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Mickey Mouse Kindergarten is a 2000 Disney educational computer game featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Product Description

With Mickey Mouse, ace reporter, kindergartners will investigate Main Street for newspaper cover stories. Teaching over 40 developmental skills, the software is based on the Active Learning Method, which encourages kids to explore, discover, and create while they learn. The product enhances memory, listening, and observation skills as well as inspires creativity and imagination. Children find seven excellent logic, early math and creativity activities by clicking on objects in downtown Disney. The idea is to help Mickey Mouse, ace reporter, find something to write about for the town newspaper. Mickey finds his material as the kids play the games. In one clever game, children help fill orders for Bell Hops, according to the attributes of their clothing. In another, they use blueprints to create neon signs. At the video arcade, kids play a challenging numbers game where they match numerals to the number of objects on robots. On the downside, the activities seem a bit thrown together without a strong sense of purpose. The individual games don't seem to end, and their tie-in with Mickey's newspaper is missing. Weaknesses aside, each activity offers a great combination of entertainment and education. For instance, to get kids to practice their numbers, Mickey does some pretty fancy dance steps. The program's difficulty levels, which can get tough, automatically adjust to children's correct or incorrect answers. Also a plus are the printable pages that correspond with each activity. For the reasonable price, you can't go wrong with this CD. Kindergartners investigate Mickey's hometown Main Street while they help Mickey cover stories for his newspaper. Kids can learn about Language Arts, Math, Following Directions and other age appropriate skills.

Disney's Mickey Mouse Kindergarten is filled with activities that build self-confidence by means of continuous positive reinforcement from Mickey and his friends.



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