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Moana: Island Life was a mobile game based on the 2016 film, Moana.[1] It was released for iOS and Android devices.

The game was removed from the App Store on February 7, 2019. All online services in the game are shut down, a manner similar to what happened in Club Penguin Island, which set to offline mode on December 2018.


Join Moana, Maui, and more to create and customize your island, complete quests to earn rewards, and discover the islands of Oceania. Your island adventure awaits!

  • Build your village with the help of Moana, Maui, Pua, Heihei, and more!
  • Set sail and journey throughout Oceania to discover new islands and people
  • Grow and harvest crops, craft tools and objects, and trade with islanders and friends
  • Muscle up and take on Maui’s Challenges! Complete special timed quests to win rare rewards


The gameplay used a "tycoon-style" format similar to FarmVille or other similar game titles where the player can build his/her own island inspired from the film. Players could harvest crops and collect resources to trade with other villagers to collect virtual currencies and XP points to reach higher levels as well as also using canoes to explore other parts of the islands. The player has a limited amount of space to hold a number of resources, so to expand, the player must collect a number of required storage items to increase the storage.

The player's main currencies were coins and jade. These currencies could be used for many means such as purchasing important resource objects, clearing adjacent land, speeding up timers, etc. Additional coins could be purchased using jade while additional jade could be purchased with real-world money.


Original Game Characters

  • Matua
  • Kaiko



  1. "Moana Island Life Coming Soon to Mobile". WDW News Today (September 13, 2016).

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