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Monique[4] is Kim Possible's best female friend. She was voiced by Raven-Symoné. She first appeared in Pain King vs. Cleopatra.


No member of Monique's family has actually been seen on the show. But she mentioned her older brother, who apparently got her interested on professional wrestling (specifically the GWA), in her first appearance, and the Pain King is her favorite pro-wrestler. Her father apparently likes to play golf, based on dialogue in A Sitch in Time.

Personal history[]

Nothing is known about Monique's life before she moved to Middleton and transferred to Middleton High School. Kim met her at Club Banana in the Middleton Mall, which is their favorite store, and Monique gets promoted to assistant manager in "Fashion Victim." Sadly enough her last name was never revealed.


Kim's her best friend and now co-worker at Club Banana. She is unique among Kim's friends, as she was the one with whom Kim usually chose to discuss her own personal and social challenges, such as managing a crush on a boy, dealing with the latest insults from Bonnie, or overcoming her jealousy when Ron made a new friend. As a result, Monique was often in a position to help Kim through her most vulnerable and insecure moments, with which Ron was either unavailable for or unsuited to help. When Kim begins to overreact to or misread a situation, Monique will not hesitate to confront Kim and correct her behavior.

She's also friends with Ron Stoppable, with whom she shares an interest in professional wrestling. Although, he regularly found ways, unintentional or otherwise, to annoy or disgust Monique. They shared a common interest in professional wrestling. However, while Monique enjoys Bueno Nacho food, she did not eat there nearly as often as Ron does.

Monique seems to not like Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's archrival, because of her snobbish attitude. However, it should be noted that there did not seem to be any truly personal grudge between the two. Bonnie did not appear to specifically dislike Monique despite her being a close friend of Kim's, and in many cases Monique's advice for Kim on dealing with Bonnie was simply to ignore her taunts.

Romantically, she has a lot of first dates. She describes herself as unable to maintain a relationship and seemingly seeks a stable relationship with a young man who isn't a total weiner. She was seen getting friendly with Brick Flagg at the end of the Junior prom, but nothing came of it, as he graduated later that year. She recently had to spurn the advances of a smitten Wade, who was rejected because of his age and his decision to use emotion-manipulation on her. Ned seems to be interested, but sadly she's not.

She speaks in initialisms.

Talents and skills[]

In several episodes, it has been shown that Monique's chief talent was her considerable fashion design ability, which proved to be on par with that of The Fashionistas. Combined with her love of shopping, she was able to obtain a job at the Club Banana in Middleton Mall, recruited Kim to work there as well, and was eventually promoted to assistant manager.

In her first disastrous attempt to stand in for Ron on Team Possible, Monique proved that she was largely unsuited for mission work at the time: she was as bad, or worse than Ron at handling Kim's usual travel methods, and appeared to have no combat ability whatsoever. Monique acknowledged all of this beforehand but went along only at Kim's insistence that she required a partner with Ron stuck in Norway. Monique claims to need about 20 years of training to be any good on a mission. In Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time she does just that, and proves skilled and able; she seems to prefer verbal fights rather than physical fights. In the said film, Monique joined the rebellion, because she couldn't make Shego's look, and Shego took away shopping, so she needed a new hobby.


  • Her surname has never been revealed, probably as a nod to her voice actress, Raven-Symoné, who is generally known by just her first name.
  • Monique did not exist in the series pitch bible and her role was initially meant to go to Zita Flores.
  • Monique's character's design has evolved through the seasons, with the most notable change being to her eyes. In Season 1, when she first met Kim, she had small pupils, but starting from Season 2, her eyes became wider and fuller.


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