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Mickey and the Seal is a color Mickey Mouse animated short that was released in 1948.


While Mickey visits a zoo, a little seal stows away in his picnic basket and travels to his house with him. Pluto discovers the creature, but Mickey can't understand what his dog is trying to tell him and eventually kicks him out of the house for making a mess. Later, Mickey unknowingly shares his bathtub with the seal for a baffling bath. Once Mickey finally discovers the creature, he and Pluto take him back to the zoo, but the seal and all his seal friends beat them back to their house to take over Mickey's bathroom.



  • Mickey and the Seal was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Animated Short Subject, but lost to the Tom and Jerry cartoon The Little Orphan.
  • The nomination mentioned above makes this short the only short to be nominated for an Academy Award in which Jimmy MacDonald voices Mickey Mouse, as well being the last original Mickey Mouse short to be nominated for an Academy Award.
  • In 2002, this short appeared (as a reissue print complete with the Buena Vista opening title) as part of the "King Larry Swings In" episode of House of Mouse.
  • Mickey and the Seal would be one of the shorts included in the Have a Laugh! program's abridged shorts series.
  • When Mickey noticed the seal in his tub, He says "Well Huh, What do you know?" In Walt Disney's voice. This is because this line was taken from Mickey's Delayed Date.
  • According to The Spirit of Mickey, this is one of Ludwig Von Drake's favorite Mickey cartoons.
  • This short was re-released theatrically once in 1989 on the same bill as Cheetah. It was later paired with the 1990 theatrical re-release of The Jungle Book.
  • This was originally intended as a Donald Duck cartoon.



Home video[]




Have a Laugh! changes[]

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • Mickey whistling and getting the seals' attention.
  • The seals clamoring for the fish.
  • Salty stealing the fish away from the other seals, swallowing it, then enticing Mickey into tossing him a second fish, after which Mickey leaves.
  • Pluto jumping on Mickey and licking his face.
  • Pluto trying to get Mickey's attention on Salty, but Mickey is skeptical.
  • Pluto getting his head in the basket in going after Salty.
  • Pluto trying to explain that Salty made him wreck the place, but Mickey orders him out (him saying, "Outside!" is cut, but not, "Get out! Scram!").
  • Pluto shaking the basket off his head as he scrambles out.
  • Mickey's bath with Salty is halved.
  • Mickey giggling when he notices Salty in the tub.
  • Mickey and Pluto taking Salty back to the zoo, only for all of the seals to take over Mickey's house (it cuts from Mickey considering keeping Salty for a pet to Salty in the shower at the end).


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