Monsters University is the soundtrack album for the 2013 Disney/Pixar animated film of the same name. It was released through Walt Disney Records on June 18, 2013, three days before the movie, and composed by Randy Newman. It is his seventh collaboration with Pixar as composer.[1][2]

The songs "Main Title", "Rise and Shine", and "The Scare Games" feature the drum line from the Blue Devils group "BD Entertainment". The recordings for the percussion tracks were done at Skywalker Ranch,[3] and were written by Blue Devils Percussion Caption Head Scott Johnson.[4]

The songs "Island", by Mastodon, and "Gospel", by MarchFourth Marching Band, are featured during the film but do not appear on the soundtrack. The song "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K. is featured prominently in the teaser trailers but did not appear on the soundtrack or in the film.

Additionally, much of the drum line percussion music was performed by BD Entertainment,[5] a division of BD Performing Arts, which also manages the World Champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps.

Track listing

All music are composed by Randy Newman, except where noted.

  1. Main Title (Score)
  2. Young Michael (Score)
  3. First Day at MU (Score)
  4. Dean Hardscrabble (Score)
  5. Sulley (Score)
  6. Scare Pig (Score)
  7. Wasted Potential (Score)
  8. Oozma Kappa (Score)
  9. Stinging Glow Urchin (Score)
  10. Field Trip (Score)
  11. Rise and Shine (Score)
  12. The Library (Score)
  13. Roar - Performed by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia
  14. The Scare Games (Score)
  15. Did You Do This? (Score)
  16. Human World (Score)
  17. The Big Scare (Score)
  18. Goodbyes (Score)
  19. Mike and Sulley (Score)
  20. Monsters University

  1. Little Mike
  2. Where's Mike?
  3. Don't Call Me Karen
  4. The Scarers/Down In Front
  5. First Scare (Part 1)
  6. First Scare (Part 2)
  7. Main Title
  8. Off to College
  9. You Could Totally Die
  10. Young Randall
  11. To Do List
  12. Waiting My Whole Life
  13. To Scare Class
  14. Hardscrabble
  15. Properly Inspired
  16. Sulley
  17. Scare Pig
  18. Mike Rides The Pig
  19. Determined
  20. Focus
  21. You're Taking This Well
  22. Kicked Out
  23. Scare Games Opening
  24. Oozma Kappa
  25. Sulley Sting
  26. Dream Journal
  27. Initiation
  28. Now We're Rolling
  29. Sewers
  30. The Starting Line
  31. Urchin
  32. Back in the Race
  33. Unnoticed
  34. Squishy Sting
  35. Squishy Did It!
  36. Trophy Room
  37. Kari
  38. Look Like Us
  39. Oozma is Oozma
  40. Field Trip
  41. The Big Leagues
  42. Can't Go Back to Jail
  43. Rise and Shine
  44. But is He Scary?
  45. Great, But Bigger
  46. Opening Ceremony
  47. Unleash the Beast
  48. Misfits
  49. Mike is Up
  50. You Rule
  51. Betrayal
  52. Red Light
  53. The Real Test
  54. You Look Funny
  55. Camp Human A
  56. Camp Human B
  57. I Failed, Too
  58. Can't Get Back
  59. Scaring the Rangers
  60. Home, How?
  61. Goodbyes
  62. The Best Scare
  63. The Mail Room


  • Original Score Composed and Conducted by Randy Newman
  • Executive Music Producer: Chris Montan
  • Music Supervisor: Tom MacDougall
  • Original Score Produced by Randy Newman and David Boucher
  • Score Orchestrations by Jonathan Sacks, J.A.C. Redford, Dan Higgins, Jeremy Lamb and Randy Newman
  • Music Editor: Bruno Coon
  • Score Recorded and Mixed by David Boucher
  • Music Production Director: Andrew Page
  • Music Business Affairs: Bernardo Silva
  • Musk Production Coordinator: Ashley Chafin
  • Executive Music Assistant: Jill Heffley
  • Music Production Assistant: Jimmy Tsai
  • Assistant Music Editor: Brenda Heins
  • Score Contracted by Sandy DeCrescent and Gina Zimmitti
  • Music Preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service
  • Score Recorded at Sony Pictures Scoring Stage
  • Score Mixed at Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage
  • Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering
  • Featuring Performances by The Blue Devils
  • Post Production Supervisor: Paul Cichocki
  • Art Direction and Design: Steve Gerdes


  • Written and Produced by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso
  • All Instrumentation/Programming/Percussion Performed by Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia

"Monsters University"

  • Written by Randy Newman


  • Leader: Randy Newman
  • Concertmaster: Bruce Dukov
  • Violin: Julie Gigante, Eun-Mee Ahn, Richard Altenbach, Aroussiak G. Baltaian, Jacqueline Brand, Jeanne Evans, Lorenz Gamma, Tamara L. Hatwan, Amy Hershberger, Aimee Kreston, Ana Landauer, Natalie Leggett, Dimitrie J. Leivici, Phillip I. Levy, Serena McKinney, Maria Newman, Helen Nightengale, Grace Oh, Alyssa Park, Sara Parkins, Rafael Rishik, Jay Rosen, Anatoly Rosinsky, Marc Sazer, Jeanne Skrocki, Tereza Stanislav, Lisa Sutton, Sarah Thornblade, Irina Voloshina, Roger Wilkie
  • Principal Viola: Brian Dembow
  • Viola: Robert A. Brophy, Thomas M. Diener, Alma Fernandez, Marlow Fisher, Matthew J. Funes, Keith Greene, Scott C. Hosfeld, Roland Kato, Shawn P. Mann, Victoria E. Miskolczy, Michael Nowak, Erik Rynearson, David Walther
  • Principal Cello: Dennis Karmazyn
  • Cello: Giovanna M. Clayton, Paul A. Cohen, Antony Cooke, Stephen J. Erdody, Christine Ermacoff, Armen Ksajikian, Timothy E. Landauer, George Kim Scholes, David Speltz, Cecilia Tsan, John Walz
  • Principal Bass: Drew Dembowski
  • Bass: Nico Abondolo, Chuck Berghofer, Oscar Hidalgo, Christian C. Kollgaard, Ed Meares, Bruce Morgenthaler, David Parmeter
  • Principal Flute: Heather Clark
  • Flute: Jennifer L. Olson, Benjamin M. Smolen, Steve Kujola
  • Principal Oboe: Phillip Ayling
  • Oboe: Leslie Reed, Lara K. Wickes
  • Principal Clarinet: Stuart Clark
  • Clarinet: Gary Bovyer, Benjamin E. Lulich, Ralph W. Williams
  • Principal Bassoon: Michael O'Donovan
  • Bassoon: Rose M. Corrigan, Kenneth Munday
  • Saxophone: Daniel Higgins, Rusty Higgins, Gregory Huckins, Bill Liston, John Yoakum
  • Principal French Horn: James Thatcher
  • French Horn: Mark Adams, Steven Becknell, David L. Everson, Daniel Kelley, Phillip Yao
  • Principal Trumpet: Malcolm McNab
  • Trumpet: Daniel R. Fornero, Jon Lewis, Barry E. Perkins, David Washburn
  • Principal Trombone: William Booth
  • Trombone: Alex Iles, William Reichenbach, George B. Thatcher
  • Tuba: James Self, Douglas Tornquist
  • Timpani: Gregory Goodall
  • Principal Percussion: Alan Estes
  • Percussion: Alex Acuria, Luis Conte, Peter Limonick, Steven Schaeffer, Don Williams
  • Piano: Randy M. Kerber, Alan Steinberger
  • Organ: Mitchell Froom
  • Harp: Marcia Dickstein, JoAnn Turovsky
  • Accordion: Nicholas Ariondo, Dart Zubis
  • Guitar: George Doering, Timothy May, Val McCallum
  • Drums: Matt Hankie, Pete Thomas
  • Bass Guitars: Davey Faragher, Bob Glaub


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