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  • Hello, I have a user who wouldn't let me share my editing on the Disney wiki pages. His name is Alexander Jarrett, his username Alex2424121. I've made new changes on and and I added new pictures without gibberish name files. I edit them because some pictures of Kim begin to worry me and thinks it's too much for me look at them from each episode. I looked at the dos and don'ts article and I'm fully aware about them. When I've got it done, Alex2424121 got really mad, and he had Disneyfan789 aka Henry Poole and the other administrators block me for doing it. Alex2424121 hated Wiki being used as a gallery site. I've sent pictures of Kim Possible screenshots that are showing her feet. Characters are all body parts, they can't be suffice on character galleries. But only on episode galleries. Does this mean he has to deleted all pictures that users and I posted on Wikipedia? Didn't think so. I was infinitely block again from Disney Wiki and charged for vandalism. But I don't do photo spams, I replace the ones with gibberish filenames. I'm making good choices on FANDOM Wikis. Fixing the edits on Disney Wiki has nothing to with vandalism. That makes me feel sad about it. I was going to reach out to Alex on his Central wall and ask him civilly what exactly was wrong with the last set of images I posted. I may not do it, because he's done talking about it. So I'm back on Disney Wiki. Yes, I can make some changes and no, I will not edit Kim Possible and other related pages of Kim Possible. Because she is not my concern anymore after what I did is wrong. I made some changes on Kim related pages and I uploaded more pictures. When I did that, Alex yelled at me. I wasn't going to make vandalism, I was making history.

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  • User:Sbrady538 has been promoted to Content Moderator, and so her username must be customised like mine and the other Content Moderators. Scroll down the wiki's CSS page till you find the following coding below.

    /* Content Mod */
    a[href="/wiki/User:Vulchak"] {
        background: url( center left no-repeat;
        padding-left: 17px; text-shadow:0 0 2px darkblue; color:gold !important;
        font-weight: bold;
    .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Alex2424121"]:after,
    .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Billy_Cope"]:after,
    .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Lola987"]:after,
    .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Vulchak"]:after{
        content: "Content Moderator";
        font-weight: normal;

    Insert the following codes in alphabetical order. Example Sbrady538 in between Lola987 and Vulchak.

    .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Sbrady538"]:after,
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  • I tried to message you on Discord and got this message saying...

    "Your message could not be delivered because you don't share a server with the recipient or you disabled direct messages on your shared server, recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient."

    Any explanations because I did nothing.

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    • Hey, I disabled DM's to friends only as I've been getting lots of spam lately. I accepted your request.

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