Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt is the first special and 24th episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It first aired on March 20, 2007.


Pete is upset that he is not invited to the Easter Egg Hunt, but when he recites the wrong magic words (Meeska, Mooska, Picker Mouse), the Clubhouse's sections float away in different directions. It's up to Mickey to return them.


At Mickey’s house

Today, Mickey Mouse show the viewers a picture of a decorated egg because it was Easter that day and he was throwing a party, along with an Easter Egg Hunt since everyone - including the viewer, (but Pete), was invited.

The arrival of Mickey’s friends and pet

Daisy Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Pluto arrive for the party and thanks Mickey for the invitation by giving him their cards, while Goofy was looking for his and pulled out a rubber duck and a set of pink bunny ears to be "Goofy Bunny".

Donald’s arrival

Daisy Duck tells Mickey that when they decorate for the party, it was going to be so much fun since they have gotten streamers, balloons, banners and party hats, but Minnie finds out that Donald has not arrived yet and that he was supposed to bring all of the required items. As soon as Donald arrived, he bumped into the banner and dropped everything that he has carried and yet again, he says “Aw, Phooey!”.

The Best Easter Party

The Sensational Six, (with the exception of Pluto since he only barks), sing while decorating the Clubhouse. Goofy was decorating the Shoe Garage by putting up streamers since he was the tallest one, Daisy makes a big A4 banner with glitter and glue by putting it up on the Clubhouse head and decorated eggs of yellow and blue, Donald makes the music up top of left side on the Clubhouse ears and finally, Mickey and Minnie were putting the decorations and food in a basket while doing the bunny hop. The six of them were all singing in a yellow background with teal, magenta, yellow, red, blue and green eggs respectively and then popped out of a decorated egg while dancing and singing, but concluded with them being split up into flower petals with Toodles in the middle. He was showing Mickey and Minnie Mouse throwing a ball to each other in Summer, Goofy seeing the leaves fall and pumpkins grow in Autumn/Fall, Santa Claus popping down the chimney to put presents under the Clubhouse tree and concluded with Minnie throwing flowers to the screen. Finally, The Sensational Six were split up into six in yet again teal, magenta, yellow, blue, red and green rectangle screens respectively and we all see that the Clubhouse was all decorated for Easter.

It’s Pete!

Sneaking into the Clubhouse, Pete notices that the Clubhouse was all decorated for Easter and he was not invited to go to the party and he claims that this was not fair since he likes Easter candy and thought that he wanted to have his own Clubhouse by inviting his own self to the party. When he saw Clarabelle, his idea was to “take the cake” and deliver it to Mickey’s Clubhouse. Clarabelle agrees, but she finds out that he might be up to something...


Pete dials Mickey and he tells Mickey that he is Clarabelle Cow, but Mickey said that the voice sounds a lot like Pete. Mockingly, Pete (speaking in Clarabelle’s voice), tells Mickey that he should go to the bakery to pick up his cake. Once the plan was in action, Pete said that he will lead the Clubhouse when Mickey and Pluto leaves.

Mickey’s Departure and his return?

Mickey and Pluto then proceed to go to the bakery by taking the Up-Slide when Pete, (dressed up as Mickey Mouse), goes inside the Clubhouse with the cake and Minnie asks the viewer if Pete was Mickey and tells “Mickey” if he is REALLY him, then he would know anything the real Mickey knows by telling him to say the RIGHT magic words to open up the Clubhouse, but “Mickey Mouse” fails by saying the wrong magic words, which causes the Clubhouse being split into pieces, sending four of The Sensational Six along with it. “Mickey Mouse” tries many attempts and runs away when the real Mickey Mouse arrived.

The REAL Mickey’s arrival

Mickey tells Pluto that Clarabelle wasn’t at the bakery and notices that all five of the pieces and four of his friends were floated away by Pete and said that he must rescue his friends and retrieve all of the pieces of the Clubhouse, before Easter is exasperated!

Finding the pants and Minnie!

After walking and sniffing for an hour straight, Mickey and Pluto notice Ludwig Von Drake on his backpack rocket with him greeting the two. Mickey tells the Professor that he needs Mickey’s help because the Clubhouse and four of the Sensational Six floated away, which causes Ludwig to notice the pants of the Clubhouse. After rescuing Minnie, the four notice Pete and he runs away because Pete thinks that Mickey is angry with him for making the Clubhouse float away.

To the Mouskedoer

When doing the original dance (b.k.a. The Mouskedoer Song), he activates the Mouskedoer and receives four Mouseketools: a pacifier, toolbox, crane along with a Mystery Mouseketool.

In search for piece number 2, the shoe!

Mickey, Minnie and Ludwig Von Drake then send the Clubhouse pants back where it belongs, now Mickey must find four of his friends by taking the Toon Plane to find Goofy and the Shoe Garage! Soon as he passes a cloud, he receives cloudy bunny ears and tells the viewer to find the Shoe Garage when they see it by saying shoe. Mickey Mouse then tells Goofy that he was headed for a waterfall, which was where the shock hit him.

Mouseketool moment

As soon as the Shoe Garage bumps onto the rocks, Mickey and Goofy both shout out Toodles for a Mouseketool and Mickey figures out a way to free Goofy from the rocks. He uses the crane to pull the Shoe Garage up out of the river, thus sending them back home!

Piece number 3, the Clubhouse Head

Now Mickey must find the Clubhouse Head by taking the Toon Car, but when he noticed a giant egg, Mickey pushed a button to have the Handy Helpers lift the chassis of the Toon Car upward to avoid causing a crash. Mickey then screeches to a halt when he notices Daisy screaming in the Cup Car on the Clubhouse Head by telling Mickey to get her down, next, Mickey tells the viewer what was stopping the Clubhouse Head from being free, which was the water from the hydrant. Daisy then tells Mickey to turn the valve and after three attempts, Mickey was sent flying off the screen in pain and notices Pete if he could turn the water off and runs off again!

Mouseketool moment number 2!

Much to Mickey’s dismay, Daisy tells him to turn the water off before she gets stuck on top of there, which lead to Mickey and Daisy calling for Toodles and Mickey chooses his toolbox along the flower wrench to turn the valve by turning it seven times. When the water turned off, Mickey and Daisy send the Clubhouse Head back home!

Outer space from here, piece number 4, the Clubhouse Ears!

After retrieving the Clubhouse Head, Ludwig Von Drake uses his telescope to see where the Clubhouse Ears were and they were in outer space. To get there, Mickey and Minnie must use the Clubhouse Rocket to retrieve the Ears and they took the star path in order to get the ears. As they land, Mickey goes after the ears and leaves Minnie on her own to fly home. When Mickey gets on top of the Ears, he notices Donald and sends the Clubhouse Ears back home.

No eggs, no party...

With all of The Sensational Six Back home safe and sound, they need to find the Glove Balloon to finish, but Goofy tells Mickey that they do not need it since he was ready for the party, only for Mickey to tell everyone that he put all the eggs in the Glove Balloon... Much to everyone’s dismay, Mickey walks away very sad, which causes Pluto to join him and whimpers at Mickey and he tells Pluto that the Clubhouse would never be the same without the Glove Balloon and he had ruined the party. Goofy wonders who saw the Glove Balloon fly away and Minnie says that it was Pete because he saw all the pieces float away.

Call for Pete!

Ludwig Von Drake tells the viewer if he had seen Pete and he runs away for the third time, after shouting three times, Pete had received the attention and decided to help everyone by telling everyone that the Glove Balloon floated away into the clouds, where Willie the Giant lives and Ludwig Von Drake said Mickey would not want to disturb him (Willie), but they need to retrieve the Glove Balloon back since it was the last piece of the Clubhouse.

Mystery Mouseketool moment!

In order to get float up toward the clouds, they needed a Mouseketool, thus having The Sensational Six, Ludwig and Pete shout for Toodles. Mickey wonders if he could use a pacifier to fly, but that would be a horrible idea and instead, they went for the Mystery Mouseketool, nine balloons.

Is this new? No! We need piece number 5, the Glove Balloon and the final Mouseketool moment!

Pete and Mickey fly up into the clouds and land on Willie’s barn with Pete being scared of Willie! When they went inside, they whisper for Toodles... They stopped Willie from snoring by putting the pacifier on his mouth. Pete and Mickey then try to go inside the Glove Balloon and when they made a noise, Willie woke up and puts Mickey inside a bird cage, thus locking him up in the process. When Willie was off to get some bird food, Bad Pete tells Pete to steal the Clubhouse, whilst his nice self tells him that Mickey was his friend. Finally, Pete notices the invitation in his back pocket!

Escaping time!

With Mickey being freed, he and Pete must escape the barn before Pete also gets trapped in the bird cage. The episode then concludes with all the pieces of the Clubhouse back where they belong just in time for the Easter party and everyone does the Hot Dog Dance like they do at the end of every episode. Afterwards, Mickey signs off saying, "See ya real soon!" before the end credits roll.


  • A pacifier
  • A toolbox
  • A crane
  • Nine balloons



  • This is the first Easter episode in the history of television.
  • The opening sequence got slightly altered because Mickey says that the magic words to make the Clubhouse appear has to be "exactly right", or else, "something funny might happen". Coincidentally, this is the only episode in the entire series to do so.
  • This is the first episode when Clarabelle, Pete, and Ludwig Von Drake learns how to do the Hot Dog Dance
  • The Credits are Long in this episode and at the end, the Hands Up animation from the Hot Dog Dance at the end of Episodes before the credits was used and there are no Closing Logos at the end.


  • When Goofy says "Don't call me Goofy bunny for nothing", Donald can be seen frozen on the left side of the screen.
  • When the Clubhouse Head is putting himself on the Clubhouse you can see the Glove Hand for a moment, when it wasn't found yet.


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