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You know where I'd go if I could go anywhere? Wherever it is I'm really from. And wherever I had a life before the TVA came along. Maybe I had a jet ski. That's what I'd like to do. Just riding around on my jet ski.
―Mobius to Ravonna[src]

Mobius, also known as Agent Mobius, is a Marvel Comics character who is the tritagonist of the Disney+ series Loki. He is an agent of the Time Variance Authority, and is specialized in investigating the particularly dangerous Variants that threaten the Sacred Timeline. He recruits a Variant of Loki to help him capture another Loki Variant that has been killing the Minutemen. However, he eventually becomes involved in discovering the truth about the TVA.

Mobius was created by Walter Simonson.


Mobius previously had a normal life on the Sacred Timeline. One day, he somehow created a nexus event which caused his timeline to branch, so he was captured by Time Variance Authority and his timeline was destroyed. However, instead of being pruned and sent to the Void like many other Variants, he had his memories erased to work for the organization.

Not remembering his past, Mobius believes and serves the TVA to protect the proper flow of time according to what the Time Keepers dictate. Mobius was turned into an analyst of the TVA, known as Agent Mobius, specializing in identifying the dangerous Variants to defend the Sacred Timeline against threats. At the TVA, he also was told that the Time Keepers created the organization and all its members, thus he is unaware about the Time Keepers being mindless androids which are being controlled by He Who Remains, the true ruler and founder of the organization. Although his memories were erased, Mobius loves jet skis and collects magazines about them, which might be related to his past life before joining the TVA.


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Season One

Mobius meets a boy who witnessed the attack to the Minutemen unit.

In the first episode, Mobius goes to a cathedral on a branched timeline in the Aix-En-Provence in France, 1549. There, he investigates the place where a Hunter along with his Minutemen were responding to a routine a nexus event, but they were ambushed and killed by a Time Criminal. Mobius notes that the stab wounds on the corpses are similar to the ones of the previous attacks, indicating that it is the same criminal, and the reset charge of the unit also has been stolen. A Hunter who accompanies Mobius tells him that this is the sixth time this same criminal attacked their Minutemen units this week. Then, they spot a boy, a witness of the murder inside the cathedral. Because the boy is scared, Mobius uses his TemPad to make him an animated figure before asking who attacked the Minutemen. The boy points to the figure of the devil on the window of the church and Mobius notices that he is chewing a blue candy. The boy shows a pack of "Kablooie blooberrie" that the criminal gave him, and Mobius keeps it to be analyzed later. As the group prepares to reset the timeline and leave, another TVA analyst arrives through a Time Door and gives a file to Mobius about a Loki Variant which was recently captured.

Mobius returns to the TVA headquarters in time to watch Loki being judged by his friend Ravonna Renslayer in the Time Court. Ravonna accuses Loki of crimes against the Sacred Timeline because he created a nexus event and caused his timeline to branch when he stole the Tesseract and used it to escape after the Battle of New York. After Ravonna sentences Loki to be reset, Mobius stands up from his seat and approaches the bench to talk to her. He asks her to let Loki help with their investigation about the Time Criminal that has been killing their units. Ravonna reluctantly accepts and warns Mobius that he will be responsible for anything that goes wrong. With this, Mobius takes Loki to a Time Theater and explains that his specialty is pursuing dangerous Variants, but he does not see Loki as a threat, just as a "little pussycat". Mobius then questions Loki to find out the reason behind his terrible actions and his motivation to hurt others. Mobius asks what Loki is going to do in case he is freed and returns to his timeline. Loki replies that he was born to be king so he intends to claim his throne of Midgard, then Asgard and finally the Nine Realms. Mobius wonders what Loki wants to do that makes him desire to rule so much. Loki tells him that freedom is a lie that causes almost every living thing to make wrong choices, so by becoming a ruler Loki wants to eliminate their options to make their lives easier.

Mobius shows Loki a recording with events of his life while investigating the reason behind his misdeeds.

Mobius proceeds in playing a recording containing events of Loki's life on the timeline, showing some points during his confrontation against the Avengers and the time Loki hijacked a plane as D.B. Cooper after losing a bet to his adoptive brother Thor. Mobius points out that despite Loki claiming he was born to rule, he seems to lose a lot and his actions only cause pain and death instead of being in fact "mischievous" deeds. Because of this, Mobius wonders if Loki enjoys to hurting others. To make Loki take the situation seriously, Mobius then shows want would be his future if he had not stolen the Tesseract, then arrested and taken to a cell on Asgard. Mobius tells him that he would eventually cause the death of his own adoptive mother, Frigga, when he accidentally reveals her location to the Dark Elves. Disturbed by this, Loki believes that the recording is fake, but Mobius explains that this is the proper flow of time, which happens according to what is dictated by the Time Keepers. Mobius states that Loki's part on the timeline is not to be king but to cause pain, suffering and death, so that others, as the Avengers, will achieve the best versions of themselves. Then, they are interrupted by Hunter B-15, who enters the Time Theater asking to talk with Mobius. B-15 and Mobius exit the room to talk outside, leaving Loki alone. B-15 says that talking with Loki is a mistake and that he needs to be reset. Mobius argues that she thinks everyone should be reset and he is getting good results with Loki, but then B-15 informs him that they lost another unit to the Time Criminal. Mobius returns to the Time Theater, only to see that Loki escaped the room after stealing his TVA tech, the Time Twister, without him noticing and using it to teleport himself from of the room.

Loki: "I don't enjoy hurting people... I don't enjoy it. I do it because... I have to, because I've had to. Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear."
Mobius: "A desperate play for control. You do know yourself."
Loki: "A villain."
Mobius: "That's not how I see it."
Loki and Mobius[src]

Mobius along with Hunter B-15 and the Minutemen search for Loki inside the building. Mobius blames B-15 for Loki's escape, saying that this would not have happened if she didn't interrupt them. When B-15 orders the Minutemen to split up and prune Loki on sight, Mobius insists that Loki can still help them so they should not prune him. When Mobius, B-15 and the Minutemen finally find Loki, he uses the Time Twister again to escape being pruned by B-15. Shortly after, Mobius returns to the Time Theater and finds Loki again. Upon witnessing the power the TVA holds and watching the rest of the recording of his life, Loki saw that his destiny was dying at the hands of Thanos, which left him broken and he had given up on escaping by the time Mobius arrived. Loki tells Mobius that he does not enjoy to harm people, he only did it because he wanted to create the illusion that he has power and is the one in control. Loki confesses that he sees himself as a villain, but Mobius disagrees and says that he doesn't see Loki this way. Loki will not be able to return to his timeline anymore, so instead Mobius offers something else and asks for his help in capturing the Time Criminal. Mobius then informs him that the reason he wants Loki's help is because the rogue Variant that has been killing the Minutemen is also a Loki.

Mobius talks about the many Lokis the TVA pruned before they leave to a mission in search for the Variant.

In the second episode, Loki reads Mobius' jet ski magazine while being quizzed by Miss Minutes as part of his training in the TVA. Mobius appears, telling him to put down the magazine and gives him a TVA jacket, saying he should prepare because the criminal attacked again, so they will leave to a field mission. Mobius and Hunter B-15 gather a Minutemen unit and inform them that Hunter C-20 and her unit went dark after entering into a branched timeline in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1985. B-15 informs that it was confirmed by checking the temporal aura left at the location that the rogue Loki Variant was there and Mobius reminds them that they are not looking for any Time Criminal, they are hunting a Loki who is similar to the one consulting with them. Mobius proceeds in using his TemPad to project images of previous Loki Variants that the TVA arrested, revealing that the TVA is familiar with Lokis because they pruned a lot of them, more than any other kind of Variant. Mobius explains that no two Lokis are alike, as they have slight or big differences in appearance and powers, but they also have similarities.

Mobius hears Loki claiming to have figured out the Variant's plan, but he soon realizes Loki is just tricking them.

As they leave, Loki asks Mobius if the TVA is not worried about him betraying them at the field. But Mobius says that betrayal will not get Loki closer to the Time Keepers. With this, Mobius baits Loki in cooperating with them, making him realize that he might have the chance to meet the Time Keepers if he helps the TVA during their mission. Arriving at the field, Mobius asks if Loki had been paying attention to the TVA training videos, to which Loki says that he is watching them but thinks that the TVA propaganda is exhausting. Inside a tent at the location of the attack, they find C-20's helmet. B-15 wonders if the Variant took C-20 as a hostage but Mobius says this would be the first time since the criminal never did something similar before. When they decide to split up to look for C-20, Loki warns that the Variant is waiting to ambush them outside the tent. As Loki talks about his discovery, B-15 tells Mobius that Loki is just wasting their time and they are running out of time as the branch approaches the red line. Mobius asks B-15 to give Loki a chance to explain. However, as soon as Loki says that he needs assurances to continue to help them, asking not to be pruned when the mission is completed and also wanting a meeting with the Time Keepers, Mobius realizes that Loki is just playing a game and allows the others to proceed in resetting the timeline before they return to the TVA.

Ravonna talks with Mobius inside her office.

Back at the TVA, Mobius meets with Ravonna in her office. Looking at the trinkets from solved cases, which Ravonna keeps on shelves as trophies, Mobius points out not remembering where they got a snow globe and Ravonna says that he is not the only analyst working for her. Ravonna reads for him the report about the botched mission in Oshkosh, which says that the Loki Variant working with them is insubordinate, stubborn, and unpredictable. Mobius tells her that despite their failure, he learned that Loki likes to stall for time and understanding the Variant working with them will help in the hunt for the Time Criminal. Ravonna shares her concerns about Mobius having a soft spot for "broken things" and this might cloud his judgment when he is dealing with Loki. She reminds him that Loki's role on the Sacred Timeline is to be an evil lying scourge. Mobius questions if it is not possible for Loki to change if he gets tired of this role, but Ravonna replies that this is not possible unless the Time Keepers decree. Mobius asks her how the Time Keepers are, because he never met them in person. Ravonna says that the Time Keepers are more involved in the investigation of this criminal case than any other before, showing that they really want the Variant caught. Ravonna warns Mobius that this is the last chance he will have to work with the Loki Variant, and gives him the report with a pen for him to sign it. Mobius sees that the pen is from a high school called "Franklin D. Roosevelt" and says he cannot recall where they got this either, but then assumes that another analyst working for her got this trophy. As he leaves the office, Mobius is questioned by Ravonna if he really believes in this Variant of Loki. Mobius says that Loki probably believes in himself enough for them both and if everything fails, he will just delete him.

Traveling to Pompeii, Loki tests his theory to show Mobius how the Variant is hiding in apocalypse events.

Outside the office, Loki is waiting for him. Mobius says that he is aware the God of Mischief will attempt to trick the TVA to get to the Time Keepers and take over the organization, but he wants Loki to help them anyway. Mobius explains that he does not expect Loki to be motivated by the desire to be a hero or help the organization, however, because the Time Criminal seems to be a superior version of him, Loki's need for validation will make him want to capture the murderer to prove himself better. Loki questions why he would risk so much for him and Mobius admits that he pities him, seeing him just as a "scared little boy", but he also really just wants to capture the criminal somehow. Mobius warns Loki about this being his last chance to help them and tells him to read all the files about the Variant at the TVA Archives to see if he can find anything that the organization has been missing. Sometime later, when Mobius is having his lunch, Loki comes to speak with him and explains that he figured out where the Variant is hiding. Loki tells Mobius that apocalyptic events could be ideal hideouts because if everything at the location is destined to be destroyed, the Variant could do anything without creating a branch, so the TVA would not detect it. When Loki proposes they go to test this theory on the field, Mobius hesitates because of the God of Mischief backstabbing habits. But Loki states that even if he cannot be trusted, Mobius can be certain that he loves to be proven right. Convinced, Mobius takes Loki to the apocalypse in Pompeii moments before the volcano's eruption. There, Loki causes a commotion telling the locals that him and Mobius are from the future and that they are all about to die. When Mobius checks his TemPad and realizes that none of Loki's actions are making the timeline branch, he concludes that the theory is in fact correct.

Mobius and Loki look into more files to discover the Variant's hideout.

After returning to the TVA and searching more files, Loki asks Mobius about his jet ski magazines. Mobius says that he loves jet skis, despite never been on one. Because him showing up on a jet ski on the timeline would surely cause a branch, Mobius keeps the magazines instead, as a reminder of what they are fighting to protect. Mobius then explains about the purpose of the TVA, saying that all the members of the organization were created by the Time Keepers to protect the Sacred Timeline, but Loki finds this very hard to believe. Mobius tells him that the TVA is his life and it is real because he believes in it as it is. Loki asks how time is going to end, so Mobius says that the Time Keepers are still writing it, but once they finish, there will be no more nexus events, just order and peace for all eternity, in which Loki replies that this sounds boring because there would be no chaos. As they discuss, Loki recalls Mobius calling him "scared little boy" earlier and tries to correct this statement, but this causes Mobius to remember the Kablooie candy bar the Variant gave to the boy at the cathedral in France. With this, they manage to narrow down the Variant's possible hideout to Alabama, at Roxxcart superstore in 2050. After discovering the Variant's potential hiding spot, Mobius goes to talk to Ravonna in her office again. He explains everything that they figured out and asks her to approve the deploy of a task force to the Roxxcart store in Alabama. Ravonna is reluctant to accept this request and reminds him of how Loki blew his previous mission. She is concerned because Loki just figured out a major blind spot in the security of the organization and tells Mobius that trusting Loki is not a good idea. Mobius insists, so she eventually approves it, but warns him that if something goes wrong, she won't be able to do much to help him.

Mobius and the TVA find a very confused Hunter C-20 inside the Roxxcart superstore.

They travel to the location, which will soon be destroyed by a hurricane, a Class 10 Apocalypse. As they enter Roxxcart, the team decides to split to search the store and Mobius announces that Loki will go with him, but Hunter B-15 orders Loki to stay with her and says that Hunter D-90 will accompany Mobius instead. Mobius refuses and tells her that Loki is under his supervision. B-15 argues that this is her field of operation and Mobius reminds her about what happened in the Time Theater, saying that he should stay with Loki, who is still a threat. However, Loki tells Mobius that he will go with B-15 and assures them both that he will eventually earn their trust. Mobius reluctantly accepts it and goes with Hunter D-90. While searching inside the warehouse which is being used by civilians that are taking shelter from the storm, Mobius reprimands D-90 for treating the people rudely and scaring them. D-90 simply tells him that it does not matter because they are all going to die soon anyway. A Minutemen then approaches Mobius and D-90 and leads them to where he found a very confused Hunter C-20 sitting on the ground of the store. C-20 seems to be in shock as she keeps repeating the words "It's real". Mobius asks what C-20 is talking about and tries to comfort her while D-90 states that she went crazy. When C-20 says that she wants to go home, Mobius offers to take her there. Mobius asks a Minuteman to call the infirmary of the TVA, but C-20 panics and tells them that she gave away the location of the Time Keepers to the Variant.

Walking inside the store, Mobius and D-90 come across Hunter B-15. Mobius immediately notices that Loki is not with her and asks about him. B-15 replies that she lost Loki from her sight, so Mobius questions what happened, but B-15 is unable to explain it. Assuming the worst, D-90 tells Mobius that his "favorite Loki" betrayed him. While the trio rushes searching for Loki in the superstore, they find the many reset charges the Variant had collected from the TVA and had set all over the store. They see the charges being sent somewhere through Time Doors and Mobius wonders where they are going (unaware that the Variant had sent the charges to different points in time, causing a great increase in the number of branched timelines). Shortly after, they finally find Loki in front of a Time Door that the Variant used to leave Roxxcart. They run towards Loki and Mobius yells at him not to leave the store. However, Loki decides to follow the Variant and crosses the Time Door before the trio can reach him, leaving a very frustrated Mobius behind.

In the third episode, Mobius only appears briefly on a footage. A flashback shows the Variant, who is a female Loki that calls herself Sylvie, inside Roxxcart with and an unconscious Hunter C-20. While enchanting C-20 to obtain information about the Time Keepers, Sylvie looks at the superstore's surveillance cameras and sees Mobius alongside Loki as they arrive Roxxcart.

Ravonna claims that Hunter C-20 is dead and asks Mobius to find the two missing Loki Variants.

In the fourth episode, Mobius waits outside the golden elevators for Ravonna to return from the Time Keepers' chambers. Upon seeing her, he asks what the Time Keepers said. Ravonna tells him that it is jarring talking to them and now it is even worse because they blame her for what happened. She explains that the Variant invaded their headquarters and could have gotten to the Time Keepers. To make matters worse, the Variant escaped with Loki, the one who Ravonna gave Mobius permission to leverage. Ravonna tells Mobius that keeping the timeline stable is very hard, and the Time Keepers are what stand between them and full-scale calamity, so something terrible would have happened if the Variant managed to reach them. Mobius then requests Ravonna access to Hunter C-20, saying that he wants to figure out why she kept repeating the words "It's real" and what she saw while she was with the Variant, because this might give them a hint about the two Lokis' whereabouts. However, he is surprised when Ravonna tells him that C-20 is dead, so he questions how it happened. Ravonna states that after C-20 was enchanted by the Variant, her mind was scrambled, which caused her health to rapidly decline, to the point that she could barely speak when she arrived at the TVA and she died shortly after. Ravonna asks Mobius to keep C-20's death as a secret to avoid creating panic inside the organization. She reminds Mobius that they are in danger while the two Loki Variants are at loose and tells him to find them.

Mobius and other members of the TVA witness the unusual nexus event during the apocalypse on Lamentis-1.

Mobius is later seen with the other analysts in the Chronomonitoring Wing as they are trying to track down the Lokis, but are not able to find anything even with the magnified nexus threshold. Hunter B-15 appears, and he asks her if she found something searching at the Roxxcart superstore again. B-15 replies that the two Variants are gone and assumes that they are leaping across time while plotting their next attack. She asks Mobius if there is any news about C-20, so he lies by saying that there isn't. As they watch the chronomonitor, they suddenly detect a nexus event that causes an unusual straight-up branch from a timeline on Lamentis-1. Noticing how the branch is strange, Mobius asks B-15 if she ever saw one like this before. As they watch the branch rapidly grow, a very perplexed B-15 tells him that she hasn't. Thanks to this nexus event, they finally track down Sylvie and Loki during the apocalypse of Lamentis and the TVA immediately goes there to capture them both. As the captured Variants are arrested and brought to the TVA headquarters, Mobius accompanies Loki, who is being hold by the Minutemen and is separated from Sylvie as the two are being led to different Time Theaters. Mobius accuses Loki of betrayal and says that he is "an asshole and a bad friend". To punish Loki, Mobius prepares to put him inside a Time Cell, where he will be in a time loop reliving a memory of the day he was beaten by Lady Sif after playing a prank on her. Just before he is thrown inside the cell, Loki attempts to tell him something, so Mobius gives him a chance to be heard. Loki states that the TVA is lying to him, but Mobius does not believe this and tells the Minutemen to proceed in putting him in the Time Cell.

Right after, Mobius goes to Ravonna's office and asks her to interrogate the Variant. Ravonna refuses, stating that she is too dangerous, so nobody should speak with her. She tells him to interrogate Loki to find out what caused the abnormal branched timeline on Lamentis. Mobius argues that questioning both Lokis together will be more efficient, but Ravonna insists that he just needs to "work his Loki". Mobius becomes suspicious, saying that he feels that there is a mastermind in action, and he does not think it is Loki. Despite this, he accepts the refusal and leaves. After leaving Ravonna's office, Mobius talks to Hunter B-15, who is guarding the door of Sylvie's Time Theater alongside Minutemen. B-15 also says that Mobius should be interrogating the other Loki. Mobius wonders why these two demi-gods are being so much trouble to them after the TVA dealt with so many types of Variants and B-15 reminds him that it was his idea to bring one of the Lokis to the TVA. B-15 asks Mobius if Loki revealed anything after he was captured, so Mobius tells her what he said about the TVA being lying to him. Mobius questions why B-15 is interested in knowing what Loki told him, and she replies that she is simply doing her job.

Mobius returns to the Time Theater to interrogate Loki. After being beaten so many times by Lady Sif, Loki is stressed as Mobius takes him out of the Time Cell. Mobius asks for further explanation on what he said about the TVA lying to him, but Loki refuses to reply unless he is freed. Ignoring this request, Mobius questions about the Variant and how long they have been working together. Loki immediately denies that he and Sylvie are partners, saying that she is too difficult, irritating, and often hits him. Mobius asks about the nexus event on Lamentis, but Loki refuses to answer anything without any assurance that he will not be pruned afterwards. However, when Mobius threats to send him to Lady Sif again, Loki quickly makes up a lie to answer his questions. Loki claims to be the one behind everything, that Sylvie met him on Asgard a long time ago and they planned everything together. Loki tells Mobius that something big will happen, but Sylvie is just a pawn in his master plan, so he will dispose of her later.

Interrogating Loki, Mobius realizes he fell in love with Sylvie and the romantic feelings of the pair caused the nexus event on Lamentis.

Mobius, however, is not fooled by Loki's story and makes up his own lie to test him. Mobius states that Loki does not need to worry with disposing the Variant, as she was already pruned by B-15 during an attempt to escape her Time Cell. Mobius continues by saying that Loki should thank B-15, because the Variant being gone makes him the "superior Loki". Loki is paralyzed hearing Mobius and has tears in his eyes, but tries to recompose himself and keep a straight face. Mobius carefully observes Loki's reaction and starts to laugh while watching him, because he realizes that Loki is in love with the Variant. Mobius explains that the unusual nexus event on Lamentis was also caused by Loki and the Variant falling in love with each other, as they are Variants of the same being. Mobius states that this weird event on the timeline is pure chaos and could break the current reality. He makes fun of Loki falling in love with himself, saying that he is really an "incredible seismic narcissist". Processing all of this, Loki does not deny it, but emphasizes to Mobius that the Variant's name is Sylvie. Losing his patience as Mobius continues to tease him about his feelings for Sylvie, Loki asks if she is still alive. Mobius confirms that she is, making Loki sigh in relief.

Mobius questions more about their plans, and Loki explains that he allied with Sylvie because they have similar interests. He says that what Sylvie relied to him affects all of them and that the Time Keepers need to be overthrown. However, Mobius refuses to believe in anything else Loki says, especially if this story is coming from Loki's "terrorist girlfriend". Irritated, Loki yells that all members of the TVA are Variants and they were not created by the Time Keepers, they were actually kidnapped from the timeline. Loki explains that they had the memories of their past lives erased, but Sylvie can access these memories through enchantment. Hearing this, Mobius pauses and processes what Loki just told him. Despite being affected by the reveal, Mobius seems not to believe in Loki and orders the Minutemen to put him back in the Time Cell. Before being thrown in the cell again, Loki says that Mobius is the biggest liar amongst everyone there. When Mobius questions if Loki is still bitter because he lied about his girlfriend, Loki replies that he is actually talking about Mobius lying to himself.

Ravonna and Mobius celebrate that the case of the two Lokis is solved.

Later, Mobius is seen with Ravonna in her office as they drink to celebrate that the case is finally closed. Mobius asks her why she did not let him interrogate Sylvie. Ravonna questions who Sylvie is, so Mobius tells her that is what Loki calls the Variant. Ravonna says that they could not risk the Variant escaping and tries to change the subject by asking him where he would like to travel if he could go anywhere on the timeline. Mobius replies that he likes to stay working at the TVA with her. Ravonna tells him that the Time Keepers want to personally oversee the pruning of the two Lokis and want him to be there too. Mobius starts inquiring about Hunter C-20 again, so Ravonna wonders why he is making so many questions after the case was solved. Mobius says that something seems off in the story about C-20 and Sylvie.

Ravonna admits that she is trying to protect Mobius by keeping him away from the Variant because, after what happened with C-20, the Variant scares her. Ravonna says that C-20 lost her mind and she would not handle seeing something bad happen to him, who is a close friend. Ravonna reminds him that what they do at the TVA matters and by defending the timeline, they are also protecting their friendship. She states that their long-time friendship is uncommon and it is worth to fight for it, because they are friends across time, allies to the end. Mobius is not convinced by this speech but pretends that he is. He asks her where she plans to put her new trophy, Sylvie's machete. While Ravonna turns her back to place the machete on a shelve, Mobius swaps her TemPad for his own, before announcing he is leaving. Ravonna finds it weird that he decided to leave so soon, so Mobius tells her that he is exhausted after dealing so much with Lokis.

After swapping TemPads, Mobius finds a video proving that Ravonna lied about Hunter C-20's fate.

Mobius later goes to a hidden quiet aisle of bookcases at the Archives to check Hunter C-20's profile on Ravonna's TemPad. He sees that C-20 is listed as "Deceased", but then he finds a video of the Roxxcart mission debrief that proves that Ravonna lied to him. Mobius watches the video, which shows a lucid C-20 inside an interrogation room, saying that when Sylvie enchanted her, she recognized the place she saw as a memory from her past life on the Sacred Timeline. As C-20 states that she became aware that she and everyone else in the TVA are Variants, Mobius pauses the video when he sees an anxious Ravonna coming into frame to stop the recording.  

Knowing that Loki was telling the truth, Mobius returns to talk to him inside the Time Cell, and asks Loki if he truly loves Sylvie. Mobius questions Loki if he really believes he deserves to be alone, but Loki does not know how to reply this. Mobius explains that Loki and Sylvie's romantic connection created a nexus event so powerful that could bring down the TVA. He questions Loki if he is certain that Sylvie did not implant any memories in C-20, and Loki replies that he believes in Sylvie. Mobius wonders if he really needs to trust the word of two Lokis, so Loki says that Mobius can trust him as his friend. Mobius tells Loki that he was right about the TVA from the beginning and states that if Loki really wants to save Sylvie, he will have to trust him. Before leaving the cell, Mobius adds that Loki could be whatever he wants to be, even a good person, and explains that he needs Loki to hear this in case anyone has ever told him any different.

When Loki and Mobius leave the Time Cell, however, they come across Ravonna and a group of Minutemen that are waiting for them outside. Ravonna says she knows Mobius has her TemPad, so Mobius returns the device to her, claiming to have taken it by mistake. But Mobius realizes that Ravonna is not fooled by this lie, and decides to answer her earlier question of where he would like to go on the timeline. Mobius admits that the place he would like to go is wherever he came from before the TVA, he would like to return to his previous life and ride his jet ski. Hearing this, Ravonna orders the Minutemen to prune Mobius. Loki is in horror and cries as he sees his friend being disintegrated in front of him while Ravonna looks away, disturbed by her own decision.

Mobius allies with Sylvie in the Void.

In the fifth episode, it revealed that Mobius and other pruned Variants are not dead, because everything pruned by the TVA is actually sent to the Void at the end of time. When Sylvie prunes herself to find Loki after he was pruned by Ravonna, she arrives in the Void and is chased by a living tempest that consumes everything the TVA sends there, Alioth, but Mobius appears driving a pizza truck and rescues her. While riding across the Void, Mobius expresses his regret about working for the TVA. He tells her that he really thought that TVA were the good guys and he had good intentions. Sylvie, however, finds hard to believe Mobius didn't realize that destroying entire realities and orphaning little girls aren't heroic acts. Mobius explains that he once believed that the ends justified the means and reminds her that she too committed atrocious acts. Sylvie states that she did what she needed to do to stay alive, and Mobius says that he did the same. Mobius then apologizes for helping the TVA hunting her. In a moment of vulnerability, Sylvie reveals to Mobius that she hoped to find Loki when she pruned herself, but she is now depressed, fearing that Alioth might already got him. Because of this, Sylvie says that her current goal is to escape the Void a figure out who is behind the TVA, then asks Mobius to turn the car towards the cloud monster. Mobius is surprised that Sylvie wants to face the "angry cloud" after they just escaped from it, but she explains that Alioth might be the answer to find the ruler of the TVA.

Along their way to Alioth, Mobius and Sylvie come across Loki and other Loki Variants (Classic Loki, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki), as they were also on their way to face the entity. Loki is relived to see Mobius again and surprised to see Sylvie with him. Loki introduces his other Variants and Mobius is impressed that there are so many Lokis in the Void. Loki explains his plan to kill Alioth, but Sylvie disagrees and says that the entity is probably guarding the entrance to the place where the ruler of the TVA is, so she is going to enchant it. Loki does not think this plan will work and turns to Mobius for support, but Mobius only says that Sylvie is pretty confident about her plan.

Mobius: "I'd like people to know the truth."
Classic Loki: "So just like that, you're turning on the very thing you devoted your life to."
Mobius: "Well, it's never too late to change."
―Mobius and Classic Loki[src]

Mobius talks to the Lokis in the Void.

Sometime later, Mobius is sitting around a fire along with Classic Loki, Kid Loki and Alligator Loki. Mobius says that the TVA arrested a lot of Lokis, but he does not recall any of them being an alligator. He wonders if the alligator is really a Loki Variant. Classic Loki tells him that he should be a Loki because he is green. Mobius argues that the alligator might be lying, playing a long con, although this would make him more likely to be a Loki. Mobius points out that everything is the game within the game with the Lokis, which he respects. Kid Loki then asks him what he is going to do if he returns to the TVA. Mobius replies he wants the people of the TVA to know the truth. Classic Loki questions how Mobius can turn his back on the work he devoted his entire life to. Mobius tells him that it is never to late to change. At some point, Mobius told Sylvie about the reason of the nexus event on Lamentis, so while Mobius sits with the Lokis, she is discusses about it with Loki nearby.

Afterwards, Mobius and the Lokis plan their next actions. Sylvie gives the TemPad she stole from Ravonna to Loki for him to return with Mobius to the TVA. Loki refuses to leave Sylvie's side, deciding to stay to face Alioth with her, so he hands Mobius the TemPad. Mobius asks the other Lokis if any of them want to leave the Void with him. The Lokis, however, refuse Mobius' offer, stating that the Void is their home and that they managed to survive so far. After the other Lokis left, Mobius also says goodbye to Loki and Sylvie. Loki asks what he will do at the TVA. Mobius says he will "burn it to the ground" and thanks Loki for the spark. Loki embraces Mobius and thanks him for everything, while Mobius looks at Sylvie and tells her she is his favorite Loki, making her smile. He then leaves the Void through a Time Door.

Mobius returns to the TVA and confronts Ravonna.

In the final episode of the season, Mobius knocks at the door of Ravonna's office while she is packing files into her briefcase. He enters the office announcing his return, making his friend relieved to see him. Ravonna says that if someone would make it back from the Void, she supposed it would be him. Ravonna notices that Mobius is holding a Time Stick and asks if he came to prune her. Mobius tells her that his standards are higher than hers with close personal friends. Ravonna apologizes and says she could not let Mobius get in the way of their mission. Mobius questions what mission she is talking about after knowing that they are all Variants and he also was informed about Sylvie and Loki's discovery regarding the Time Keepers being just mindless androids. Ravonna, however, refuses to believe all their work was for nothing, saying that it was the reason she had to prune him. Ravonna pulls her TemPad and tries to call Hunter D-90 to her office, but Mobius states that this won't work now that they know her secret. Mobius takes from his pocket Ravonna's pen from Franklin D. Roosevelt High School. Seeing the pen, Ravonna pauses and asks what Mobius did. The secret Mobius refers is the Vice Principal Rebecca Tourminet, Ravonna's original self, and thanks to Hunter B-15 traveling to Fremont, Ohio, 2018, the Minutemen and Hunter D-90 encounter a version of the TVA judge on the Sacred Timeline, revealing Ravonna as a Variant.

Mobius tells Ravonna that the people of the TVA are ready to hear the truth that the organization is a lie. Ravonna argues that someone created the Time Keepers and the TVA, and gave purpose to all of them, so it is a necessary lie. Mobius disagrees, because he saw the horrors that await those who are pruned and he does not believe there is nothing necessary about that. Ravonna tells him that if they didn't prune the timeline, there would be only chaos and death. But Mobius says that there would be also free will. Hearing this, Ravonna laughs and states that only one person gets free will, the one in charge. When Ravonna turns her back and continues to pack her briefcase, Mobius recalls her words when they were celebrating the conclusion of the Loki case, and how she said they are "friends across time, allies to the end". Mobius says that those were such beautiful words, but then she sent him to die. He wonders what happened that made her change. Ravonna replies that she didn't change, but Mobius accuses her of betraying him. Ravonna becomes infuriated and says she was the one who was betrayed. She is furious that after she cared and risked herself for Mobius, he threw away their eons of friendship "for a couple of Lokis".

Mobius tells Ravonna that they cannot take away people's free will. He notices that she is using her TemPad to open a Time Door and wonders what she is going. Mobius pleads Ravonna to stay, so they can work together turn the TVA into something better, but she refuses. Mobius lights up the Time Stick and states he won't let her go. Ravonna tells him that even with Time Stick, he is no danger to her. Mobius attempts to hit her with the weapon, but she easily takes it from his hands and knocks him onto the ground. With Ravonna pointing the Time Stick towards him, Mobius tells Ravonna to just prune him. However, his friend hesitates and ultimately is unable to prune him. As Ravonna turns off the Time Stick and gets her briefcase, Mobius asks where she is going. Ravonna responds she is going "in search for free will" and then leaves the TVA through a Time Door.

Hunter B-15 and Mobius witness the Sacred Timeline branching off irreversibly.

Mobius is later seen with Hunter B-15 in the Chronomonitoring Wing of the TVA. Because Sylvie killed the creator of the TVA, He Who Remains, the Sacred Timeline is freed and splits into numerous branches, which are shown on the TVA chronomonitor. Watching the monitor and seeing that they will not be able to revert all the countless branches past red line, Mobius says there is no way to turn back now. B-15 tells him that nobody is talking about turning back.

Hunter B-15 and Mobius don't recognize Loki, as they are Variants from the new TVA ruled by Kang.

Right after, Mobius and B-15 are in the Archives checking the numerous branched timelines on a TemPad when Sylvie sends Loki back to the TVA. Mobius states that there are at least 63 growing branches in their unit alone and B-15 wonders if "he" expects them to just let everything branch. Mobius questions if there is a way to stop them at this point, but Loki appears and tells them it is impossible to do so. Loki tells them that he a Sylvie made a terrible mistake by freeing the Sacred Timeline and explains that they found the ruler of the TVA at the Citadel at the End of Time. Loki warns that they need to prepare because the countless versions of He Who Remains were unleashed in the Multiverse and will start a new Multiversal War. Mobius tries to calm Loki down, then suprises him by asking who he is. Mobius questions if Loki is a new analyst and what division he is with, while B-15 calls a troop to the Archives. As Loki realizes that neither of them recognize him, he turns around seeing a statue of Kang, a Variant of He Who Remains, where once stood the statues of the three supposed founders of the organization, the Time Keepers. This indicates that this is a new TVA ruled by Kang and these two are actually new Variants of Mobius and Hunter B-15.


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