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Mickey's Mixed Nuts is an animated short starring Mickey Mouse, originally aired as part of an episode of Mickey Mouse Works, and was later included in the House of Mouse episode "House of Turkey".


Minnie is making a special nut stuffing for their Holiday Party when she finds that the bag containing main ingredient is missing. Minnie is puzzled on how the nuts could of gone so fast until she sees Mickey relaxing in an arm chair using his nut cracker and eating them. Minnie is very cross and rebukes Mickey for being so greedy. Mickey gives an embarrassed burp and a sheepish grin. He then tells Minnie that he will go to the supermarket and buy some more.

Meanwhile Chip and Dale are in their tree and find out that their nut store has gone too, leaving them with only golf balls. When they overhear Mickey going to buy some more nuts they hop onto his car and head there as well.

At the supermarket, there only appears to be one bag left. Chip and Dale get there first and try to sneak away with it by hiding behind them on the shelf. However Mickey manages to grab the bag from them and walks away.

Then begins a fight of possession of the nuts from Mickey's tail being tied with string cheese to Chip and Dale being trapped in a bin. Despite the difficulties, Mickey manages to take the nuts to the checkout and drives home with them.

Later Chip and Dale sneak into Minnie's kitchen carrying a bag of their own. They leave their bag in the place of the bag of nuts and depart.

During the Holiday party, everyone discovers that the stuffing is filled with golf balls instead of nuts. It is revealed that Chip and Dale craftily made a switch.

While Mickey is blamed, Chip and Dale are back in their tree with the real nuts, using Mickey's nutcracker and eating them.



  • The nutcracker that resembles Mickey is likely a reference to "The Nutcracker" (and possibly also the Disneyland stage show Mickey's Nutcracker) where Mickey played the titular role. A remixed version of the Nutcracker music is also heard.


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