Clarabelle and her cows spoof "By a Waterfall" from "Footlight Parade" by Ferdinand Hovarth

Mickey's Follies was an unproduced Mickey Mouse animated short that would have released in 1937. It is not to be confused with the 1929 animated short of the same name.


A large and ambitious projected short that would've featured Mickey and the gang, as well as some of the more popular Silly Symphonies characters in a grand musical revue that would pay homage to Busby Berkley's films. Ideas for song-and-dance routines that the artists had devised included Clarabelle Cow and a number of look-alikes performing a ballet, Goofy and the Big Bad Wolf attempting a dance routine and Donald doing an imitation of Harpo Marx. The short was eventually shelved, partially because of the complex task of giving every one of of the characters something to do and because animating as many characters as they planned to have would have been too costly.  


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