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The Moai Commander's Squadron is a group of Moai featured in Legend of the Three Caballeros. They are large moai statues that block the Lava Lizards from escaping until Lord Felldrake and Baron Von Sheldgoose arrived to put them in vacation mode.

The Moai statues are voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, Eric Bauza, and Gabriel Mann respectively.


In their stationary posts, the Moai Commander's squadron is a group of anthropomorphic moai statues living in Easter Island. When Sheldgoose and Felldrake encounter the Lava Lizards who are attempting to escape, Felldrake asks the Lava Lizards to know if they can destroy the world by causing a fiery havoc to which they agree as part of Felldrake's evil plans.

When Baron Von Sheldgoose and his ancestor approach the Moai statues, Sheldgoose attempted to destroy the Moai but the plan was unsuccessful, leading the two to think of an alternate way for the Lava Lizards to destroy the island and the world. Later when Xandra, Panchito, and José Carioca arrive, Xandra notices that the Moai are put in vacation mode thanks to Felldrake's evil plans in causing the Lava Lizards to destroy the mainland, leading her to find Donald Duck to help save Easter Island before the Lava Lizards destroy the mainland.

After Donald is transported from Chez Quackmore in the New Quackmore Institute to Easter Island, Donald angrily hops on the lone platform he is at to which the Moai suddenly confuse Donald's move for another dance move to which they copy what Donald does, stomping the Lava Lizards out of the island, followed by the Caballeros seeing the Moai Commander above them who then leaps on the lava trail caused by the Lava Queen to which the Lava Queen falls into the bottom of the ocean as she forms into a lifeless stone form. With the Lava Lizards defeated and Sheldgoose having his plans foiled, the Moai are free from Felldrake's spell as they return to their stationary posts to block the Lava Lizards from escaping.

Physical Appearance

Normally, the Moai statues are seen in stationary form standing still with their feet preventing the Lava Lizards from escaping. When they emerge from the ground, they are revealed to have long, full bodies and hands while their commander weres a pukao, a hat commonly seen on some moai in real life.

Role in the series

By the end of "World Tree Caballeros" after Baron Von Sheldgoose and Lord Felldrake are foiled, they fall into Easter Island into a volcano as one of the Moai statues notices what is going on.

In "No Man Is an Easter Island", the Moai statues are the ones who are shown to block the Lava Lizards from escaping. As Sheldgoose offers to find a way for the Lava Lizards to escape, they agree with his offer as Sheldgoose plans to find a way to free them.

Later, Sheldgoose with his ancestor in a plan to stop the Moai to which his ancestor devises a plan to destroy them. Looking at the Moai Commander, Felldrake plans to destroy him, but after some failed attempts to destroy him, Sheldgoose devises a plan of doing it his way. Later while discussing a plan to stop the Moai to which as an alternative, Sheldgoose uses his staff to bring the Moai to life. The Moai Commander comes to life as Sheldgoose decides to give the Moai statues a vacation to which despite the Moai Commander explaining that the Moai don't take vacation, Sheldgoose shows them what vacation is as the other Moai decide to vacation after not having one in the past 500 years during the song "Moai Vacation". As a result, the Moai emerge on land and party on Easter Island to which thanks to Sheldgoose's evil plans, the Lava Lizards meanwhile plan to escape the volcano so they can destroy the Earth. As the Moai continue partying, Sheldgoose feels satisfied that his plan was successful while Sheldgoose asks the Lava Lizards to know that it is time for them to get out of the volcano to wreak havoc to which as they suddenly emerge from the volcano all of a sudden.

As Xandra and the Caballeros are transport to Easter Island, Xandra explains to them that the Moai are the guardians of the island and feels confused of them taking breaks to which José and Panchito keep a lookout for danger nearby as Donald is exported back at the cabana.

Seeing the trouble Felldrake has caused, Xandra tells the Moai to return to their posts, warning them about the Lava Lizards to which they refuse to listen due to them being under Felldrake's spell. The Caballeros are tasked to cancel the party while Xandra decides to find a way to stop the Lava Lizards from destroying the island.

Arriving at the volcano, Xandra discovers the culprit behind the trouble in which is Lord Felldrake and his descendant Sheldgoose who are the ones putting the Moai on vacation mode and allowing the Lava Lizards to escape to which as Xandra attempts to knock the warlock and his ancestor off the volcano, the Lava Lizards block her arrows by grabbing them to protect Sheldgoose from being hit as the Lava Lizards arrive at the beach to destroy the island while avoiding the Moai.

Later when Xandra brings Donald to Easter Island as an emergency, he suddenly goes into a meltdown on the only platform he is standing at just as the Moai observe Donald's meltdown and copy him to which the Moai statues stomp together to ward the Lava Lizards out of the island, as José and Panchito happily notice what the Moai are doing thanks to Donald. Believing that the Lizards are defeated, José shows Donald, Panchito, and Xandra that the Lizards' queen is heading toward mainland as Donald plans for a stage dive upon noticing the Moai Commander on the volcano to which when the Caballeros plan on doing so, he agrees and lands on the bridge the Lava Lizards have formed, much to Felldrake and Sheldgoose's shock as the Moai celebrate. The lava, however, begins to harden as the Queen of the Lava Lizards falls and sinks into the bottom of the ocean, forming into a lifeless stone form. With the Lava Lizards defeated and Felldrake and Sheldgoose foiled, the Moai are free from Felldrake's spell as they return to their stationary forms to which their commander thanks Ari for the the best music he provided them.


  • The Moai can be prominently seen in the show's opening theme, albeit only their feet are visibly seen during the "No matter where he goes" verse.

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