Montezuma (a.k.a. Monte) is a supporting character from Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He is the leader of a Chihuahua tribe living in an Aztec Temple in Chihuahua.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

When Chloe and Delgado become lost in a desert, they are suddenly ambushed by three mountain lions. Delgado tries to fight them off, but he and Chloe are interrupted by a rapidly approaching cloud of dust. The cloud of dust settles and it's a large pack of angry-looking Chihuahuas. The mountain lions tuck tail and run after the Chihuahuas bark loudly at them. The head of the pack, Montezuma (a.k.a. Monte), tells Chloe and Delgado to follow them. They reach Chihuahua, their birthplace, and walk through the Chihuahua-filled place. That night, there is a big celebration and Monte goes into a tirade, speaking of how Chihuahuas are seen as lapdogs or toys. The Chihuahuas bark, "No más!" (meaning "No more!"). They are tiny but mighty. They then start to bark out; however, Chloe's bark is too embarrassingly high-pitched. Monte tells her that her bark will come when she needs it the most as Delgado thanks him and his tribe for helping them with the lion problem.


  • Monte was named after and based on the fifth Aztec emperor and king of Tenochtitlan, Montezuma.
  • When Monte says, "Say hello to my little friends," to the three mountain lions, it is a reference to Al Pacino's title character's famous line: "Say hello to my little friend," from Scarface. Also, when Monte says, "Come with us if you want to live," to Chloe and Delgado, it is a reference to one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's title character's famous lines: "Come with me if you want to live," from Terminator 2.

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