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Minnie Moo was a white and black Holstein cow that appeared as an attraction and mascot at Grandma Duck's Petting Farm in Mickey's Starland at the Magic Kingdom, and later at the petting zoo in Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. She was notable for the unique pattern on her body that resembled a Mickey Mouse head.


Minnie was born on a dairy farm in Edgerton, Minnesota in 1984. She proved to be a poor producer of milk and was initially planned to be slaughtered. However, the family's niece wrote to Disneyland and Walt Disney World in 1988 with photos of her, suggesting that perhaps the The Walt Disney Company could use her.

In 1990, the Walt Disney Company purchased Minnie for an undisclosed amount, proceeding to move her to Walt Disney World to be included in Grandma Duck's Petting Farm in Mickey's Starland at the Magic Kingdom, where she became a popular attraction for Disney fans.

In 1996, when Grandma Duck's Petting Farm was set to be demolished to make way for the new attraction The Barnstormer, Minnie was relocated to Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground's petting zoo, where she remained a popular tourist attraction and character.

In 2001, at the age of 17 (slightly longer than the average Holstein cow lifespan), Minnie passed away from natural causes. The Walt Disney Company made no official notice of her passing, with Disney spokesman John McClintock saying, It was too sensitive a subject." Animal operations director for Animal Programs Tom Hopkins said, "Minnie Moo brought much joy to both our guests and our cast members. We will miss her greatly." The petting zoo was later closed in 2005, and the animals moved to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

A memorial plaque was placed inside the trophy room at Fort Wilderness, along with other notable deceased animals.



  • Minnie's popularity sparked a short-lived frenzy in which the Walt Disney Company was inundated with offers of various animals that had a Mickey Mouse head marking on them, from pigs and dogs to even inanimate objects like potatoes.