Oh that Mona! She's really something! You sure know how to pick 'em Maxie!
Goofy, talking to Max about Mona[src]

Mona is a character from the "Christmas Maximus" segment of Disney's 2004 animated direct-to-video film, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas. She is voiced by Kellie Martin.

Role in the film

Mona is first seen walking with Max from the ticket booth at the train station and seeing him talking to his father, Goofy on the phone.

The train takes Max and Mona to his hometown and they fall asleep next to each other on the train ride. Afterwards, she is seen on the train and then walks off to Goofy’s car. And after that happens, Goofy seems to accidentally keep embarrassing Max by showing Mona Max's baby pictures. Mona is seen making popcorn with Goofy while Max takes a walk outside, When Max comes back to the house, Goofy and Mona make popcorn but Goofy puts too much in the popcorn machine. The popcorn turns the rooftop of Goofy and Max’s house into a "more snowy" house, Mona laughs about what had happened, exposing her buckteeth that are identical to those of Goofy and Max, and they make snow angels on the roof.



  • Mona almost looks like Roxanne, Max's love interest in A Goofy Movie but has blue eyes and short brunette hair, unlike the redhead Roxanne, and also lacks Roxanne's signature beauty mark. Mona's voice actress, Kellie Martin, even voiced Roxanne in A Goofy Movie. Roxanne was likely switched out for Mona due to CGI animation limitations on the film's low budget. Animating a character with short hair (such as Mona) was easier than animating one with long hair (such as Roxanne). However, this character is considered non-canon to many fans since Roxanne is more popular, and the film, like its Christmas predecessor is a collection of moral holiday stories.

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