"Michael O'Hara the Fourth" is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney.


The name Michael O'Hara has become synonimous with law enforcement. There have been three generations of Michael O'Hara's and all have been exemplary policemen. When Michael O'Hara III's child was born he was told that they will not be able to have any more children, and there has always been a Michael O'Hara, so he named his child Michael O'Hara IV despite the fact that she is a girl. Now Mike has a tendency to get involved with police matters and not always with good results, which annoys her father. And despite being told repeatedly to stay out of it, she continues her amateurish detective activities.


  • Dan Dailey: Michael O'Hara III
  • Jo Ann Harris: 'Mike' O'Hara IV
  • Michael McGreevey: Norman
  • Nehemiah Persoff: Artie Moreno
  • Tom Waters: Charley Grady
  • Robert Patten: Richard Caffey
  • Jimmy Lydon: John Stevens
  • Judson Pratt: Andy
  • Mike Henry: Fargo

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