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  • Hi TheOne1000,

    Yes, I can link you.

    Here's the link

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  • News guy: And now we have Quentin Beck, who has discovered who Spider-man's secret identity is and would like to share it with the world!!!

    Spider-man: Uh-oh!

    Mysterio (Footage): And, Spider-man's real name is... PETER PARKER EVERYONE!

    Spider-man: Wow, good job, Mysterio, you had to go ahead and expose my identity to the entire world just like that! ): Oh well. At least this leaves space a 3rd MCU Spider-man movie...

    Sony:Actually, there isn't gonna be a 3rd MCU Spider-man movie.

    Spider-man: WHAT!? Why not?

    Sony: Because me and Disney talked about it and it's official: Disney lost the rights to have you in future MCU films.

    Spider-man: Oh, COME ON! You cannot remove me just like THAT! I have my whole LIFE ahead of me!

    Sony: Sorry Spidey but I'm afraid it's already been done, you're no longer part of the MCU...

    Spider-man: Look Sony, I- (Feels a pain in his stomach) Ack!

    Sony: You okay?

    Spider-man: I... I don't feel so good... I don't wanna go, don't wanna go to the spirit, I don't wanna go, DON'T WANNA GO... (Suddenly disappears like he did in Infinity War)

    Sony: Wait a sec... if I disturbed the MCU spider-man movies and Spider-man is now gone, does that mean I'M out of the MCU too? (Starts to get erased) Yep, I knew that was gonna happen. (Disappears)

    (Disney and Marvel watch both Sony and Spidey get erased)

    Disney: Well, this sucks... wanna go get pizza?

    Marvel: Yeah, sure.

    SONG TIME! (Tothe tune of the original Spider-man theme)

    "Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a Spider can. He is out of the MCU. I know it sucks but the event is true. So say goodbye to your neighbourhood SPIDER-MAN!!! Spider-man, Spider-man, his mentor was once a guy in a tin can. He's been around for the past few years, now he's gone so let's emit some tears. Now say goodbye to your neighbourhood SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!"


    Marvel and Disney are sitting at the table with their pizzas. But then, they both look at each other and slowy begin to shapeshift back into their true forms revealing that they were Skrull impostors the entire time.

    Skrull 1: Should we tell Disney?

    Skrull 2: About what?

    Skrull 1: About the fact that Spidey is no longer in the MCU?

    Skrull 2: I guess we should. But nah, I don't feel like ruining his and Marvel's space vacation right now... /:

    Skrull 1: I guess you're right. But he probably will EVENTUALLY find out.


    Disney: I'm glad we decided to hire them Skrulls to fill in for us. A week of relaxation is just what we needed.

    Marvel: I agree.

    Nick Fury: Can I have my turn sitting in the beach chair?

    Marvel: No but you can get us a refill on nachos while you're waiting!

    Nick Fury: Urgh. Why did I even bother sharing my vacation with you...? (Leaves)

    Disney: I wonder what those Skrull imposters down on Earth are gonna do for the third MCU Spider-man movie.

    Marvel: Hopefully, something that will make a stunning ending to the MCU Spider-man trilogy.


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  • How come CrazyCoconut is gone?

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  • Disney: Only three more months until we release Disney+ everyone!

    20th: Seriously man, we all know its still the 29th of August.

    Disney: Yeah, we’ll that’s close enough. And what’s best is that we don’t have to worry about Netflix now that he’s a good guy now! What could possibly turn things around for us now?

    20th: Uh, the fact that The Joker film is releasing in 2 months…? DC and Warner Bros DO want their money back ever since April 26… I don’t think we can make Maleficent 2 MORE scarier.

    Disney: I don’t even know if The Joker IS a scary film. Obviously not. And neither is Maleficent 2. So here’s the deal: Just move The New Mutants’ release date to October.

    20th: We’re STILL re-creating scenes though. And there’s no way we’d wrap things up by 2 MONTHS!

    Disney: We’ll, we’re dead. But Doctor Strange DID get rid of DC and WB, right?

    20th: Yeah… he did.


    Warner Bros: Wanna build a snowman, DC?

    DC: You know I’m busy fishing, since it’s the only food we’ve been eating ever since we got banished here by Doctor Strange.

    (Back to the studio)

    Disney: So how exactly are we gonna win the fright war?

    20th: Reshoot scenes of Maleficent 2…?

    Disney: We can’t do that right now! We’re gonna have to put in fake footage that’s for TV Spots only just to make people THINK it’s scary!

    20th: I wonder why Marvel added that non-movie scene for the FFH trailer anyway…

    Marvel: Heya guys, I’m BACK! Summer vacation is over! Now it’s time for me to get back to making 2020’s BLACK WIDOW and THE ETERNALS! Anyway, while I was on vacation, Phase 4 was ANNOUNCED! So, what you excited for?

    Disney: Welcome back Marvel! To be honest, a LOT has happened while you were gone.

    Marvel: Oh, really? Let me hear about it!

    Disney: I’m afraid it’s a LONG story.

    Marvel: Then just cut it short! I’m fine with it.

    Disney: Ok… uh, let me think… so basically, DC came along in a robot and we put a stop to him with a Netflix Original…

    Marvel: What show?

    Disney: I don’t wanna say because it’s crazy but the shows getting a Season 4 tomorrow…

    Marvel: Uh… ok then. Also, I really wish Netflix could bring back all those Marvel shows… ):

    Netflix: Sorry man, you cannot always get what you want…

    Disney: What I REALLY want is for you to re-design the Thor 4 logo. It’s HIDEOUS!

    Marvel: What’s wrong with it?

    Disney: It looks so fake that it makes me wish the MIB were real so they could DESTROY YOU!

    Marvel: You had to make such a nerdy reference because of how Thor and Valkyrie are in MIB 4?

    Disney: Uh... yes, is there a PROBLEM with that?

    Marvel: I guess... I don't even know why they made a MIB 4. Maybe it's because Sony's trying to make more money without anything that has to do with Spider-man?

    Sony: Correct. At least we can focus on the important stuff now, which is figuring out what to do for the NEXT Spider-man movie.

    Marvel: That's years away, man! I still have to do Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4.

    20th: Thor 4 is SUCH a tongue twister! I think.

    Netflix: No matter what happens in Thor 4, I ain't seeing it. Because the fact that he's playing Fortnite these days is TOTALLY gonna ruin things.

    Disney: You do have a point. But I don't care WHAT happens in the future. As long as we're together, it's sure fine with me.

    Marvel: So tell me... What REALLY DID happen while I was gone...?

    Disney: Well...

    (2 hours later)

    Marvel: Woah... that was CRAZY! And, you ACTUALLY managed to get Stan Lee's heroes back into SHAPE!?

    Disney: Sure did. Hopefully nothing else bad happens from here onwards. Right?

    All: RIGHT!

    (That night)

    Stan: I'm so glad you came up with this meeting. Now, what exactly is the plan in order to destroy Netflix forever? Hey! Are you listening to me?

    Disney: Uh, yes... I am...

    Stan: Look man, we've been on the case of getting rid of Netflix for MONTHS, what could possibly keep us from doing that?

    Disney: It's just that... our plan has gone through a few changes ever since 2 weeks, when I thought I lost the studio forever...

    Stan: Oh, I see... welll, whatever it is, let me know, because with Disney+, we sure will make history... (Leaves)

    Disney: ...

    Disney and the Stan company have been working together to destroy Netflix with Disney+. However, since I made Netflix and Disney+ FRIENDS in my parodies, than Disney doesn't really wanna destroy Netflix anymore, but Stan still wants to. So Disney needs to figure out how to explain things to Stan before major problem occur...

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  • Disney content is still on Stan. You think they'll remove it due to Disney+?

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  • New thread since the last one was getting long again.

    Is Twilight becoming an alicorn a good change, and what's an alicorn?

    I'd say it is, and again, Twilight Princess jokes, and I like her with wings. An alicorn is basically a cross between a pegasus and a unicorn, a pony or horse with wings and a horn.

    Shang-Chi instead of Ant-Man to screw Iron Man 3, and which Dragonball Z movies are these what-if's?

    Yeah, that sounds lame-donkey too. And, pretty much every Dragonball Z movie except Dead Zone (which is directly referenced in the show). They're called The World's Strongest, Tree of Might, Lord Slug, Cooler's Revenge, The Return of Cooler, Super Android 13, Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bojack Unbound, Broly: Second Coming, Bio-Broly, Fusion Reborn, and Wrath of the Dragon. The movies with Cooler in their title are in continuity with each other. So are the movies with Broly in their title. But none of them fit into the show's main timeline.

    We gotta stick together, you know?


    What do you think of Pirates?

    First and third movies were awesome, second was all right (mainly to set the stage for At World's End), fourth was pretty good too and kinda refreshing to mainly revolve around Jack without Will and Elizabeth. I started watching Pirates 5... and after about 5-10 minutes, I was watching Kong: Skull Island.

    Rise of Skywalker

    Who knows, it might even be fun for you. Especially if they reform Kylo, I read they might be setting him on a path of redemption and that's why they had him kill Snoke despite not yet being reformed yet, coz he was the evil voice in his ear.


    Yeah, in the actual movie she just wanted to kill Kuzco and take over the kingdom herself.

    Lilo and Stitch

    I've seen a few episodes. I'm not even sure who the villain of the movie was supposed to be. I guess Jumba and Pleakley (before redemption)? Gantu was more sinister (and I remember him being main villain of the show) but didn't appear much. And, based on many G-rated Disney movies and two generations of MLP, we know that family-friendly shows can kill the villains, usually in a family-friendly way and if it's that kind of villain. As for the mosquitoes, basically, a secret agent named Bubbles told the aliens that mosquitoes were an endangered species so that they wouldn't blow the earth up.

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