The jade Monkey King Statue serves as the final antagonist of the Hong Kong Disneyland attraction Mystic Manor, being a statue of the mythological Monkey King brought to life by Lord Henry Mystic's enchanted Balinese Music Box.


The Monkey King Statue was discovered by Lord Mystic and his pet monkey Albert during an exhibition in an ancient Chinese village. The statue was relocated to Lord Mystic Manor in Mystic Point, and was used as the central exhibit in the Chinese Salon.

Later on, Lord Mystic discovered an ancient music box, which, according to legend, could bring inanimate objects to life. The music box was relocated to Mystic Manor and kept in the Acquisitions and Cataloging Room.

Role in Mystic Manor

When guests arrive, they are welcomed by Lord Mystic, who then leaves to go search for Albert. Albert is, in fact, in the Acquisitions and Cataloging Room and opens the music box, allowing its magic to be released and bring hundreds of objects throughout the Manor to life, including the Monkey King Statue.

Towards the end of the attraction, Albert and the guests arrive in the Chinese Salon, where the Monkey King Statue is waiting. It seems to take an instant dislike to Albert and the guests and summons a tornado to destroy the manor, making the room spin and causing the paintings and tapestries to fly off of the walls. When Albert tries to cling to a collapsing wall, the Monkey King Statue attempts to hit him with a lightning bolt, destroying the wall but missing Albert. As Albert flies around the room caught in the tornado, he sees the music box fly by and jumps to grab it.

Albert manages to escape back to the Acquisitions and Cataloging Room and close the music box, returning the magic to it and reverting all of the objects, including the Monkey King Statue, back to their inanimate forms.


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