Michael Joseph Jackson was an American recording artist, entertainer, singer, actor, and businessman who is referred as "King of Pop" or by his initials, "MJ."

He played Captain EO in the 3D film of the same name, which is an attraction at several Disney Parks. After he died of cardiac arrest in 2009, Captain EO re-opened at the Disney parks as a tribute, using the name of Captain EO Tribute

He also appeared in a few Disney TV specials, such as Disneyland's 25th Anniversary.

His song "Thriller" was featured as a brief music video in DTV Monster Hits. He was mentioned in an episode of K.C. Undercover. Another song of his, which he performed with his brothers The Jackson 5, "I Want You Back" was featured in Guardians of the Galaxy.

A character named Powerline from A Goofy Movie appears to be a parody of Jackson, but that character was actually based off of Bobby Brown.

He often thought of himself as being like Peter Pan and even named his large estate Neverland.