura and Evelyn teaming up!? Big Boss!? Now who the heck is behind all of this mess- (Rumbling comes down the road as DC drives his way to Marvel Studios with his wrecking ball)


    Marvel: YOU AGAIN!? What are YOU doing here!? Don't you realize I'm busy waitng for the lottery numbers to show up on TV so I can win a pile of cash!?

    DC: It's like I care about your pathetic lottery ticket and all. Now shut the fu-f-front door and listen: I've been focusing on a new plan that'll destroy your whole life's work ONCE AND FOR ALL. I am going to basically knock down this crummy little studio of yours with my WRECKING BALL in order for you to feel enough negative emotion so I can go on to the NEXT PHASE of my sinister plan.

    Marvel: PLAN!? WHAT PLAN!?

    DC: Well, if I told you it wouldn't be a suprise anymore, would it? Anyway, as for you, you have a chance to save this terrible event from happening by simply getting enough people to sign their name on this checkboard to save the Marvel Studio from being destroyed within 48 hours. Any less and I get to SMASH THIS STUDIO DOWN! I will return on Thursday at this time to see your final results. And I sure hope you lose- this wrecking crane took me 2 weeks to make and I don't want it to go to waste at all... (Leaves)

    Marvel: (Looks at the checkboard saying "2000 signatures at least") Seriously? How exactly am I gonna get 2000 signatures within 48 hours!? Oh, well, this is basically DC's way of annoying me because, seriously; 2000 signatures.

    Disney: Hey Marvel, have you heard the news? Three villains have been recruited by a Big Boss to team up and destroy the world. And what's weird is that they're not going to start causing damage until it's been 48 hours.

    Marvel: Wait- DC said if I don't get enough signatures within 48 hours, then everything will end... could this mean that DC is the BIG BOSS!? Because he said that he had some plan that'll get rid of me for good.

    Disney: Well, how am I suppose to know!? NO-ONE DOES. Besides, if he WAS the Big Boss, he would've told you that he recruited some of his so-called-friends, unless he's NSEAKY and wanted to keep it all a secret.

    Marvel: That's exactly it; DC is keeping his plan a secret so we can't find out. But it's possible that he's the Big Boss and the one behind this mess. But for now, I gotta go out and get some signatures down on my list. The Marvel Studio isn't gonna save itself!
    So later on in the day, the fictional Marvel CEO went from door to door, trying to earn enough signatures to save his studio from being bulldozed.

    Marvel: Hello sir, would you be interested in being involved in "Save Marvel Studios"? Just sign here and I'll give oyu a free cupcake. (The guy at the door begins to shut the door but Marvel opens it back up again) C'mon man, this Studio means alot to me, please don't just turn your back on me.

    Person: How about I tell you my answer, right after you tell me why you made Thor fat in Endgame? (shuts the door on the Marvel CEO)

    (Goes to the next door which is a medieval themed home to a dragon)

    Marvel: Hello dragon, would you like to help support-

    Dragon: (Roars anfd breathes fire out the door, bruning the Marvel CEO)


    Red Skull: Hey man, looking for the Soul Stone? 

    Marvel: Nah, i'm looking for some people to sign this petition to save my studio from being bulldozed. 

    Red Skull: I'll do it. 

    Marvel: You will? 

    Red Skull: Sure! in order to receive the signature, all you have to do is make a humble sacrifice by throwing yourself off this cliff. 

    Marvel: Okay, I changed my mind... BYE! (Runs off) 


    Chucky: Hello there!!! WANNA PLAY!?!?!

    Marvel: OKAY, NEVERMIND! (Slams the door on Chucky, who stabs knife through door, barely missing Marvel CEO) GAH!


    Marvel: H-hello, Darth Vader? How's it going?

    Vader: What is this?

    Marvel (Sweating and talking nervously) : Wou- would, uh, you like to, erm, help support in an activity called "SOIDUTS LEVRAM EVAS"? Wait, I'm reading it backwards, uh... 

    Vader: Oh, I see what this is. You're just one fo those spammers who go door to door just to cause free advertising. Well, I'm not a fool. (Force chokes Marvel CEO)

    Marvel (Chocking): Urgh! What the- why are you doing this to me!? (GASP) I can't BREATHE!! Ack! (Gets released from Vader's control and starts breathing heavily) GAHHHH!!!

    Vader: Remember not to CHOKE on your aspirations, Marvel CEO.

    Marvel: (Breathes heavily) Seriously? This joke again!?


    Marvel: (Rings doorbell)

    Lex Luthor: (On speaker) WHADDYA WANT!?

    Marvel: Hey Lex Luthor, would you like to help support, uh...

    Lex Luthor: Didn't you read the signs!? ONLY VILLAINS ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT! GET OUTTA HERE!!! (Launches security missiles on Marvel CEO, who survives)


    Marvel: (GROANS) This is ridicilous! Not enough people wanna sign up to save my studio!? What gives, man?

    Disney: (Playing 8 pool) Isn't it obvious that most people dislike what you did to the Marvel heroes in Endgame? It makes a whole lotta sense, doesn't it? Maybe everytime someone sees you on their doorstep, they automatically recongize you as the guy who ruined the Avengers and SLAM! Chance of getting a signature from them is lost.

    Marvel: I guess you're RIGHT! All I have to do is pretend to be someone ELSE trying to get people to sign up to save SOME OTHER STUDIO! 

    (So later on that day, he goes onto someone's doorstep, wearing a Shrek costume in order for the person to sign up and save "Dreamworks" from being bulldozed. You obviously get why Dreamworks is in quotation marks)

    Marvel: Hello sir, whould you like to help support in an activity called "SAVE MA-" I mean, "SAVE DREAMWORKS STUDIOS" from being bulldozed? Just sign here on this petetition.

    Person: Sorry man, but most of your films are critical flops, even that weird BEE MOVIE, which is highest grossing film for no reason in this parodic world. And I bet you aren't even the REAL SHREK.

    Marvel: Well, of course not, I'm a guy in a costume hired by Dreamworks himself.

    Person: This is a costume: (Stretches "Shrek's" jaws)

    Marvel: Worked on it all night.

    Person: Well, since most of your films are basically faliures, even though the Bee Movie was actually funny, I don't see why I should help you. See ya 'round.

    Marvel: C'mon, man! At least answer this question; you like JAZZ!?

    Person: No. (Slams the door on the Marvel CEO)


    Disney: So, let me guess: It didn't work.

    Marvel: Of COURSE it didn't WORK, why WOULD it!? People have better companies in mind where it come sto this stuff. I only have 36 hours left to get enough signatures! 

    Disney: Prehaps we need to move your buisness to someplace where loads of people are heading to these days.

    Marvel: OF COURSE! There's gonna be PLENTY of people going shopping at the mall since it's almost Christmas! This could be my chance to get LOADS of signatures! We just have to think of a way to make sure people come running towards us.

    Disney: I'm pretty sure we can think of soemthing to give the people in return. But this is still serious. What if you don't get enough signatures in time?

    Marvel: Then, it's over. But still, it's not like DC's gonna take me under his control, turning me into an unstoppable powerful being, right? Anyway, we'll figure it out but for now, I must go.

    Disney: But what about the faith of your studio!?

    Marvel: I'm sorry but I promised Sony I'd visit him down at the pub to discuss on the title for the next MCU Spider-man film. Peace Out. (Leaves)

    (Meanwhile on a rooftop of a building, it is revealed that HAWK MOTH had been spying on Marvel and disney, and had recorded everything they said. Then, he sends the recording to DC on his phone)

    Marvel (Recording): "It's not like DC's gonna take me under his control, turning me into an unstoppable powerful being, right?"

    DC: Heh, poor choice of words, indeed... Excellent work, Hawk Moth.

    Hawk Moth: Agreed. Soon, the plan will be put in perfect process...
    The next day at the mall, Marvel and Disney begin to execute their plan to save Marvel Studios; selling ice cream to people in exchange for signatures. As the two of them park the stolen  borrowed Ice Cream truck, Marvel says-

    Marvel: This is the most STUPIDEST idea ever! Sell ICE CREAM to people in excahange for signatures? Won't people just beg their parents for money since THAT'S what they THINK we want!?

    Disney: It's been dealt with. I already tapped a sign outside the Ice Cream truck, so people know that we want signatures to save your studio.

    Marvel: But won't CHILDREN UNDER 13 just come here for ice cream!? There's no way they're gonna wanna put their signature down to save a film company that's only for those OVER 13!

    Disney: Which is why I added ANOTHER SIGN to inform them that we're only giving ice cream out to those OVER 13.

    Marvel: We're so gonna regret this... ):

    (Meanwhile outside the mall, DC along with Gabriel and Nathalie in regular form are out shopping, dragging with them a disguised Evelyn Deavour in order to keep them from tracking police)

    Evelyn: You could've at least brought up a BETTER disguise than this lousy paper bag covering my face. I can barely even SEE anything out of the eye holes!

    DC: It'll be all over soon, we just need to do one last shopping at the local Walmart, then we can go home and camp out there until the plan is in perfect shape.

    Gabriel: (Feels negative emotion) Gah! Alright, this is ridicilous! How are so many children around here getting negative emotions that easily? I promised myself I wouldn't do any akumatizing until Marvel's time is up.

    (It turns out, because of how Marvel and Disney were selling ice cream to THOSE OVER 13, the children UNDER 13 started getting sad that THEY weren't the ones with the ice cream in their hands. They then started to cry, leading many negative emotions to occur in their lives, pretty much driving Gabriel nuts!)

    DC: (Spots the ice cream truck) What the? "We need signatures to save Marvel Studios."? "Only those over 13 may get ice cream in exchange for signature."!? (Laughs hilariously) So THAT'S your plan, Marvel - sell ice cream to those OVER 13 in exchange for signatures!? Such a great way to make so many young children become victims for akumatizing, right Gabriel?

    Gabriel: Ture, but I'm trying to avoid akumatizating people until the plan is in process.

    DC: I suppose you're right. We've already chosen the right time we strike and begin a whole new war. Marvel won't be able to stand a chance because how exactly is he gonna get enough signatures by selling frozen treats to teenagers!? How pathetic! 

    Evelyn: is it like the perfect time to be talking about this evil stuff NOW!? We're in PUBLIC.

    DC: Who cares!? It's not like MARVEL'S gonna hear us. He's too busy making children cry! Anyway, let's go now that we have everything we need. (The hop in a limo)

    Limo Driver: Where to?

    DC: Golf course. It'll be the perfect cover for us until it's time... (:/

    (The vechile drives away but little did they know that Disney heard everything they said from inside the Ice Cream truck. He decided it was best to alert Marvel)

    Disney: DC has to be the big boss that's been on everyone's mind latley.

    Marvel: Well, how are WE suppose to know? The news stated that there were NO eyewitness sketches, NO people who identified the villains, or any OTHER proof. We can't just keep asuming it's DC unless there's ACTUAL proof of it.

    Disney: C'mon, Marvel, let's be realistic: who is your No.1 villain?

    Marvel: Uh... Talos' evil brother?

    Disney: NO! DC! It's GOT to be DC. I heard him talking out there saying that he was planning on striking you down at the time he bets is perfect. He said he's also planning to start a new war that'll end the peace that this world contains!

    Marvel: We're just gonna have to wait and see. There's no better place i'd rather be at then my studio. And I swear that'll I'll try to save it whatever it costs.

    (Meanwhile, DC, Gabriel and the other villains (With Gabriel and Nathalie still in regular form) were driving through the city when a traffic jam occured)

    DC: Urgh! Traffic jam!? What gives!? (The four of the villains look outside the windows, leading to a terrible shock)

    Police: You're good to go. NEXT! (The villains recongize the "Wanted Poster" of Evelyn Deavour in their hands since she was broken out of prison and that the POLICE was gonna check each car to make sure the people weren't her)

    Evelyn: OH NO! What am I gonna do!? if we go over there, they'll make me wanna take off this paper bag for SURE! 

    DC: I'm sure it's just gonna be fine.

    Police: You're good to go. NEXT! (The previous car drives away, leading the NEXT vechile to be DC's limo. The windows open so the police officer can get a glimpse at the people) Hmm... you're good, you're good and you're good. (Talking to DC, Gabriel and Nathalie)

    Evelyn: Phew. Alright, let's go.

    Police: (Realizes he didn't check Evelyn) Excuse me ma'am, but I'm gonna have to order you to take that bag off your face. (Evelyn disobeys) Ma'am, if you wish to pass then you must show me your identification. (Evelyn disobeys orders again) Urgh, do you wanna be in MORE TROUBLE!?

    Evelyn: (Sees guy outside the window who's watching a video on his phone and decides to tell the police that he's watching Rick Astley as a way of bailing herself out) LOOK! THAT GUYS' GETTING RICKROLLED!

    Guy: What!?

    Police: GET 'EM! (And in all of the commotion, Evelyn and the rest of the villains were able to pass by. The police didn't even notice) Sir, you're under arrest for watching Rick Astley in public. That's one of the rules in this parodic world.

    Guy: I wasn't being rickrolled!!! (Gets sent away)

    DC: That was close!

    Gabriel: Agreed. Anyway, onto the Golf course. (The vechile drives away)
    Marvel: (Hears a person outside the truck) Oh, good, a new customer! (But when he pulled away the curtain, he realised it was a COP!)

    Police: This is unacceptable. These signs both have to come down.

    Disney: But-but WHY!?

    Police: This doesn't seem like a child-friendly Ice Cream Truck to me.  And you think that selling sweets to teens isn't gonna attract any ATTENTION to those like ME!? We can either do this the easy way or the hard way, you too. 

    (Marvel took a minute to think about it, but it didn't seem fair for Disney CEO to get in trouble for basically something he was dragged into. So, in order to escape the cop, they drove the ice cream truck away and fled the scene)

    Police: (Sigh) People these days. Just don't wanna do things the easy way anymore...
    Meanwhile at the Golf Course...

    Evelyn: (Gets irritated when the ball misses the hole) Urgh! This is ridicilous, how much more of this?

    DC: It won't be long until the plan is in process. The corny old chap only has a few hours to spare left...

    (Back with the Ice Cream Truck)

    Disney: We've should've told him it was all just a misunderstanding. I'm sure the cop wouldn't have minded.

    Marvel: Yeah, but there was now way I was gonna let YOU get in trouble for basically something I dragged you into. I escaped the cop because it was the best decision for me. Although the two choices were difficult, I managed to do it anyway. 

    Disney: Oh, whom I kidding, I bet it doesn't even matter anymore. According to the petition, we've ALREADY have those 2000 signatures from all that Ice Cream. In fact, we have MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    Marvel: This is GREAT, Disney! My Studio will still be running, once again! By the time DC finds out about this, he's gonna HATE himself and will wanna rethink his entire LIFE! But luckily, we're too darn away from him, so he cannot hear us.

    (But little did they know that the Ice Cream Truck was parked right next to the GOLF COURSE, and since DC and his villains were outside, they heard EVERYTHING Marvel and Disney said)

    DC: DAHHHHHH!!! That crummy pest and his clever little irritating schemes! I try THIS HARD to get him off my back, but now that he has those signatures, I feel like more heavy dead weight is being put on top of ME. What are we gonna do!?

    Nathalie: Leave that to me. Since I'm known well for creating Centimonsters, I'm sure I can help us win this battle once and for all...

    (Later, DC and the villains are hiding behind a building. They spot a guy outside playing Angry Birds 2, who then loses his last life on the game, after attempting to waste his gems on extra cards) 


    Nathalie: Dussu - SPREAD MY FEATHERS! (Turns into Mayura and unleashes an Amok, which lands in the persons phone. Mayure then uses her powers to create a Centimonster machine called the "Fake Petition Creator") 

    Mayura: This Fake Petition Creator Centimonster machine will be able to create a fake petition, displaying only HALF of what Marvel CEO needs. (Pulls lever, activating the machine, then comes out a fake petition) Good. Now, let's go swap it with the real one.

    (The head over to Marvel's Studio. Evelyn disactivates the booby traps and Mayura swaps the petition checkboard for the fake one. They then leave, until the next morning arises)

    Marvel: (Yawns) What a day, yesterday. I sure hope DC's prepared to be humiliated in front of me and MY PETITION! (But when he looked at the petition, he knew something was wrong) What!? Only 1000 signatures on the thing!? But- I don't understand. I wrote it all in pen and there's no way the other signatures could've been erased from the paper... (But before he put two and two together, the WRECKING BALL came and SMASHED into the wall of Marvel Studios. The CEO then confronts DC outside) YOU CHEATING COWARD! THIS IS A FAKE PETITION!!!

    DC: What are you TALKING about, you peasent!? It looks pretty REAL to me! (He tried to lie in order to bail himself out, but then he noticed that Nathalie wasn't wearing her MIRACULOUS because Gabriel was holding onto it, and that made the FAKE petition disappear)

    Marvel: AHA! THE evidence was just HERE, you idiot! I've been working my tail to get those signatures, and when you found out I was winning, you really had to GO AHEAD and BACKSTAB me like that!?

    DC: Well, it's too late now! I had to put up with your shenanigans for 11 years STRAIGHT. It's time that things like this nonsense have come to an end... And thanks to my genuine intellect, you will stand no chance against me. Now, LET'S TEAR THIS ESTABLISHMENT DOWN!!!

    (The studios' walls start crumbling down, one by one. DC tried to rush himself in order to destroy the fictional Marvel CEO but he managed to survive anway)

    DC: I promise i'll have this building DEMOLISHED as soon as possible! And hoepfully you end up getting Vanquished as a BONUS! 

    Me: HOLD IT! HOLD IT! (I then come swooping in, interrupting the scene) We interrupt this story for an important announcement: The following scene is super destructive and violent, you're not allowed to see it. We'll be right back after this episode of-


    Me: Hello folks, welocme to another episode of COOKING WITH TILE! Today, we will be cooking... GREEN EGGS AND HAM! I'm here with Sam-I-am, who is our special guest today on the show! How ya doing?

    Sam: Doing good as always, Tile! Can't wait to show them how Green Eggs and Ham are done!

    Me: Sure. You lead the way, and I'll be right here.

    Sam: Sure! Step 1 - Travel to the world of Angry Birds and kidnap a Green Pig and two eggs! (Shoots a pig with an arrow) Step 2 - head home to your kitchen and start COOKING THEM! (But before he went onto Step 3, the Birds started using their slingshot to get REVENGE!)

    Me: AH! THE KITCHEN'S BEING AMBUSHED BY POULTRY! (Just then, the front door knocks. I go over there and open it) Huh? Who the heck would leave a can of Sardines out here on the doorstep- (That's when the Mighty Eagle came down and destroyed EVERYTHING!!!)

    Sam: Note to self- NEVER steal Eggs from a bird ever again. Next time - just ask them.

    Me: Well, I guess that's all for now. see you next time on ANOTHER episode of- COOKING WITH TILE! Now, back to our show!

    DC: If you don't get outta there quick, I might as well just SQUISH YOU FLAT! And THEN, you're gonna be super SORRY for all the BOTHER you gave me! (Crashes through the walls with wrecking ball)

    (Marvel was worried about the entire establishment going to waste. He managed to save his skin in time, but not before the whole studio came crumbling down. As of that, nothing was left and DC has won. The smoke cleared and when Marvel embraced himself in the middle of the mess, he found the only surviving objects left were a stone sculpture of the Infinity Gauntlet and a picture frame of him and Stan Lee. Meanwhile, DC rushed home to activate pahse two of the plan)

    Marvel: Oh, Stan Lee... I'm sorry... ): (The depressed negative emotions quickly start to roll in. DC arrives back at home, ready for the next stage of the plan. Gabriel Agreste turns into Hawk moth and unleashes an Akuma, which lands in the stone sculpture of the Infinity Gauntlet)

    Hawk Moth: Infinity Possesser - I am Hawk Moth. So, I see your whole life's work ahs been taken away from you. Well, I'm goving you the power to take EVERYTHING away from THEM to help seek revenge. You shall rise as the most powerful being yet, and whoever disobeyes you will be punished dearly...

    Marvel (Evil voice): Yes, Hawk moth. I am willing to do whatever it takes to acheive the ultimate goal! Soon, they will have NO Choice but to see how powerful I REALLY AM!!!! (Evil laughter, then Marvel ends up getting transformed into Infinity Possesser. Everything goes black, in resulting of the end of this episode)


    Don't be sad that the fictional Marvel CEO is a villain now. He'll be saved from his own evil form in the second epsode of the TD show coming soon...

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    • Sorry, but the fictional CEO's for Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Sony are all regular people. Talos' evil brother- I haven't really decided what to do with him yet.

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    • Lol I know. It was just a joke based off Prince Ali Reprise.

      And to answer your question on the other thread, there is no Black Widow trailer yet. My current avatar is just the promo poster in high-def. I found it off a site that also threw a link with the "haircut" in my face again, so thanks! Lol

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  • To celebrate the events of Spidey being back in the MCU, here's the edited theme song you've been waiting for!

    Spider-man, Spider-man

    Does whatever a Spider can

    He was removed from thhe MCU

    I know it sucked but the event was true

    So everyone said... goodbye to the SPIDER-MAN!!!

    A few months ago, he was still there

    Then Sony got rid of him and it wasn't fair

    But now he back! Thanks to a brand new deal

    And everyone knew exactly how to feel

    So welcome back... your neigbourhood SPIDER-MAN

    So welcome back... your neigbourhood SPIDER-MAN


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  • Hi TheOne1000, are ImageMovers and Disney still making a sequel of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 Movie.

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  • Once again, last thread getting long so let's start a new one here.

    Don't forget to check my last message on the previous thread.

    So, I'm guessing your favorite part of a film adaptation of your story would either be something involving Carol, maybe interactions between her and Thor, or Hela's return?

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