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|family = Sahil (father)<br>Pushpa (aunt)<br>Meena (cousin)<br>Priya (cousin)<br>Chotu (cousin)
|family = Sahil (father)<br>Pushpa (aunt)<br>Meena (cousin)<br>Priya (cousin)<br>Chotu (cousin)
|pets = [[Mikku and Chikku]] (mongooses)
|pets = [[Mikku and Chikku]] (mongooses)
|friends = [[Queen Shanti]], Prince Neel, Kamala
|friends = [[Queen Shanti]], Prince Neel, Kamala, Pinky
|enemies =
|enemies =
|likes =
|likes =

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Mira is the titular protagonist of the Disney Junior animated series, Mira, Royal Detective. She is a brave and resourceful commoner who becomes the royal detective after solving a mystery that saved the kingdom's young prince.

As the royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike, and will stop at nothing to solve the case.


Physical appearance

Mira has olive skin, hazel eyes, and long dark brown hair. She is around eight years of age.



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