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Moana's Brothers are characters that existed in one version of the film Moana and were scrapped in the final version.


At one point in the story development, Moana had nine older brothers, who sailed off leaving Moana behind, and who Moana eventually had to rescue. Then there was a second story in development where Moana only had six older brothers, one brother who tormented her and another who was wise and supportive. In this version, Moana was the best sailor among her brothers, but still overlooked by their father, Chief Tui.

Minkyu Lee gave the nine brothers distinct personalities, and to have their personalities reflected in the way they wear their lavalavas (the garments around their waist):[1]

  • Bro No.1: The leader, most like his father.
  • Bro No.2: The warrior.
  • Bro No.3: The artist and dreamer, and who Moana feels closest to.
  • Bro No.4: The easygoing lovable big guy.
  • Bro No.5 & 6: Twins who were amazing at rowing in synchronicity.
  • Bro No.7: The lady's man who was a great dancer.
  • Bro No.8: The annoying loud one.
  • Bro No.9: The aloof weird one.


  1. Lee, Minkyu (November 26, 2016). "Moana Visual Development, Part 2". Tumblr.

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