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For centuries, man had but his own two eyes to explore the wonders of his world. Then he invented the microscope, a mighty eye, and discovered the fantastic universe beyond the limits of his own meager sight. Now your adventure through inner space has begun. Through the Mighty Microscope, you will travel into the incredible universe found within a tiny fragment - of a snowflake.
―Narrator (Paul Frees).

The Mighty Microscope (formally Monsanto's Mighty Microscope under Monsanto's sponsorship) was the centerpiece of the former Disneyland dark ride, Adventure Thru Inner Space. During it's tenure, it served as the entrance platform for the Omnimover ride vehicles (called 'Atommobiles') into the main show area.


The Mighty Microscope was said to have been designed on a napkin by a world-famous Disney Imagineer and the entire structure was created out of concrete.

Part of the microscope's fictional folklore was that tons of scientists and engineers spent millions of dollars reversing the conventional process of a microscope by also making it part shrinking machine; giving it the capacity to shrink objects and not just magnify images. Soon enough, the technology progressed to where it was able to miniaturize full-grown human beings indefinetly.

When Monsanto ended their sponsorship in 1977, all Monsanto references (except for a select few) were removed. The microscope underwent some revisions such as the removal of the red Monsanto "M" logo from the side of the structure. Monsanto's ownership was written out of the script and, for unknown reasons, the microscope received an unnatural tip at the end of it.

Appearances in Star Tours

Adventure Thru Inner Space closed in 1985 to be replaced by Star Tours, a Star Wars based motion simulator. The Mighty Microscope had to be removed to make way for StarSpeeder 3000 in the queue area, and crew members couldn't saw it out due to it being concrete. So, it was imploded onto itself unbeknowist to guests seeing the construction overhead on the PeopleMover.

A replica of the Mighty Microscope can be seen in the Star Tours 70 mm on-ride film in the mantinence bay on the bottom right hand corner, just before the StarSpeeder heads out into space. If you look hard enough, you can also see the miniaturized Atommobiles moving in the glass tube. It's most recent appearance is in the new Star Tours attraction inside the incomplete first Death Star in a corridor on the left hand side just before the StarSpeeder 1000 exits into a hangar.