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Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack refers to two different album releases of the soundtrack to Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers.

Original release

The original release for the film's soundtrack coincided with the film's original video release, and contained all the musical numbers from the movie (with the strange exception of the closing reprise of "All for One and One for All"), plus Stevie Brock, Greg Raposo, and Matthew Ballinger's cover of the Schoolhouse Rock! song "Three is a Magic Number" (the music video of which appears as a bonus feature on the original DVD release).

Track listing

# Track title Length
1 All for One and One for All 1:26
2 Love So Lovely 2:11
3 Petey's King of France 1:02
4 Sweet Wings of Love 2:10
5 Chains of Love 1:43
6 This Is the End 1:10
7 L'Opera (Excerpts from The Pirates of Penzance) 3:45
8 Three is a Magic Number 3:27

Intrada Records release

In 2018, Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers became the first direct-to-video Disney film to have its full musical score released on CD by Intrada Records. Like the original album, Intrada's release includes all the songs from the movie, though in this release, most of them are put together with the respective pieces of Bruce Broughton's background music that leads up to them. Some of the music cues include pieces of the score that ultimately went unused in the movie (these are marked with an asterisk in the track listing below). The "Three is a Magic Number" cover is also omitted this time.

Track listing

# Track title Length
1 Main Title* 0:49
2 Musketeers' Prologue/"All For One And One For All" 4:39
3 Morning Ablutions* 1:53
4 Pete's Yardsticks* 1:56
5 The Princess Fantasies/"Love So Lovely" 4:06
6 The Beagle Boys' Bungle* 2:31
7 Stay Alert!* 2:50
8 Wrestling Miss Daisy* 0:53
9 "Petey’s King Of France" 1:31
10 Musketeer Escorts 1:04
11 Bad Guys! 5:46
12 The Rescue*/"Sweet Wings Of Love" 3:13
13 Drubbing Donald* 5:03
14 Donald Deserts 2:15
15 To Mont St-Mickey 0:34
16 Mickey In Irons*/"Chains Of Love" 4:20
17 Bovine Unbind*/"This Is The End"* 2:49
18 Mickey's Rescue 3:37
19 King Pete 0:50
20 “L’Opera” 5:19
21 The Three, Musketeered/"All For One And One For All" (Reprise) 1:06
22 End Credits 6:02

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