"Mira's Wedding" is the sixteenth regular episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


The episode begins with Cruiser 42 chasing a criminal spacecraft flying at dangerous speeds. As their quarry start to outpace them, Mira grabs Booster's jetpack and launches out of 42's launch tubes, managing to catch up and ghost through the enemy spacecraft, seizing control.

Team Lightyear later celebrate with other Space Rangers at Cosmo's Mira's first anniversary as a Space Ranger. However, Tangean Prime Minister Lord Angstrom gatecrashes Mira's anniversary party to inform her that she is getting married to Fop Doppler next day. Mira manages to find a loophole in Tangean laws, requiring the suitor to perform any challenge she chooses; she challenges Doppler to pass the Ranger Academy. To her dismay, Doppler passes through with flying colors, becoming a full-fledged Ranger with multiple commendations.

On Tangea, Team Lightyear is immediately suspicious about Angstrom's intentions of the ceremony, which turns out to be a plot to seize the throne of Tangea from Mira's father with the aid of the Grounders. As Angstrom declares that he will be the one to make the ridiculous laws and traditions and dares anyone to challenge him, Team Lightyear reveal themselves to be disguised as bridesmaids and leap into action. Doppler then tears off his suits, revealing his Ranger uniform underneath and joins the fighting, before performing the final blow by shooting down a chandelier to crash onto Angstrom.

As Angstrom is carried away, Buzz gets King Nova to thank him for saving his kingdom, promising it would only hurt his pride for a minute. He then requests Nova to try and build some doors into the palace in case they need to save the Tangeans again. Mira then complements Doppler on his heroic performance. Doppler confesses that he could get used to being a Ranger if they didn't have to be married. XR then states that he's found another obscure rule, saying that the proposer can withdraw his proposal, getting King Nova to agree that his kingdom does have too many rules. Elated to be a Ranger once more, Mira kisses XR on the dome, before he reveals that he made the whole thing up. Doppler then flies off, making a poor imitation of Buzz's "To infinity and beyond!"

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