Mindy Parker is a minor character in Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt. She is a member of the network, analyzing the ratings of the Bolt TV show.

Role in the film

One day after a take of a Bolt episode, Mindy arrives at the Sovereign Entertainment studio, catching the show's director ranting about a visible boom mic in one shot. After she introduces herself, he describes his vision of the show, mainly on Bolt's "method acting." Mindy is unfazed and pressures him to make the show less "predictable" by threatening to fire the entire crew, starting with him, if the show loses its ratings. As a consequence of her warnings, the Director makes the cliffhanger episode that causes Bolt to run away from his trailer.

When Penny and her mother are trying to find Bolt, Mindy tells Penny that she understands what she is feeling and that she needs to let Bolt go, so a lot of people will not lose their jobs with the uncompleted episode. Her ultimate fate after the studio catches fire and Bolt and Penny start to live an normal life is unknown.


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