Mickey's Letter Time

Mickey's Letter Time is a short series on Playhouse Disney. The viewer can see the animated Mickey, the back of Minnie's head and learn letters, words and more in this mini show.

In each episode of Mickey's Letter Time, Mickey will say hi, and you will see the back of Minnie's head sitting at a table, presumably in Daisy's Diner. Three objects will appear. Two of these will start with the same letter. Mickey will name the letter, and then give a few seconds for your child to pick out the object that begin with that letter.

After a moment, Mickey will reveal the answers. Your child may notice that the two items with the same starting letter usually have something to do with one another in some way, and will 'leave' the scene together before this mini show is over.


  • Letter A: (Apple, Ant, Bread)
  • Letter B: (Banana, Bumblebee, Cup)
  • Letter C: (Cookie, Cake, Fork)
  • Letter D: (Doughnut, Dinosaur, Milk)
  • Letter G: (Grapes, Grocery Bag, Napkin)
  • Letter H: (Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pickle)
  • Letter I: (Ice Cream, Igloo, Sun)
  • Letter J: (Jam, Juice, Clock)
  • Letter K: (Kite, Kitten, Pillow)
  • Letter M: (Milk, Muffin, Straw)
  • Letter P: (Pear, Peach, Caterpillar)
  • Letter R: (Raccoon, Rabbit, Dog)
  • Letter S: (Soap, Sock, Boots)
  • Letter T: (Telephone, Turtle, Feather)
  • Letter U: (Umbrella, Ukulele, Teddy Bear)
  • Letter W: (Wand, Waffle, Clock)
  • Letter X: (X-Ray, Xylophone, Spoon)
  • Letter Y: (Yarn, Yo-Yo, Sandwich)
  • Letter Z: (Zipper, Zebra, Hat)

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