Mike Todwell is Chris Parker's two-timing, double-crossing, cheating boyfriend in Adventures in Babysitting.


Mike is one of the people who seems rather concerning, as Chris says that he is "the best thing that's ever happened to her," but for obvious reasons, he's cancelled the date of their anniversary, claiming to be taking care of his sister with his parent going out on a date, leaving Chris even a little upset, and only tells her they'd do the French restaurant date next week and gives her a kiss just to "cheer her up".

Mike is really known to be presumptuous, impudent, cocky, and above all, very rude. According to Daryl Coopersmith, he beat him the summer before for "touching his car" which he didn't do.

Role in the film

Mike arrives at Chris' house to inform her, just when she was gettting ready for their date of their anniversary, that he had to cancel. He claims his little sister got sick and that his parents are going out on a date, and doesn't want Chris to get sick because of the contagiousness, when she offered to help out and make some chicken soup. There he "swears" they do the French restaurant date in the following week. Just as he's about to leave, he tells her "Girls like you come along once in a lifetime." There he gives her a kiss to make her "feel cheered up" only leaving her even "a little upset."

Mike was later found out by Daryl that he went to French restaurant as his red Camaro was found outside in the parking lot there. Chris and the kids go in to find him, and there, she sees that he's with another girl, Sesame Plexer, realizing he lied, cheated, and dumped her for Sesame. Chris confronts Mike for lying about his sister "being sick" and cheating on her, and there he tells her he doesn't know what she thought they had and their relationship wasn't even "half as serious" as she even thought it was. Brad stands up for her and confronts Mike about repaying her by cheating on her with another girl, while saying he "could only dream of having someone like Chris for a girlfriend". Just when Mike taunts Brad about "wasting his time" with Chris and saying "her legs are locked together at the knee," with Sesame laughing at the derogatory remark, Brad threatens to beat him bad, and he dares him to. Brad declines in saying he "won't sink to his level". Just then, Daryl, willing to risk sinking to his level, front kicks him in the butt crashing him into the table, leaving him at humiliation, with Chris taunting him by saying "See you around, Mike." And there, Mike was left humiliated even further.

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