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  • As I browse the articles of the shorts, I find it amusing to see that most of the time when justifying (or showing) a reissue or "faux" title card, the picture does not credit it with being either or, in the case of quite a couple of recreations I have seen, chalk it up as a solid "original". In many cases, such a practice is either let off the hook or proceeded with, which can trick people browsing this wiki to believe that what they are seeing is a real original title. I, however, am not at all tricked, which is particularly important to know when I have seen and read multiple sources that prove otherwise.

    Under any circumstances, do not call a fake title an "original" title. I just recently had been deceived by one on this article, which makes me question just how ignorant users are when it comes to what is or what is not a true original title. Most of the time, calling a hyperbolic fake an original has gotten away unnoticed...... 
    Original clock cleaners

    ....this one especially in particular.

    I realize that the majority of Disney's copies of their short cartoons do not survive with original titles (and some of them title cards), but does that mean "we can't find them, period, so let's guess what they would've had when they were first issued" or, in the case of the latter, "Say, there's an original over here"? No, there are several other ways to locate them....just look around on multiple film archives and auction sites.

    There are multiple examples where, on said sites, I have been able to look at title cards that are not at all identical to the ones we have been used to seeing for decades. Two such examples are listed below. These cards are only half of the blueprint of a project I have been working on for more than a year, yet can't seem to get right (so much, that when I decided to join the Internet Animation Database forum, one of the things I did there was tell some users that I would like some assistance with my project).

    Firstly, there exists this title card for Mickey's Elephant, which is said to be an original title card, but is also considered to be replaced with this card halfway through production:


    Real original, last-minute replacement, or plain reissue?

    Although there is at least some proof that the card seen in the link is real, many people associate the short with having the card on the right, which looks a lot like a Theo Gluck title card in some ways (notice that multiple aspects, like the font and shading, would not look out of place on that sort of title card). Here, however, there seems to be signs that the "original" addressing may be right (the font and design of the card most notably).

    To be clear, any replacement, reissue, or fake title card must be noted in an area where it can so people will not be confused.

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  • Hi, welcome to Disney Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the The Fire Fighters page. Please read the DisneyWiki:Do's and Don'ts for how to edit on this wiki before doing any other edits. Also, please see this blog here to help expand without getting in trouble on the Pirates of the Carribean Wiki and Tron Wiki. If you need help, read through our help pages or contact a local admin. If there are no active admins here, stop by Community Central and check out our forums.

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    All of these links are a great way to start exploring Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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