Mickey Finds a Kitten is Volume 7 of the Walt Disney Fun-to-Read Library. Despite Mickey Mouse's name being in the title, the story really focuses on Pluto.


When Mickey brings home a small kitten that he found roaming the streets, Pluto feels neglected when he sees Mickey paying more attention to the kitten than to him. He also finds it puzzling when Mickey enjoys watching the kitten play with his hat and sit in his favorite chair.

The next morning, after the kitten wakes Mickey up to say good morning, Pluto attempts to do the same thing, but Mickey scolds him for that. Pluto then brings Mickey the morning paper and is thanked for it. The kitten then tears up the paper, but to Pluto's confusion, Mickey doesn't even scold her for that. Pluto goes outside, where Morty and Ferdie are raking leaves into a big pile. The kitten comes outside and starts playing around in Morty and Ferdie's leaf pile. Pluto goes and does the same thing, but Morty and Ferdie scold him for scattering the leaves they just raked. Feeling dejected, Pluto walks away and sees Minnie coming by. He tries to greet her, but she instead gives her attention to petting the kitten.

At lunch, Mickey pours a bowl of milk for the kitten after she jumps onto his lap. Pluto starts thinking maybe it would be better if he tried acting just like the kitten, but he only ends up making a mess of things. After Mickey scolds him again, Pluto goes to lay by the door, feeling sad. While cleaning up the kitchen, Mickey realizes and tells his nephews and girlfriend that Pluto is feeling neglected because they seem to like the kitten better. Upon hearing that, the four of them go to comfort Pluto and tell him that they still appreciate and love him, with the kitten even telling Pluto that she wants to be just like him she grows up.

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