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  • I live in the Cursed Year of 2020
  • My occupation is Screwing with Director Krennic and Galen Erso just to trigger the Director's awesome theme music
  • I am obsessed with pretty characters
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  • So pikachu lover got block for spamming on the aretimus fowl page he keeps messaging me to message you about this so please tell me what happens and why he was blocked

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    • Perhaps you should report him to someone on Community Central. I reccomend you message Sitb, maybe he'll help you.

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    • I think it's already dealt with plus tortoisecat5 already told him to take it to cc

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, that's so cool you liked the Captain Marvel movie! Just keep our fingers crossed everything will be back to normal in her sequel, am I right?

    Oh, and I've been catching up all the Disney movies I've been missing (now that I'm pretty much done with the MCU), and it's been a lot of fun watching films like Big Hero 6!

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    • Yay!

      Hopefully. I’m not really sure what to expect for Phase 4 of the MCU, but as long as it’s better than the first 3 phases I’m game.

      Lol true. I really mean he’s just a jerk and a screen time stealer. Like focus on someone else besides him for once, please! Lol

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    • Apparently, I just found out that Mulan got DELAYED TO DAMN AUGUST 21! This year has done such a poor job of establishing anything good!

      Black Widow is gonna be a money making machine, unless it goes to Disney+. Poor Marvel Studios. ):

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  • Can we talk about Sweet Garden Crafter? 

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    • Huh, 

      I fell in Love with this movie, once someone on discord showed me a two early images from the movie. I liked the design and  the ideas.

      And Here's a thing I don't like in the movie.

      Katie (The Protagonist), is an creative outsider, and Treats his father awfully. Like, she represents her own father as this mad person, but In reality, Rick Is just this father that tries to do everything for his daughter. KATIE, RESPECT YOUR FATHER OR ELSE EITHER ONE OF YOU WILL DIE DURING THE CLIMAX.

      Also wait, is your profile picture Sam Sparks from the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball Tv-Series, which dosen't even follow the plot? 

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    • I'm sure things will turn around, who knows? We only got until September to see the film but with what's happening right now? I honestly don't think it's gonna get released as planned.

      Yeah, I like the series, but the movies? Yeah, that's where the fun is. What's ridiculous about the series is that there's no logic to the things that happened in the movies.

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  • We all know Disney 2019 could be what do you hope happens in 2020 from them?

    I want all of their films to be good and confirmation Carol is going back to her 1995 look!

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    • Thor ain't worthy like that and how could he say "I like this one" with 2023 Carol? LOL

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    • Ahaha!!!!!! That’s funny! While I don’t really ship, they should have gotten in shape Thor and 1995 Carol together. Too late now....but I should take Frozen’s advice and let it go! LOL!

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  • Let’s rank all the ones we have seen (Fox counts too since they’re Disney owned now).

    1. Frozen 2

    2. Captain Marvel

    3. Aladdin

    4. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

    5. Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    6. Ready or Not (Fox)

    7. Toy Story 4

    8. Spider-Man: Far From Home

    9. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

    10. The Lion King

    11. Jojo Rabbit (Fox)

    12. Dumbo

    13. Glass

    14. Avengers: Endgame

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    • I created a meme where Kylo smashes Disney and Lucasfilm due to the RT score for TROS. But I'll show you that on a different wiki since I don't think people here would approve of that.

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    • Sure! I’ll also resend my Frozen 2023 parody to you there.

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  • AKA a parody based off the "Lost In Woods" song from Frozen 2. Black Widow trailer came out today and it was pretty good, and so I was inspired to make this!

    And no, I'm not mad about Endgame anymore, it's just for fun.

    Nat: Again, you're gone, Steve
    Off on a different path than mine
    I'm left behind to die on Vormir
    Wondering if I should follow you anymore
    You had to go get old
    And, of course, it's always fine
    I probably could catch up with you tomorrow and stop you

    But is this what it feels like
    To be growing apart and you turning into jerk?
    When did I become the one
    Who's always chasing your heart and the team's?

    Now I turn around and find
    I am lost on Vormir!
    North is south, right is left
    When you're gone getting your dance!
    I'm the one who sees you and the team home
    But now I'm lost on Vormir!
    And I don't know what path you or Thor, Carol, and Hulk are on!
    I'm lost on Vormir!

    Up 'til now
    The next step was a question of how did you turn into a jerk
    I never thought it was a question of whether you were
    Who am I, if I'm not your girl?
    Where am I, if we're not together
    and you're a jerk Forever?

    Now I know you're my true north
    'Cause I am lost on Vormir
    Up is down, day is night
    When you're not there and instead getting your dance!
    Oh, you're my only landmark
    So I'm lost on Vormir!
    Wondering if you still care (nope)!

    But I'll wait
    For a sign (For a sign)
    That I'm your path and you'll bring me back!
    'Cause you are mine and you need to fix this (You are mine and need to fix this)
    'Til then
    I'm lost on Vormir!

    Lost on Vormir (Lost, lost) On Vormir, on Vormir (Lost on Vormir) ​​​​​I'm lost on Vormir Lost on Vormir (Lost, lost)
    I'm lost on Vormir!


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  • "And I don't get how you'll be able to see Carol the same way again after the "haircut" issue."

    Simple: Keep trying my best to not think about it and avoid any pictures of it (that's why looking for new 1995 Carol avatars is too risky cause the "haircut" might pop up in the results).

    And finally, Captain Marvel 2 better have her back to the 1995 look!

    Plus, I wrote my own version of Endgame months ago that is "haircut" free!  

    That's how I'm still able see Carol as close as I did before this whole mess happened.

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