Mickey with some of his friends (and one of his enemies).

Over his long history, Mickey Mouse has interacted with a cast of Disney characters, some from his own franchise and others from various Disney properties from films to television to video games.


Picture Character Notes
Morty Ferdie
Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse These twin mice are Mickey's nephews, sons of his sister Felicity. The boys look up to their uncle, but they are not without mischief and are known to get in trouble with Mickey sometimes.
Felicity Fieldmouse Felicity is Mickey's older sister. Though they do not appear to interact much, they seem to care about each other as any sibling would. Mickey's dedication is evident when he agrees to look after Morty and Ferdie for Felicity.
Madeline Mouse Madeline Mouse is a cousin of Mickey Mouse. She briefly dated him in order to help Mickey get Minnie jealous.
Moocher Moocher is Mickey's cousin and is also the Mouse family "black sheep".
Ben Ali Maus He is Mickey's rich Saudi sultan cousin and is, naturally, an oil tycoon.
Marty Marty is Mickey's cousin who is a planter and owns a rubber tree plantation in South America.
Digger Digger is Mickey's Australian cousin.
Matilda Matilda is Mickey's cousin.
Maxwell Mouse Maxwell is Mickey's uncle who is a professor of Natural History.
Boomer He is Mickey's uncle, and a railroad "tycoon".
Manley Mickey's uncle Manley is an archaeologist.
Louie Louie is Mickey's uncle who is a French chef.
Murdoch MacMouse Murdoch is Mickey's Scottish uncle.
Mukluk He is Mickey's Canadian uncle who lives in Alaska.
20190923 094535 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Mickey first met his "brother" Oswald in Wasteland. Before, Mickey was unaware of Oswald or the fact that he replaced him when he was created, which had resulted in Oswald's bitter jealousy. At first, the two had quite a strained relationship, but over time the brothers began to develop a bond between them. Understanding Oswald's torture, Mickey would later feel guilt for his past actions that wrecked Wasteland and for ruining Oswald's life. Mickey's shame reached Oswald after the battle against the Blot. When Oswald caught Mickey's heart, ultimately Oswald would choose to give Mickey his heart back for though he wanted to be remembered, he knew the heart rightfully belongs to Mickey. Afterward, Mickey sees Oswald in the mirror again, but this time as brothers. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Mickey and Oswald team up to save Wasteland.
Mickey bunny children Bunny Children The Bunny Children are Oswald's children and therefore Mickey's half-nieces and nephews. They adore their uncle Mickey, while Mickey, in turn, enjoys their playfulness. However, the kids can get a bit too fond of Mickey to the point they would cluster around Mickey himself.
Marco Topo Marco is Mickey's ancestor
Jonathan Tobias Mouse He is Mickey's great-great-great-grandfather.
Albemarle Albemarle Mouse Albemarle is Mickey's rich great-grandfather. Mickey admired him as a child.
Maximilian Mouse He is Mickey's great-uncle


Characters from Mickey's animated productions

Just as Mickey made his debut in animation, many of his closest friends also made prominent acquaintance with him in his animated cartoons, films, and TV shows. Among them:

Picture Character Notes
Mickey and Minnie
Minnie Mouse Minnie is Mickey's beloved girlfriend. Their relationship is sometimes strained due to Mickey's forgetfulness and mischief, though they always make up with each other in the end. Minnie was Mickey's co-star or deuteragonist in earlier cartoons and comics, but she has since been replaced by Donald, Goofy and/or Pluto in these roles respectively in later appearances.
Goofy Movie - Mickey and Donald
Donald Duck Donald is Mickey's best friend and sidekick. Although Donald is jealous of Mickey for being famous without even trying which causes him to try and upstage him, Donald values his friendship more than fame and is always willing to risk his life for Mickey. Mickey's bond with Donald is perhaps the strongest out of all the characters he's interacted with, alongside Pluto, seeing Donald as his younger brother. Since the two have appeared together in cartoons, Donald has become Disney's primary protagonist alongside Mickey and is often the leader in Mickey's absence.
Mickey, Donald and Goofy
Goofy Goofy is Mickey's best friend after Donald. Mickey is sometimes annoyed by Goofy's clumsiness but knows he doesn't mean any harm so he is always kind to him, and both are always willing to lend each other a hand. Mickey is also much more patient and trustworthy with Goofy than he is with Donald, which often leads to the duck's annoyance. Goofy is also very loyal to Mickey.
MickeywDaisy Daisy Duck Mickey values his friendship with Minnie's best friend Daisy and often gives her suggestions on how to help Donald out when things get tough even though she sometimes irritates him because of easily getting bored, talking too much and overstaying her welcome especially when it comes to planning a date alone with Minnie. Despite that, they are shown to have a great level of loyalty towards one another.
Tumblr lxgn7cZdDb1qhcrb0o1 1280
Pluto Pluto is Mickey's pet, and, alongside Donald and Goofy, his absolute best friend. Mickey is sometimes annoyed when Pluto disobeys him and usually punishes Pluto by kicking him out of the house but always becomes incredibly regretful when doing so, especially if Pluto's intentions were pure or if Pluto's becomes heartbroken to the point of running away. They always forgive each other in the end, and will always be loyal to the other at heart no matter the situation. Mickey interacts with Pluto the most out of any character, and Pluto has become Mickey's deuteragonist since his introduction as Mickey's pet, and always sides with Pluto when others are annoyed with him.
6116.Epic-Mickey-15.jpg-500x0 Clarabelle Cow
Horac HoM Horace Horsecollar
Clara Cluck
ProfDrake Mickey Ludwig Von Drake Mickey's interactions with Von Drake seem to be friendliest among his interactions with Donald's relatives except for the times Von Drake's inventions, intellect or overconfidence cause Mickey some problems.
Mickey HDL Huey, Dewey, and Louie Huey, Dewey, and Louie do not usually interact with Mickey but when they do it sometimes involves them taking advantage of Mickey's good nature.
Scrooge HoM Scrooge McDuck Like the majority of Donald's relatives, Scrooge and Mickey have not interacted very often. Scrooge has occasionally been shown to antagonize Mickey (the most notable example of this is in House of Mouse). However, they are generally shown as being friendly towards one another; in incidents such as Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, Disney Sing Along Songs: The Twelve Days of Christmas, and various children's books.
Max Goof.HoM Max Goof Mickey is good friends with Max and often tries to help out. It was he who eventually managed to convince Goofy to buy Max his first car.
Fantasia-disneyscreencaps com-2791
Yen Sid Yen Sid was Mickey's magic teacher in The Sorcerer's Apprentice short of Fantasia where Mickey used Yen Sid's magic hat to make his job easier only to cause massive chaos. And ever since then, their relationship has been defined by Yen Sid having to be very strict with Mickey in order to keep him from causing trouble. But despite this Yen Sid and Mickey do not hate each other and are able to communicate amicably
Mike the microphone Mike the Microphone Mike is the announcer of the House of Mouse 
Toodles He is a co-ally to Mickey.
Mickey and Duffy Duffy the Disney Bear Duffy is Mickey Mouse's teddy bear, handsewn and given by Minnie Mouse as a gift to take him on a long sea voyage so that he would never feel lonely. Minnie also wrote a message and placed it inside a glass bottle worn around Duffy's neck. After Duffy visited Mickey in his dreams and gave Minnie's message to him, Mickey and Duffy became close friends ever since, traveling together on many adventures and making new friends along the way.

Characters from other Mickey-centric media

In addition to his animated appearances, Mickey has also made numerous other friends in other forms of media that he starred in, including the Mickey Mouse comic strip and books and video games. Among them are:

Picture Character Notes
From the Mickey Mouse comics
Butch mickey Butch Mickey met Butch he was Mr. Slicker's second-in-command in his gang of thieves. Mickey convinced Butch to reform and he helped bring Mr. Slicker to justice. Butch and Mickey have remained friends ever since and often work together.
Captain nathaniel churchmouse Captain Churchmouse
Gloomy Mickey Gloomy the Mechanic
Colonel doberman mickey Colonel Doberman
Chief O'Hara House of Mouse
Chief O'Hara Chief O'Hara respects Mickey for his crime-solving skills as such Mickey is the first person he goes to for help on, particularly difficult cases. But there have been times where O'Hara is not above arresting Mickey when he feels that he has broken the law.
Casey mickey Detective Casey
Eega beeva Eega Beeva
Katarina Kodorofsky Katarina Kodorofsky
From the Mickey Mouse video games
Mickey Gus Gremlin Gus Gus was the first denizen of Wasteland Mickey encountered. During the journey, Gus served as a guide and friend for Mickey through the land and became one of his closest allies. In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, he along with Ortensia contact Mickey through a device he invented for his aid.
OrtensiaOswald Ortensia Unlike Oswald, Ortensia has a more welcoming attitude to Mickey and lacks the intense jealousy of her boyfriend towards him. Ortensia was a victim of Oswald's losses, having been drained of her paint by the Blot when she sacrificed herself to protect Oswald. It was in her memory that led Oswald to start acting nicer to Mickey. After Ortensia was restored, she got to temporarily meet Mickey with his mirror. In the upcoming Epic Mickey 2, she attempts to contact Mickey again for his help to set Oswald right.

Characters from other Disney productions

Besides his co-stars from the Mickey Mouse cartoons and comics, Mickey has interacted and/or received help from the protagonists of numerous other Disney productions. Among them:

Picture Character Production(s) Notes
Alice Mickey Mousecapade In Mickey Mousecapade, Mickey and Minnie venture through Wonderland to rescue Alice from Maleficent (or the Queen of Hearts in the Japanese version).
Roger Rabbit Mickey's 60th Birthday
Walt Disney's World on Ice: 10th Anniversary
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Roger is somewhat of an acquaintance to Mickey on and offset. Mickey is aware of Roger's klutziness, but never blames or scolds him (possibly because he never witnesses Roger's accidents in person). Roger was also the one to find Mickey after he went missing on his birthday due to a mistake he caused during the celebration and is ironically hailed a hero.
Gruffi Gummi and Zummi Gummi Mickey's Starland Show
Launchpad McQuack Mickey's Starland Show
Gadget Hackwrench Mickey's Starland Show
Kermit the Frog The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Here Come the Muppets In this made-for-TV movie, Kermit remarks that he and the mouse know each other from an organization called FASA - Fictional Animal Stars of America. In Here Come the Muppets, Mickey calls Kermit on the Picture Phone to see how his stage show was going.
Baloo and King Louie Walt Disney's World on Ice: Double Feature... Live!
Darkwing Duck Mickey's Starland Show
Bonkers D. Bobcat Bonkers
Mickey's Starland Show
Bonkers idolizes Mickey, claiming to be his #1 fan. Mickey respects Bonkers, but not as eccentrically as he does. However, Mickey does come to like Bonkers after he saves him from captivity.
Jiminy Mickey Jiminy Cricket House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Aladdin Mickey,HoM Aladdin Mickey's House of Villains
House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Aladdin helps Mickey defeat Jafar by tossing him Jafar's Lamp.
Mickey w Sora Sora Kingdom Hearts series Though not as close to Sora as he is to Riku, Mickey still regards and exalts Sora as a trusted ally and good friend. Like most of his friends, Mickey stresses for Sora's safety, especially because of Sora's destiny as a Keyblade wielder. He also shows to have confidence in Sora whenever they fight together.
Ending 05 KHII Riku Kingdom Hearts series Mickey acts as a helpful friend to Riku while he's not with Sora. Similar to Sora befriending Donald and Goofy, Riku is the original character Mickey befriends in the game. Both are good friends, calling each other usually by their first names, like when he and Riku bonded during their adventure in Castle Oblivion. They are also very close friends, making promises that by any means are spoiled.
Mickey, Kairi Kairi Kingdom Hearts


Khbbs ss3 mickey and ventus Ventus Kingdom Hearts


Mickey jumped in time to save Ventus from Vanitas, and the two fought together.
Mickey&aqua Aqua Kingdom Hearts series
Kingdomsheartsterra mickey Terra Kingdom Hearts series Terra briefly spotted Mickey leaving Yen Sid's tower, but did not get the chance to talk to him. Later on, Mickey discussed the ongoing search for three Keyblade wielders but explains Terra's location was still unknown while voicing concern.
Lea DDD Lea Kingdom Hearts


Ansem the wise, machine Ansem the Wise Kingdom Hearts series Mickey looks to Ansem the Wise as a friend and teacher.
Beast mickey The Beast House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Rapunzel mickey Rapunzel and Pascal Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Timon, pumbaa, Mickey Timon and Pumbaa House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Peter pan mickey Peter Pan and Tinker Bell House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Dream Along With Mickey
Cenicienta ofrece calabaza Mickey Cinderella House of Mouse
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Jinete ofrece espada Mickey The Headless Horseman House of Mouse
Marlín ofrece dinero Mickey Arthur Pendragon and Merlin House of Mouse
Epic-Mickey-Power-of-Illusion-4 Wendy Darling Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Rivals and enemies

Mickey's antagonists

In the cartoons, comics, and video games starring Mickey, he has fought the following antagonists:

Picture Rival/villain Notes
Pete Pete is Mickey's archenemy. The two are always at odds, even when Pete is not a full-blown villain, and Pete has known Mickey the longest out of any characters. Though Mickey battles and despises Pete more than any other villains he's encountered, Mickey's kindness sometimes has him forgive Pete the most out of any villains. The battle between the two is usually a testament and example of good vs evil. Pete is always be expected to be the main antagonist whenever Mickey is the protagonist.
Shyster Sylvester Shyster
Kat Nipp
MickeywBlot The Phantom Blot The Phantom Blot is the closest to be Mickey's archenemy after Pete, and unlike Pete, is fully villainous. The Blot has actively tried to kill Mickey, sometimes because he's an obstacle to his plots, or sometimes out of vengeance to all the times Mickey has foiled him. Luckily for Mickey, the Blot cannot bear to see anyone die, so he instead puts Mickey in complex death traps that, in spite of their danger and difficulty in escaping from. Mickey usually gets out of them thanks to his cleverness.
Eli Mickey Eli Squinch
Mortimer and Mickey
Mortimer Mouse Mortimer is his chief rival for Minnie's affections. And whenever Mortimer tries to steal Minnie from him, Mickey usually ends up losing Minnie to Mortimer. At least until circumstances which are usually the result of Mortimer's rotten attitude allows Mickey to win her back. Apart from Minnie, they have been rivals over other things such as Christmas decorating and occasionally, these competitions have ended with neither Mickey nor Mortimer being the winner. But, when there is nothing for them to compete over, Mortimer appears mainly to cause Mickey trouble which tends to end in Mortimer suffering the consequences for his actions. Compared to Pete and the Phantom Blot, Mortimer is more of an annoyance to Mickey instead of an actual threat.
Emil mickey Emil Eagle
Ecks, doublex, triplex Professors Ecks, Doublex, and Triplex
Mizrabel cutscene
Mizrabel An evil witch who was Mickey's arch-enemy from the day she kidnapped Minnie because she was jealous of her beauty and Mickey went to her castle to rescue his sweetheart. Mickey continuously fought her on many occasions, but she eventually reformed.
Mickey princepenguin Prince Penguin
Muscles mcgurk Muscles McGurk
Snes mcieky
The Mad Doctor

Other Disney villains

Also, Mickey Mouse has been antagonized by the following Disney villains in other productions:

Picture Villain Production(s) Notes
5950619779 f131b09dd0 Queen Grimhilde Great Ice Odyssey
Cinderella's Surprise Party
Midship Detective Agency
Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!
Villainstakeover, Hook Captain Hook

Mickey Mousecapade (Japanese version)
Mickey's House of Villains
Midship Detective Agency
Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!
Dream Along With Mickey
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

QofHearts, Mickey Queen of Hearts Mickey Mousecapade (Japanese version)
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Mickey knows better than to trifle with the Queen of Hearts despite good intentions, and the Queen in return is less of an enemy to Mickey.
Mickey vs. Dragon Maleficent Mickey Mousecapade (US version)
Midship Detective Agency
Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!
Kingdom Hearts series
Maleficent is one of Mickey's most dangerous enemies and is one of the few villains Mickey truly despises. She loves to see the mouse suffer and Mickey does not hesitate to stop her. However, Mickey does have some mutuality and forgave Maleficent at least once. Regardless, they are mortal enemies. It is Mickey's valiant nature that often pits him against Maleficent's cruelty.
KarnageCapturesMickeyAndPals Don Karnage Walt Disney's World on Ice: Double Feature... Live!
VillanosExpulsanMickey Ursula Walt Disney's World on Ice: 10th Anniversary
Mickey's House of Villains
Chernabog mickey Chernabog Fantasmic!
HouseOfVillains characters Cruella De Vil Fantasmic! (Florida version)
Mickey's House of Villains
Midship Detective Agency
Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!
Scar Fantasmic! (Florida version)
Judge Claude Frollo Fantasmic! (Florida version)
Jafar Mhov Jafar Fantasmic! (Florida version)
Mickey's House of Villains
Midship Detective Agency
Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!
Jafar is an adversary of Mickey. During Halloween, Jafar banded the villains against Mickey until Mickey stopped them. He also tried to kill the mouse several times only to be defeated by Mickey on everyone. However, he was able to comply with Mickey at least once when there was a greater threat at present.
Hades, Mickey Hades Mickey's House of Villains
Xehanort vs mickey Xehanort Kingdom Hearts series He is especially antagonistic towards Xehanort, whose actions have caused a great deal of pain and destruction throughout the worlds, including the ruining of the lives of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, but Xehanort merely quips that it was their destiny.
Another Keyblade Wielder 01 KHBBS Vanitas Kingdom Hearts series
Confronting Organization XIII Organization XIII Kingdom Hearts series
Screenshot 2 Yzma Midship Detective Agency
Doc Facilier Midship Facilier Midship Detective Agency
Horned King Mickey Mouse 3 Horned King Land of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse III: Balloon Dreams
Madam Mim Boss battle Madam Mim World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
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