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I lost the person closest to me, too. The worst thing I can think of has already happened to me and I can't change it. I can't undo it. I can't control this pain anymore. And I don't think I want to, because it's my truth.
―Monica Rambeau to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Captain Monica Rambeau is a Marvel Comics character who appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She made her debut in the 2019 film, Captain Marvel and returns as a starring character, in the first Marvel Disney+ series WandaVision. She is set to return in The Marvels. As a child, she was portrayed by Azari and Akira Akbar, in Captain Marvel, and was succeeded by Teyonah Parris, who goes on to portray her as an adult.

She is the daughter of Air Force captain Maria Rambeau, and a close friend to Captain Marvel. She later goes on to become a S.W.O.R.D. agent, following in the same career as her mother, who founded the organization. Monica was amongst the many victims of Thanos' snap, and was brought back by the Blip, five years later. She began investigating the disappearance of the residents of Westview, until she became trapped there herself, and and developed a new persona, named Geraldine. She managed to escape, and worked alongside Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis to investigate Wanda Maximoff's involvement. During her time, working on the case, Monica was exposed to the Hex, which granted her powers.

Monica Rambeau was created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr..


Official Description

The daughter of Carol Danvers's best friend Maria, has always been like a niece to Carol who liked to call her “Lieutenant Trouble.” At age 11, Monica helped Carol choose the colors for the suit she’d ultimately wear as Captain Marvel. Today, Monica is all grown up, destined for her own adventures, obstacles, setbacks and discoveries.


As an adult, Monica is shown to be dedicated at her job. She went on to continue on, her mothers legacy, and follow in her footsteps, by working at S.W.O.R.D.. Following the Blip, Monica was the first person to return to work, and wanted to be assigned to a mission immediately. She is a strong-willed individual, and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, to the point of butting heads with her director, whom she believed to be in the wrong. She also displays a caring and empathetic attitude, as she was one of the few individuals, to speak out for Wanda Maximoff, while she was labelled a villain, and tried to negotiate peacefully with her, even willing to reenter the Hex, in Westview, despite the dangers it caused, to her own wellbeing. Her courage is demonstrated, when she was willing to stand in front of bullets, to shield Billy and Tommy Maximoff, from her superior, and she also showed that she was willing to forgive Wanda, for the pain that she caused as she knew Wanda was only acting in grief.

Powers and Abilities


Monica Rambeau, made physical contact with the Westview Anomaly, created by Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Hex, integrating her, into the town of Westview. Following her ejection, Monica made contact with the barrier, a second time, causing her cells to be re-written on a molecular level. In her third time making contact with the Hex, Monica was granted powers. While these powers are in use, Monica's eyes glow in different colors.

  • Spectral Vision: Monica gained the ability to detect various forms of energy surrounding her, including that of magic. Upon entering Westview, she could see the ribbons of energy, surrounding the power lines, and was also able to see the magical energy, imbued in the vines of Agatha Harkness' basement.
  • Energy Absorption: The ability to take in forms of energy aimed at her. Monica absorbed the impact from falling at a height, and was able to stop the momentum of bullets, that passed through her.
  • Intangibility: The bullets fired at Monica, passed through her body, while leaving her unharmed.
  • Invisibility: As a result of absorbing the energy of bullets shot at her, her torso, which was fired at, turned transparent.


  • Hand-to-hand combat: Monica is shown to be physically capable of handling herself, if she were to ever get into a fight. She and Jimmy Woo were able to subdue multiple S.W.O.R.D. agents, together.
  • Pilot: Monica, much like her mother, was given the ranking of captain, a commissioned-officer rank.
  • Marksman: Monica has displayed the ability to hold and shoot a firearm with accuracy.


Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel

Monica appeared in Captain Marvel, and was portrayed by Akira and Azari Akbar, as an eleven-year-old and a five-year-old, respectively.

As a young girl, Monica would stargaze with her mothers Maria's, best friend, Carol Danvers, who told her of various constellations, including a shooting star, called Alouette. Monica held her her mothers friend in high regards, and considered her family. Following her disappearance and presumed death, Monica maintained hope she was still alive, and held onto her possessions.

Six years pass, and Carol returns to Monica and her Maria's home, alongside Nick Fury. Monica goes to embrace her, but finds she has no no recollection of who she is. While Carol is unaware of her identity, she explains to the mother and daughter, of her role in the galactic Kree-Skrull war, and when they voice their lack of belief, she displays her powers to them. Monica leaves to retrieve Carol's belongings, and shows her a collection of photos, in various parts of her life. Monica then goes to bring Carol her old jacket, and is accompanied with her mother, who, unbeknownst to her, is a Skrull in disguise. When Monica returns, she's finds a doppelganger of her mother, along with another alien, and watches, as one one the woman she initially thought was Maria, transform into a Skrull. The real Maria then has Monica escorted out, while they continue their discussion.

Monica Rambeau.png

Carol's memories are eventually restored, and she proposes Maria act as her copilot. While Maria refuses, Monica encourages her to do so, arguing of the impact she can make, as well as commentating on the kind of example she sets. As Maria calls over her parents to watch her, Carol sits with Monica, and refers to her as "Lieutenant Trouble", an old nickname she gave, indicating she remembers her past life. Carol asks Monica to keep her jacket safe, while she completes her mission, and asks for Monica's assistance, in giving her a newly colored uniform, free of the Kree colors. Monica goes through various patterns, and when Carol points out the scheme of her shirt, Monica changes Carol's to a red, blue and gold, to match her.

Following the defeat of Yon-Rogg, Carol and Maria return back to Louisiana, and are reunited with Monica. The pair are accompanied by Nick Fury, Talos and his family. While the adults sit at the table, Monica sits by the stairs with Talos' daughter, and when the discussion of creating new disguises is brought up, Monica urges them to retain their original eye color, as she finds them beautiful. Monica asks her mother whether the Skrulls can stay with them, but Maria refuses, on the basis they'll need their own home, and Carol makes it her new mission to find one. When Monica asks if she could fly and meet Carol half-way, Fury states, only if she learns to glow, like Carol. As Carol prepares to leave, Monica returns her flight jacket to her, and watches as she flies into space.


Monica Rambeau returns in the Disney+ series, as an adult and now a S.W.O.R.D. agent. She makes her first appearance in the second episode, under the alias of Geraldine, and is portrayed by Teyonah Parris.

In Monica's youth, her mother, Maria founded the intelligence agency, S.W.O.R.D.. Monica practically grew up at the organization's Headquarters and later went on to become an agent there herself.

At some point, Maria falls ill with cancer. Monica is there to help support her mother, and sits by her bedside, as she leaves for surgery. At the same moment elsewhere, the Snap occurs, in which half the population of the universe are wiped out and turned to dust. Monica is among the many victims, and five years later, the Blip restores all the lives of the people that were lost. Monica reforms in her mother's room, believing she simply fell asleep, and leaves to find chaos, as people are in a panic following the resurrection of the victims, who begin appearing from nowhere. She runs into her mother's doctor, who informs her that her mother's cancer returned, and she died three years ago.

WandaVision - 1x04 - We Interrupt This Program - Monica Forcefield.jpg

Monica becomes informed on what transpired in her absence, and decides to return to work, three weeks, after her return. She heads to the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, for a meeting with the new director, her former colleague, Tyler Haywood. When she arrives, she finds that her ID doesn't work, and is called over by a security guard, when Haywood arrives, and escorts her himself. He informs her she is the first of the vanished, to return, and when Monica inquires about the astronaut training programme, Haywood replies that it is dismal, after having lost half his personnel in the Blip, and the other half losing their nerve. He updates her on S.W.O.R.D.'s new focus, in the creation of sentient weapons, following the changing landscape of the world, and the unexpected threats in space. He also acknowledges the awkwardness of the situation, as S.W.O.R.D. is her mothers legacy, and she should have been there to name the directors replacement, but Monica reassures him, that he was the obvious choice. Haywood briefs Monica on a missing persons case in Jersey, and the requirement of a chaperone, for one of the imaging drones, needed by the FBI. Monica questions why she is working a case like this, and Tyler notifies her, she is grounded, to terrestrial missions only, as Maria implemented guidelines, in the case the vanished ever returned. He points the silver lining, is that Maria believed she would return. Monica accepts the mission, and heads to the borders of Westview, New Jersey, where she meets FBI agent, Jimmy Woo. Woo explains to Monica, what initially started as a missing persons case, has now evolved to something larger, and leads her to two local policemen, who claim Westview doesn't exist, despite standing in front of the borders and town sign. They instead claim, to be from Eastview. Monica concludes that they cannot reach anyone inside, and those outside have some form of selective amnesia, with Woo adding they're looking at a missing town. Monica asks why he hasn't gone in himself, and Woo cryptically replies, that the town doesn't want him to. Monica flies a S.W.O.R.D imaging drone through the town, and speculates why the two of them have an awareness of Westview. While looking at the monitor of her control, the image beings breaking, and when Monica looks up, the drone has vanished. As she heads towards the barrier, she begins seeing some form of a barrier, made up of an energy field. Monica slowly touches it, and the colors of her hands begin changing. She touches it a second time, and the barrier absorbs her into the town.

Monica's memories are altered, to fit in with the new alternate reality, she has now entered. She lives in a classic suburban setting, where she, along with the other townspeople, have new identities and play characters in the style of classic American sitcoms. Monica is assigned the new identity of Geraldine.

WandaVision - 1x02 - Don't Touch That Dial - Photography - Monica Rambeau and Wanda Maximoff.jpg

In a 1960s period setting, Monica Rambeau is first seen attending, a neighborhood meeting, along with the other housewives, hosted by Dottie Jones. She is sitting next to Wanda Maximoff and compliments her pants, but the pair are interrupted by Dottie, who asks they keep focus of what she's saying. When Wanda begins clapping prematurely, Monica tries easing her embarrassment, stating she would've done the same, had she not been scared to move. She wonders aloud, what she is even doing there, and hesitates for a slight second, before formally introducing herself as 'Geraldine'. Later on, Monica organizes the neighborhood talent show, and tries to reassure a Wanda, who is in panic, after her husband Vision fails to show up. Vision eventually arrives, and whilst the pair go on to perform their act, Monica suddenly finds herself transported from backstage, into their magical Cabinet of Mysteries. As the audience erupt into applause, Monica takes a bow with them, having joined their act. When the couple are announced as the winners, Wanda urges Monica to join them on stage, and she questions how they got her into the box, but they choose not to disclose that information.

WandaVision Ep 3 - Photo 4.jpg

The time period has now evolved into the 1970s. In the opening sequence of the third episode, Monica is seen, shopping in town, and waves at Wanda and Vision, who are cycling. At some point in time, the pipes burst in Monica's home and cause a leakage. She heads to Wanda's home, in search of a bucket, and comments on the jacket Wanda is wearing, noting the hot weather. Monica welcomes herself in, and Wanda tells her to stay put in the living room, while she heads to the kitchen to find one for her. While looking, Wanda displays slightly erratic behavior, and Monica offers to help, but Wanda declines. Monica heads in anyway, and finds a bucket, while Wanda holds a basket of fruit over her stomach. Monica sees this as an offer, and takes an apple. Before she can leave, Monica begins telling a story of her job and boss, Mr. Haddox, when she notices Wanda's concerned face. Monica takes this is a hint to leave, but Wanda insists she stay, and encourages her to finish what she had to stay. While in the middle of her story, Monica hears an unusual noise, and jumps when Wanda throws an orange, near her direction. She hears the noise again, and Wanda quickly explains to her, that it's the sound of her new ice maker, which is built in, to the fridge. Monica continues her story, and concludes, with the reveal that she got a promotion, leading to next question in asking Wanda, if she has any office supplies, and asks if it's still kept it in the spare room. She heads there, only to find a nursery, instead. Wanda, who is standing behind her, drops a flower vase, revealing her heavily pregnant belly, to Monica's confusement. Monica quickly rushes to get Wanda comfortable, as she goes into labor and runs to her, with supplies for the birth. As she does so, the chandelier besides her falls to the table, the frames on the walls begin spinning, and the electrical equipment begin functioning independently. Monica helps Wanda with her breathing, and supports her through the birthing process, while thinking there must be a logical explanation for the current events. Wanda insists there is, and begins crying in pain, but Monica encourages her to push, until she gives birth to her baby boy. The birth causes all the electrical equipment to to stop going haywire, and Monica hands him over to Wanda. At the same time, Vision arrives with Doctor Nielson, and Monica leaves with the Doctor, to give the new parents privacy. While they do so, Wanda begins screaming again, and they discover, she was pregnant with twins. Monica manages to help assist the Doctor, with the birth for Wanda's second son, and the Doctor thanks her for help, and that Monica would be a great nurse. As Vision walks Doctor Nielson out, Wanda thanks Monica, and the two watch the twins go to sleep. Wanda reveals that she herself is a twin, and had a brother named Pietro. She begins singing a Sokovian lullaby to her babies, and Monica recalls how her brother was killed by Ultron. Wanda tells Monica to repeat herself, but Monica finds herself lost for words, and claims she was simply talking about Wanda's strength. She returns to the couch, and Wanda once again, asks her to repeat what she said about Pietro, but Monica doesn't answer her. She offers to take a shift, rocking the children, when one of them begins crying, but Wanda tells her to leave. Wanda then notices the S.W.O.R.D. symbol on Monica's pendant, and demands to know it is, before questioning her true identity. Monica is unable to give her an answer, and Wanda uses her powers to expel "Geraldine", from Westview. Monica is thrown, through the walls of the house, and flies in the air, until she plummets to the ground, outside of Westview's borders, surrounded by the S.W.O.R.D. Faculty.. As Woo and Darcy run to her, she reveals the culprit behind the trapped town and alternate reality is Wanda.

WandaVision Episode 5 Photo 3.jpg

Monica wakes from recovery, and is questioned by Hayward, on what she remembers. She tells him of her experience, and recalls hearing Wanda's voice in her head, followed by a feeling of hopelessness and grief. She proceeds to go through a medical scan, and the uniform she was wearing, is taken away for analysis. Woo arrives, to welcome her back, and introduces her to Dr. Darcy Lewis, who was the individual to discover the broadcast, and she states she's a big fan. They notify her of the upcoming briefing, and the Med Tech, informs her, her results are inconclusive. At the meeting, Hayward talks of Wanda's position, as the supposed victimiser, and Woo, shares her life story, with that team, up to the present day. Hayward paints Wanda in a negative light, and goes so far, to refer to her, as a terrorist, a term which Monica objects too, expressing that she believes Wanda's has no inclination to destruction, and, when Hayward is quick to point out that she blasted her from a great distance, Monica believes that she survived, because Wanda chose to protect her. She tries to argue on Wanda's behalf, and Hayward showcases a video of Wanda breaking into S.W.O.R.D Headquarters, and stealing Vision's corpse, from nine days ago - a violation of the Sokovian Accords, and Vision's will. Hayward ends the meeting and has everyone dismissed. Monica begins brainstorming, on how she can safely reenter Westview, and suggests an aerospace engineer, who'd be up for helping them. Darcy cant guarantee that Wanda's reality-altering barrier (known as the Hex) won't affect them, and questions if she really wants to go back there, after what she's been through. Monica s confirms she does, and when Woo asks for the true identity of Wanda's children, she establishes that they are indeed her own. She reveals that while everything may look fake in the TV, its all real, and Woo and Darcy discuss the implications of Wanda having all that power. Monica suggests that Wanda could have killed Thanos on her own, had he not initiated a blitz, and nobody else came close. Woo argues Captain Marvel came close, and Monica hardens, upon mention of her. When Darcy asks if her powers came from an infinity stone too, Monica shuts down mention of her, so they can refocus on Wanda. Whilst staring at the wall of evidence, Monica takes down a photograph of Wanda holding an toy helicopter (Which was an imaging frone, prior to entering the Hex), and has an idea. She heads to the room, her 1970s clothes are being held in and runs a computer analysis. She then takes Woos gun and fires at it, though the bullets simply bounce off, to Woo and Darcy's shock. The analysis states that her pants are 85% kevlar, and Monica comes to the realization, that Monica isn't creating an illusion, but rewriting reality. She comes to the idea, that if she changes matter that goes through the hex, why not send something that requires no change. She tells Hayward of her idea, and an imaging drone with technology from the 1980s is sent in, in attempt to communicate with Wanda. Monica flies it, into the town, from inside the base, and the drone comes into contact with Wanda. She attempts to communicate with her, but Wanda remains unresponsive, and her eyes glow red, on the footage. Hayward overrides Monica's control, and has a missile launched at her, to Monica's shock, unaware it was even armed. The broadcast is cut, and Monica questions his actions, and at that moment, the alarms in the base go off, due to a breach. Monica, and the everyone else run outside, to see what caused the trigger, and she joins the armed S.W.O.R.D. personnel, who have their weapons pointed at the Hex. Wand steps out, sporting her superhero uniform, and Sokovian accent, which was absent in the sitcom world, and throws the missile at Haywards feet, while she is being aimed at, by S.W.O.R.D.. She has an exchange with Hayward, and Monica tries to reason with her, declaring she didn't know the drones were armed. Monica argues, that she knows it to be true, as she is a telepath, who brought a S.W.O.R.D. agent, into her home, and trusted to deliver her babies, and so, on some level, she knows her to be an ally. Monica offers help, but Wanda rebukes this, as she already has everything she wants, and that no one, will ever take it from her again. She uses her powers on all the armed S.W.O.R.D. personnel, and they all simultaneously point their weapons at Director Hayward. As Wanda begins walking back home, Monica calls out for her, to no avail. As she enters, her control on the men are gone, and Monica watches, as the barrier turns red, upon Wanda reentering Westview.

WandaVision Episode 6 Photo 11.jpg

Monica berates Director Hayward for sending a missile in Wanda's way. When Darcy makes a retort about what happened, and Hayward questions her, Monica states she's with her. She argues that they remain ignorant of the consequences, both, they'll face, and the residents of Westview, if they Wanda were to die. Monica believes they are powerless to her, and she is the solution. Hayward disregards what she has to say, and disciplines her for constantly advocating on the behalf of super powered individuals, also bringing up her history with Carol Danvers. He accounts his actions as correct, based on the struggles he faced in the past five years, after the Snap occurred, and half the population died, but Monica chastises him for using that, as a justification for his actions, and labels him a coward. Hayward remarks that it might have been a good thing she was absent during her mothers death, because he doesn't believe she has what it takes, for the job, and has her dismissed of the premises, along with Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo. As the three of them are taken out by S.W.O.R.D. personnel, Monica and Jimmy Woo, ambush their escorts, and manage to subdue them. They hide their bodies elsewhere, whilst they stay on base, albeit in disguise. The three enter an empty post, and Monica questions who the man displayed on Wanda's sitcom frequency is. They reveal it to be her brother, but with a different face. Darcy begins hacking into the base, to access data on Hayward's devices, and they learn that he found a way to look through the boundary, but didn't share it with the group, and he is tracking Vision, for an unknown reason. They also find a group of people at the edge of town, in a mobile state. While they continue researching, Monica receives an alert from her contact, who's informed her, they've found a way for her to reenter the Hex, and they just need to meet up with him, in an hour. As Monica gets ready to leave, Darcy warns her, that she can't reenter the Hex, after finding data on her blood, in Haywards file. It states that the energy inside, has rewritten her cells on a molecular level twice, and its changing her. After years of seeing lab results, through her mothers cancer treatment, Monica decides to ignore it, and prioritizes helping Wanda, over the physical damage it may cause her. Darcy tells them that she won't leave with them, because Hayward still has data, she is unable to access, which she believes can help them, and works on continuing to get past the firewall, while Monica and Woo leave. They drive outside of the base, to meet Monica's contact, and while on the road, the Hex suddenly begins to expand. Monica places her foot on the pedal, and begins accelerating, to avoid being taken over by it.

WandaVision - 1x07 - Breaking the Fourth Wall - Monica Goes Through Hex.jpg

The pair soon learn that the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, as well as many of the agents have been trapped Indies, including Darcy. The morning after, Monica drives to meet up with Major Goodner, a friend of her mothers, who works in the Air Force. Woo informs her that Darcy managed to breach Hayward's last file, and was working on a project to bring Vision back online; something he failed to do. The pair realize this was out of his reach until Wanda returned, and stole him away, which is why he's focused on tracking Vision in the Hex, and Monica decides that they need to tell Wanda. The pair arrive on location, and Monica greets Goodner, and introduces her to Woo. Goodner tells her, that Maria would appreciate their loyalty, and Goodner adds that Maria isn't the only one they're loyal to. She showcases a S.W.O.R.D. Space Rover, which they believe will allow Monica to travel through the Hex safely. Monica is fitted with a full bodysuit and tells Jimmy it's their last shot. She enters the vehicle, and heads towards the energy field. As she makes contact, the rover collides with the boundary and struggles to pass through. Monica insists that she's close, but the wheels tip upward against the Hex, bringing it to a vertical position. As the wheel pass through, Monica witnesses red energy entering the rover, and she unfastens her seatbelt, and quickly exits through the hatch. Monica witnesses half the rover, get entrapped in the the Hex, and then spat out, with the half that made contact, transformed into a van. Determined to get through, Monica runs straight to the boundary, and pushes it, through her hands. She enters into a blue atmosphere, composed of energy, and struggles to move forward. Various versions of herself, including Geraldine, emerge, from her, trying to walk forward with her, and she hears the voices of people from her life. As she continues to try and move forward, the various versions of Monica, collide back together and her eyes begin glowing blue. The sight of Westview emerges in her view, and she jumps to it, emerging into the town, on the other side of the Hex. Monica sees Westview in a night sky with hazy lights resembling auroras, and ribbons of energy, coursing through power lines. She blinks hard, and her eyes return to their normal color, with her normal vision returning. Monica removes her space suit, to find Wanda, and enters her home to try and explain what she learnt about Vision, and Hayward's involvement. Before she can do so, Wanda angrily uses her powers to telepathically lift her off the ground, and into the sky. She vents her frustration at Monica, believing her to be culpable of the misfortune she's faced in Westview, and all the lies she's told. Wanda throws her to the ground, but Monica lands in a kneeling position, with one hand and foot on the ground, as energy passes through her, and her eyes briefly turn blue again. She tells Wanda that the only lies she's told her, are the one's she put in her mouth. Wanda warns her off, and holds a ball of red energy in her palm, but Monica isn't afraid, and urges her to do something to her. Wanda refuses, and Monica points out how this show how she and Hayward differ, as he's willing to burn Westview to the ground, to get what he wants, and pushes her, not to let him make her the villain. Monica begins coming through, to Wanda, and divulges the pain she felt losing her mother, and the importance of accepting it, when Agnes intervenes, and leads Wanda away. Monica begs Wanda to take down the Hex, and she refuses, and warns her off. Later Monica explores the outside of Agnes' house. She looks through a window, but fails to see anything, and heads to the back, where she finds a pair of storm cellar doors. She opens them, and discovers vines, with glowing violet lights imbued in them, hanging to the wall and ground, and leading into another room. As she peers through, Pietro Maximoff appears behind her, and remarks that "Snooper's gonna snoop". As she turns around, her eyes appear to be violet.

WandaVision - 1x09 - The Series Finale - Monica Powers.jpg

Monica is captured by Fake Pietro, and taken hostage in his home. Through the window, she observes Wanda in battle with Agatha Harkness, and calls out to her, repeatedly tapping on the glass, but isn't heard. "Pietro" tells her not to waste her breath, as no one can hear her from inside, and continues playing his guitar. She quickly glances at the door, and makes the decision to exit, but before she can reach it, "Pietro" runs in front of her, with his super-speed, blocking her way. He taps her chest with his forefinger, and Monica is thrown back, onto the floor. She places herself, onto his recliner seat, and questions the contents of his room. "Pietro" refers to it as his man-cave, a place to relax, while his significant other causes trouble. Monica picks up a letter addressed to the occupant of the house, and finds a head-shot, with his true name, Ralph Bohner, printed underneath. She comes to realize that Agnes doesn't live there, but he does, and wonders aloud, how Agatha could be controlling him. She walks towards him, and Pietro in response, playfully prepares to tussle with her again, but Monica gets the best of him, and places him in a tackle on the ground. Her powers activate, and she sees a violet light, swirling around Ralph's beaded necklace. She removes it, from him, and Ralph's is free of Agatha's control. His demeanor changes, to that of someone scared, and he begs her to spare his life. Monica greets him by his real name, and leaves the house. She arrives to the center of the battlefield, and sees Hayward leaving his car, with a gun, pointed towards the twins. She orders him to stand down, but Hayward doesn't listen, and Monica runs to shield the boys, from his fire. He shoots, and Monica's eyes turn a golden color, as the bullets pass through her, emerging from her body without their momentum, and falling to the ground, while turning her torso transparent. Hayward's next shot passes inches towards Monica's head, directly in the aim of Billy Maximoff, who manages to hold it with his telekinetic powers. She looks at the young boy, in shock, and when Hayward's ammunition runs out, turns to him, for praise, due to his "nice tricks", and Billy returns the compliment. Monica watches on, as Hayward return to his car, in order to run the three over, but before he can do so, Darcy crashes into him. Monica follows the twins, as they run towards their father, and is happy to see them reunited. She looks around for Wanda and Agatha, and finds the pair, battling in the sky. Monica witnesses Wanda, transform into the Scarlet Witch, depowering Agatha, and returning to the ground, where she transforms her back into her Agnes persona. Wanda joins her family, and before she leaves, she gives a solemn nod of understanding to Monica, which she returns. The Hex that transformed Westview, begins disappearing, and eventually, the town is restored to its original state. Wanda's family, who were products of her magic, have now disappeared along with Hex, and she approaches Monica, as the townspeople keep their eyes on her. Monica affirms how the residents will never know what she sacrificed for them, but Wanda states that it wont change how they see her. She questions whether Monica hates her, and she shares that given the chance and given Wanda's power, she would bring her mother back. Wanda apologizes for the pain she caused, and Monica states that she knows. Wanda confesses to her that she doesn't understand the power but she will. As police sirens approach, the two women say their farewells. She watches on, as Wanda transforms into her Scarlet Witch uniform, and fly away, and Monica wishes her good luck. The authorities arrives, and Monica looks on as Jimmy directs everyone on what to do. She smiles at him, and tells him that authority looks good on him. He asks her where Darcy is, and she replies that Darcy left, because she believe debriefs are for the weak, but notes they can thank her for Hayward's arrest, and the two look on, as the disgraced Director is led away in handcuffs. An FBI agent request's Monica's attention in the theater, as she's being called in. The two head in, only to find it empty. The FBI agent tells Monica she was sent in by an old friend of her mothers, and transforms into a Skrull. She delivers a message on behalf of someone, who heard that she had been grounded, and would like to meet with her. Monica questions where, and the Skrull points upwards.

The Marvels

Monica Rambeau is set to return in the Captain Marvel sequel, where she will appear, alongside the titular heroine, and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel.[1]


Carol Danvers


Monica held Carol Danvers in high regards. As Carol wasn't close to her own family, she became more acquainted with her best friend Maria's, and shared a relationship with her daughter, Monica. Monica spent her holidays with Carol's company, and she was a present throughout her childhood. Carol and Monica would stargaze and name various constellations, and she was given the nickname "Lieutenant Trouble". When news came of Carol's alleged death, Monica refused to believe it was true, and held out hope, that she was alive. Carol did eventually return home, though she returned without her memory, and no recognition of Monica, though this was quickly restored. After Carol decided to complete her mission, she had Monica chose the colors of her new uniform, and took inspiration from the shirt she was wearing. Between the events of the Captain Marvel and WandaVision, a rift was caused in their relationship. When Carol was brought up by Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis, Monica shut down any mention of her.

Wanda Maximoff

WandaVision Ep 3 - Photo 1.jpg

Monica first met Wanda, under the guise of her Westview alias, Geraldine. Whilst Monica held no free will of her own, Geraldine maintained a friendship with Wanda. It was hinted that based on Wanda's telepathic abilities, she held some form of knowledge about Monica's true character, and this was demonstrated, as she trusted Geraldine, to help deliver her children. Wanda also disclosed to her, about the death of her brother Pietro, which was the first time Wanda made any form of reference to the outside reality. Their relationship was tainted by this, however. Monica's true persona was unearthed, causing her to be violently expelled by Wanda from Westview. While Hayward was insistent that she was a threat, Monica continued to vouch for her innocence, and believed that she didn't intend to cause any harm. Her belief in Wanda, alienated her, from her superior, resulted in her being dismissed form the base. Despite this, Monica reentered Westview, knowing the dangers of going through the Hex, and the possible harm Wanda could cause. By the time Wanda's reality ended, Wanda approached her before they parted ways. Monica showed understanding of what and why Wanda did what she did, and empathized, by confessing that she would bring her mother back, if she had the chance.


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  • Nick Fury's reference to Monica glowing like Carol, is a reference to Monica's status as a superhero, and her being the second person to hold the Captain Marvel mantle in the Marvel comics.
  • Monica's mother, Maria, was also known as "Photon". This was one of Monica's aliases in the comics.
  • In the third episode of WandaVision, when Geraldine is ejected out of Westview, she can first be seen going through three walls (the bookshelf, the house wall and the fence). When she goes through the Hex, this makes it the fourth wall. The "fourth wall" is a term which describes the space which separates a performer or performance from an audience. This symbolizes how Geraldine is no longer part of Wanda's comedy series.


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