The "Mighty Ducks Theme Song" is the opening song of the 1996 animated series, Mighty Ducks. The song was composed by Carl Swander Johnson and was performed by Mickey Thomas.


On the road to glory
Ain't no turning back
It's got to be the Mighty Ducks
On a quack attack
Look out, clear the way
The Ducks are here to play!

Ducks rock!
Ducks rock!

Mighty Ducks!
Here come the Mighty Ducks
Burning up the ice
Just try and stop the Mighty Ducks
And you're gonna pay the price!

Here come the Mighty Ducks
Fighting for the gold!
Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks
Time to rock and roll

Let's go, let's go
Ducks rock!
(Mighty Ducks!)
Ducks rock!
Let's hear it for the Mighty Ducks!
(Mighty Ducks!)

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