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Mini-Doris is a major antagonist of Disney's 2007 animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons.


Meet the Robinsons

Mini-Doris is a small remote controlled helping hat created by DOR-15 to assist the Bowler Hat Guy in traveling through the house while she stayed in the time machine. She has the ability to control a creature's mind when it is put on. She took control of Frankie and Tiny the Tyrannosaurus. She is defeated when Wilbur shoots her off Tiny's head with Gaston's Meatball Cannon. Frankie and the other frogs then grab her and throw her, scared, into the trunk of a car. Afterwards, Bowler Hat Guy comments that she now "sleeps with the fishes," indicating that she was destroyed by the frogs. In any case, she was erased from existence when Lewis erased DOR-15.


  • She is very similar to Doris, the Bowler Hat Guy's (former) Helper Hat. They are both black-colored hats with a red eye, and are both outright psychotic and very evil. The only difference is that Doris is also the boss of Mini-Doris.
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