"Miracles From Molecules" is a song that was written by The Sherman Brothers, and was used in the former Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction at Disneyland.

It would later be sung by Donald Duck, during the credits of the Mickey Mouse episode, "Down the Hatch".


Miracles from molecules,
Around us everywhere.
There are miracles from molecules,
In the Earth, the sea, the air.

Now men with dreams are furthering,
What nature first began,
Making modern miracles,
From molecules, for man.

Every atom is a world,
An infinity unfurled,
A world of inner space without an end.
A world of mystery,
Of endless energy,
With treasures more than man can ever spend.

Miracles from molecules,
Are dawning every day.
Discoveries for happiness,
In a fabulous array.

A never-ending search is on,
By men who dare and plan.
Making modern miracles,
From molecules for man.

Making modern miracles,
From molecules for man!

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