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Minnie Mouse (in the House)

Minnie Mouse (in the House) is a rap sung by the Muses in the House of Mouse episode, "Where's Minnie?"

The song is performed by the Muses as Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto try to search for Minnie in the prop basement; thinking she's lost when in fact, she's trying to find a birthday present for Mickey.


Muses: Hey girls,
Have you seen her?
When's Minnie going to get here?
Well, I thought she'll be here by now.
Yeah, the party's no fun without Minnie Mouse.

Is she here?
Is she in?
Is Minnie in?
When Minnie walks in,
then the fun begins.

The place's humming,
waiting for her.
When's she going to come in?
We all adore her!

Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse,
Minnie Mouse, in the house!

Now Minnie's here
and it's a mouse house party.
If she went away,
we would really miss her.

The dance floor is her hot and solid territory
and that's her story.
The story of Minnie Mouse,
Minnie Mouse,
in the house,
in the house.

Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse,
Minnie Mouse, in the house.
Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse,
Minnie Mouse, Minnie Mouse,
Minnie Mouse, in the house.


  • "Minnie Mouse (in the House)" is a parody of Salt n Pepa's song "Shoop".
  • Like "Bag of Nuts", "Minnie Mouse (in the House)" is not on the soundtrack for "House of Mouse".
  • The only album that features "Minnie Mouse (in the House)" is Mickey Unrapped.

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