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Long story short, I was tied to a delusional dog and dragged across the country. But that is not important now.

Mittens is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt. She is a sassy and short-tempered alley cat whom Bolt at first mistakenly believed was an agent of Dr. Calico. She is pessimistic and has a dry sense of humor. She lives the life of a thief who suffers from abandonment issues.

She wasn't interested in friendship at first, but she is eventually opened up by Bolt's loyalty and willing to know about how to live a normal dog life. Judging by her color patterns, she appears to be a Tuxedo cat who speaks with a New York accent.


That's what they do, okay? They act like they love you! They act like they'll be there forever! And then one day they pack up all their stuff and move away, and take their love with them and leave their declawed cat behind to fend for herself! They leave her... wondering... what she did wrong.
―Mittens to Bolt about humans while revealing her own past

Mittens has a very sad past, as she was originally a house cat. Unfortunately, her owners moved and abandoned the declawed cat. She managed to survive in New York City by having the local pigeons bring her food in exchange for "protection", meaning she would hurt them if they did not conform to her wishes, even pretending she still has her claws to maximize intimidation.


Mittens is a very intelligent and street-smart cat and a true friend. She has shown to be patient and tolerant, even when dragged around on a leash but she will never hide her displeasure. However, she suffered great trauma when her owners left and she was left behind, because of the moment, she suffers from abandonment issues. She also became sassy, sarcastic, short-tempered, and pessimistic. Beneath her independent exterior, Mittens is indeed a caring and empathetic cat, having come to feel sorry for Bolt after he realized he was just an ordinary dog, even forgiving him for everything he's put her through hard since they first met and as she helps him discover the real life of a dog, she develops a true friendship with him. It's only after she saw that Penny truly cared about Bolt that she let go of her prejudice against humans.

Physical appearance[]

Mittens closely resembles a tuxedo cat, with very slender legs, neck and a long tail. While having two notches at her left ear. Before adopted by Penny, Mittens' fur is slightly long but once she's adopted it gets trimmed.

Mittens' appearance is the same as the other cats - big heads with slender bodies.

Mittens overall has black fur, but she has white on her nose and mouth, the tip of her tail, her front two legs have white paws while the back right legs has white extending beyond the paws while the back left leg has the white almost reaching the lower joint. She has white fur on her chest extending through her stomach and her back legs have white in her inner thighs. Mittens also has bright emerald green eyes.



Before meeting Bolt[]

Not much is known about Mittens' early life other than the fact but she used to be owned by an unknown family, who she had a strong bond with. One day however, the family decided to move away, but chose not to take Mittens with them. Mittens was declawed and left behind, which made her feel very upset and betrayed. This past trauma haunted Mittens for an extended amount of time and led to her hate and distrust for all humans. After being abandoned, Mittens chose the life of a stray alley cat and was able to lead an array of pigeons that collected scraps of food for her in exchange for her giving them protection, though she would usually unintentionally mistreat all of them, a reflection of how she herself was treated by her previous owners.

On one such day, Mittens was displeased with a pigeon named Louie, who had only brought her a tiny crumb. Mittens threatened to use her claws on Louie (despite the fact that she had none) and decided that all of next week's food would go to her, with none for Louie and the other pigeons. Tired of being pushed around, Louie confidently stated to Mittens that someone would stand up to her in response to her mistreatment of others.

Meeting Bolt[]


"But if you put me down, I'll show you where she is."

After Louie left, Mittens sarcastically responded that she felt scared about someone standing up to her. Suddenly, she was tackled into a nearby trash can by a furious Bolt, who had been led to her by Joey, Vinnie, and Bobby on the account of her being an agent of Dr. Calico (at least in Bolt's mind). Startled and confused at why a dog she had never seen before had lashed out on her, Mittens tried to reason with Bolt but was interrupted by the laughter of the three aforementioned pigeons. Playing along with Bolt's actions, the three told Mittens to reveal where Penny was being kept in order to get Bolt off her back. Mittens, still confused about the whole situation, tried to persuade the pigeons to tell Bolt that he had gotten the wrong cat, but the pigeons instead retorted that Mittens was in fact the right cat. Having no answers, Mittens laughed nervously at Bolt, who took her to a nearby bridge and threatened to drop her onto the freeway below if she did not reveal Penny's whereabouts. Trying to escape the situation, Mittens pretended to play along with Bolt's delusions, acting as one of Dr. Calico's minions who knew where Penny was being kept. However, Bolt was still distrusting and was about to drop her when Mittens noticed the words "Hollywood" on Bolt's collar and she politely asked him to put her down and then she'd show him where Penny was located, with Bolt conceding.

Later on, still playing the role of Dr. Calico's minion, Mittens got out a placemat with a map of the United States on it from a dumpster next to a nearby waffle restaurant. She found Hollywood on the map and pointed to that as the location for Bolt to head to in order to find Penny, which was on the other side of the country to them being in New York City. Thinking she had done what was asked of her, Mittens politely asked Bolt to let her go, but Bolt denied this, instead stating that he'd only release her once he'd found Penny, much to Mittens' dismay.

Her experience with Bolt[]

Mittens is dragged around the city by Bolt, all while attempting to escape despite the leash Bolt attached to her waist. Bolt spots a moving van with a Hollywood sign on it, believing it to be taking it to back to Penny. Noticing the padlock on the back door, Bolt tried to use his supposed heat vision to melt the lock off and gain access into the van. Mittens threatens to use her claws on Bolt, but becomes confused by Bolt's staring at the padlock. After Bolt explains that the lock will melt if he stares it at long enough, Mittens becomes more confused and even concerned for Bolt's mental state. When the two men who drive the van come out of a nearby house, Bolt runs off, dragging Mittens with him, leading to her slamming into a mailbox full whack and getting knocked out cold. Bolt then drags an unconscious Mittens under the sofa that was being carried by the moving men, which is loaded into the van.

As the van travels into Ohio, Mittens rummages through the boxes loaded inside the van while trying to strike up a conversation with Bolt. She asks him what "powers" he supposedly has, which Bolt refuses to answer. When Mittens comes to the conclusion that he doesn't have any, this causes Bolt to reveal he has a "super bark". A surprised Mittens keeps up the conversation until she spots a baseball bat in one of the boxes higher up from where she was looking. She goes up to retrieve the bat while asking what Bolt's "super bark" supposedly does, to which Bolt says he can't talk about it and instead sternly orders Mittens to take him to Penny. Noticing Bolt's attachment to Penny, she tried to persuade him that she's just "a person" rather than "his person" as Bolt states, all while lifting up the bat to try and hit Bolt. The weight of the bat causes Mittens to fall backwards, which in turn knocks a box filled with Styrofoam on top of Bolt. As he believes that the Styrofoam weakens him, Bolt dashes towards the van's backdoor and opens it up before jumping out of it as it travels down the highway, with Mittens being dragged out as well.

The pair land in a field off the highway, Bolt injuring his paw, which starts bleeding. Having not seen blood before, Bolt is confused so Mittens explains what it is while shouting at him for doing something so dangerous. Bolt again concludes that the Styrofoam has weakened him, leading to his injury, before jumping back in fright at a Styrofoam peanut that has landed next to them after it had flown out of the truck. Having had enough of Bolt's attitude, Mittens grabs the Styrofoam, seeing that Bolt is terrified of it. Mittens orders Bolt to untie or she will "seriously wound him" with the Styrofoam. Mittens takes control and nearly ends up getting free, but Bolt suddenly distracts her, knocks away the Styrofoam and pins her down. After Mittens reluctantly promises she'll take him to Penny, Bolt's stomach growls and he jumps back confused. Having never felt hunger before, he believes that Mittens has somehow poisoned him, but she confirms he's just hungry. Still confused, Bolt angrily asks Mittens where the "antidote" is, so Mittens follows a scent and the two arrive at an RV park set up at a camping site. Mittens tells to Bolt to "use the dog face" (in other words beg), to get some food. Bolt, however, doesn't move and looks at Mittens confused. Mittens, equally confused as to why Bolt isn't doing anything, tells him that the "dog face" is begging. Not understanding what either of them mean, Bolt asks what Mittens is talking about. Dumbfounded at Bolt's lack of intelligence, Mittens laments how she got tied up to the "one dog on Earth who doesn't know how to beg". Feeling hungry herself, Mittens says that for Bolt to get the food, or the "antidote" as Bolt put it, he is going have to listen and do what she says. Bolt grits his teeth, not wanting to take advice from a cat, even calling Mittens "a degenerate creature of darkness". Mittens merely brushes this comment off, even agreeing, but she sweetly asks him to tilt his head a little bit, starting her teaching of the "dog face". Bolt complies, knowing this is the only way to achieve what he desires. After some co-operation between the two, Bolt manages to pull off a convincing "dog face", so Mittens takes Bolt into the RV park so he can start begging and obtain some food. Bolt successfully gets food from most the RVs in the park, and Mittens even tries to beg herself, but is simply shooed away by an angry camper, who throws a frying pan at her.

Meeting Rhino[]

Bolt wants to resume looking for Penny, but they meet Rhino, Rhino is excited to know that he's talking to Bolt the Superdog while Mittens is also just as disappointed to see him believe that too. Rhino tags along despite Mittens being against it, he guides them to a train, Mittens gets very scared knowing that Bolt is putting them at risk. As she continues to try to escape before the train passes, Mittens becomes confused when Rhino mentions Bolt had done this before in the "magic box" then she quickly realizes Bolt is a TV dog, unfortunately at the moment Bolt hops on the train with her and Rhino. Mittens now doesn't trust Bolt anymore and she gets frustrated as well with Rhino as he kept attacking her for believing she is trying to kill Bolt, as they get launched off the train, they land and all of them get hurt.

Fed up with Bolt's delusions[]

Mittens rushes up a tree and she rants at Bolt for not knowing how the real world works, as Rhino tries to find a ladder, Bolt demands Mittens to get down and continue to find Penny, but Mittens now refuses. She rants at him for constantly believing about his non-existing powers and also calls him out for how much he fails to learn the basics of life. Bolt denies any of that and he'll threaten her that he'll use his Super Bark at her. Mittens isn't intimidated by his weak threats and kept making sassy remarks at him when he just barks. Mittens eventually would agree and politely asks him to stop but he's very determined to prove Mittens wrong and animal control will catch them. Mittens will now be terrified knowing what's going to happen to them and blames Bolt for this, Bolt tries to escape with his powers but fails repeatedly until Rhino rescued him and Mittens was left behind. Mittens will be depressed knowing that she'll forever be in the pound until much later she hears Bolt's voice. She gets confused why is he back until he tells her that he's going to try to free her, Mittens is surprised that someone actually came back for her instead of being abandoned. However, she was still worried about Bolt believing in his power until she learns that he finally accepts that he never had any powers. Despite both of them never being ready for this heist, they both take their chances but once their exit was blocked, they stop in fear knowing their fates are sealed until one of the employee slips on the dog saliva and kicking Rhino to the other employee who was blocking the door. Now they take their exit and run away from the pound, and then they try to catch a ride until they spot a truck hauling a house which they take that ride.

Opening up to Bolt[]

Bolt (film) 015

Mittens, Bolt and Rhino arrive in Las Vegas.

Since he actually came back for her, all that disappointment she had about Bolt have now turned into sympathy and she tries to help him accept that living a normal life is way better than living a life with powers. Not to mention, she'll explain how it feels to live in a normal house but when Rhino was playing with the vents, Mittens remembers what dogs do and she asks Bolt to put his head out of the window which Bolt enjoyed. As they continued their journey to Hollywood, Mittens always teaches Bolt the basics of living like a dog and socialize with other dogs. Mittens is seen being happy with Bolt and Rhino, but she seems happier to be with Bolt especially since his lightning mark was washed away by the rain. Mittens had a very happy night being with Bolt and Rhino and enjoys being in Vegas with them. Presumably they all slept together near the dumpsters until Mittens wakes up Bolt.

Ranting & revealing her past to Bolt[]


"Bask in the glow, baby."

When Mittens was happy to show Bolt a surprise she made for him, she made a place for them with their shelter being boxes, she happily demonstrates Bolt what they have and what they can do hoping for him to stay with her, but Bolt still wants to look for Penny. Mittens yet again gets frustrated that Bolt hasn't learned from that, and she forcefully takes Bolt to an advertising billboard that's about "Bolt". She rants at him and tries to teach him that she's real while everyone & everything in that movie, including Penny, are fake. Bolt denies this and assures that Penny's love for him is real, but Mittens denies it. She tells what they do, and how they pretend they love you but then Mittens ends up revealing her past to Bolt which would explain how Mittens never went about indoors while also admitting that she's declawed. During a brief pause, Mittens gets very upset, knowing that this has happened to her but also questions what did she do to go through so much pain. While feeling sorry for her, Bolt tries to reason with her by saying that Penny is different, but Mittens tells him to go if he cares about Penny so much, not before apologizing for ever taking pity on him. Bolt wishes her the best and leaves. Despite doing that, Mittens is clearly upset over what she did and also that she made Bolt leave, since Bolt left, she tries to keep Rhino with her such as trying to reason that Bolt had to leave them and instructed her to inform Rhino about it. But Rhino refuses to listen to any of "Bolt's instructions" so he goes, Mittens is confused why would he want to go which he answers that Bolt is their friend, and he learned from him that you should never leave a friend no matter what they demand. Motivated, Mittens goes along with Rhino to Hollywood and also find Bolt.

Returning and helping Bolt[]

As they reach Hollywood. they first go to the television studio since Mittens know that's where they are filming "Bolt" and also knowing Bolt was heading towards there. When they reach it, they find an employ using one of costume of Dr. Calico's henchmen. Rhino wants to attack them, but Mittens wants him to not get spotted but Rhino is determined to fight so he goes, while Mittens is watching she quickly goes inside the studio, she watches Penny hugging a new Bolt and being happy being with him. But when the acting lesson ends, Mittens saw Penny getting upset that she actually wants her dog back and doesn't want another other dog that looks exactly like hers. Realizing that she was wrong about Penny, she quickly rushes to Bolt. She finds him in the street, very upset knowing that Penny didn't love him, when she came to him, Bolt tells her that she was right, but Mittens admits that she was wrong. She explains to him that when she saw Penny, she was actually heartbroken and that she doesn't want another dog even if they look like him, she actually wants him back. However, before she can finish, Bolt quickly believed that Penny was in danger so he and Mittens rush to rescue her while Rhino joins along. Rhino tried to sacrifice himself to help Bolt, but Mittens rescues him while Bolt gets inside. As they waited for Bolt, he was in the building for a while. Mittens and Rhino believed that Bolt has died until they hear his bark, as they get rescued, Mittens and Rhino hide underneath the stretcher that was carrying Penny and Bolt and they stay with them.

A New Life[]


Mittens now living with Penny's family.

Three days later, Mittens gets adopted by Penny and her mother while also getting her fur trimmed. Mittens is clearly happy that she's got a new home to live in and also having owners that actually care about her. As the end credits play, it's shown that Mittens is enjoying her new life also being happy with Penny and her mother.

Super Rhino[]

Mittens is absent from Rhino's dream, but she wakes him up since she didn't like his singing, and then goes back to sleep on Penny's bed.

Once Upon a Studio[]

Mittens, Bolt, and Rhino appear with Minnie, seeing Bernard, Miss Bianca and Orville crashing after popping out of their frame and Minnie tells Peter Pan to get the rest of the characters upstairs. They also join in the group photo alongside Penny.


  • Mittens was thought by many fans to be the main protagonist of the film. However, it turns out to be Bolt.
  • Mittens is of German descent.
  • By size and behavior, she is in her late twenties or early thirties, possibly around 27~32 years old in human age.
  • Sometimes any art released by Disney has her white fur colored inaccurately mainly lacking the white fur in her stomach and even the back legs only having the paws white.


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