Mickey Mouse is a 1989 action/puzzle video game released by Kemco for the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan. It is the Game Boy version of the Roger Rabbit video game released for the Famicom at the same time.

Due to Capcom holding the rights to make Disney video games on Nintendo systems in the US at the time, when the game and Roger Rabbit were to be released in the US, Kemco replaced the Disney characters in the game with Looney Tunes characters and renamed it The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle.

Mickey Mouse Game Boy Screenshot



  • There are 80 levels in total in which the player must find a certain amount of hearts in order to get to the next level.
  • In addition, Mickey must avoid contact with villains or else he loses a life.
  • 1-ups may also be achieved during the game (if you collect all the hearts without dying to many times).
  • The player may also destroy a villain by using a boxing glove or dropping things on their head.
  • All of the levels are password protected with the exception of the first level. Meaning that you must enter a password in order to go to the level where you left off.


The villains that try to stop Mickey in the levels consist of a few Disney villains. The villains that try to stop Mickey are Pete, the Big Bad Wolf, White Rabbit and Vulture.


Mickey is unable to jump in this game although he is able to jump in the sequels to this game.

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