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The Moon Bots are characters featured in Legend of the Three Caballeros. They are giant robots who were advanced reinforcements by the Moon Men until they were left abandoned for centuries ago.


According to the hieroglyphs on Alqmr Alhrm (as translated by Lord Felldrake Sheldgoose), it is said that a long time ago, a group of extraterrestrial beings known as Moon Men built pyramid-style spaceships which were used to transport from the Moon back to Earth and to their secret civilization on the dark side of the moon and after they disappeared, they abandoned their lost city, their advanced weapons are the Moon Bot Army, an army Felldrake can control so they can get to the Moon. As they are non-sentient robots, the Moon Bots can be controlled with an operator inside or remotely via magic.

Physical Appearance

The Moon Bots are large robots with Egyptian themes. They have large round bodies each with a yellow and blue pattern and a golden scarab on it while their shoulders and feet have pyramid textures decorated on them while their fists are designed with an eye hieroglyph texture on them. Additionally as their names imply, they have a moon symbol on their shoulders. The helmets at the top of each Moon Bot are a cobra-like head. As Moon Bots can either be controlled by operators or by magic, they emit colorful glows: yellow (when the Three Caballeros board one) and purple (when Baron Von Sheldgoose uses his staff from Lord Felldrake to possess magic against them).

Role in the series

In "Pyramid-Life Crisis", Baron Von Sheldgoose and his ancestor Lord Felldrake approach an inactive Moon Bot which Sheldgoose uses his staff against to bring it to life as part of his evil plans. Suddenly, Xandra, Panchito, José Carioca, and Donald Duck come across a lane full of pyramid spaceships powered by Felldrake as the four see a group of Moon Bots behind them. Upon seeing them, Felldrake commands the Moon Bots to attack as they chase Xandra across the Moon. Xandra then fires her arrows at a couple of Moon Bots, disabling them, only to find more approaching just as Xandra continues firing more arrows only to find out that there are too many Moon Bots charging to the spaceships.

Seeing Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold on their own Moon Bot, the Caballeros board another Moon Bot working together to stop Felldrake. The two Moon Bots engage in a brawl to see which Moon Bot is the strongest and as the two battle each other, Xandra continues to stop a couple of Moon Bots only to find out that they have reached the pyramid spaceships where they take off as part of Felldrake's plans. Later as Felldrake continues to finish off the Caballeros, Donald pushes a lever which causes the Moon Bot the Caballeros are controlling to punch the Moon Bot's head to send Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold flying, foiling their plan. Upon doing so, it causes Felldrake's magic to go out of range, disabling the Moon Bots as well as destroying the spaceships the Moon Bots have boarded. Having defeated them, the Caballeros on their Moon Bot celebrate just before the Three Caballeros and Xandra return to Alqmr Alhrm to return back to Earth. Later as the Caballeros disembark from Alqmr Alhrm, the ship's stewardess, Lucy, bids a farewell to the four as she passes by a hall of Moon Bots, which remain undisturbed.

In "Sheldgoose Square Dance", Sheldgoose summons a couple of Moon Bots powered by Felldrake's magic during the final battle where they charge towards the Xandra and the Caballeros. Xandra then explains that Felldrake must have disrupted the balance of light and dark to which Xandra summons the Roman gods, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars to fight back. As the Roman gods hold back the Moon Bots, Xandra and the Caballeros continue proceeding to the Summoning Chamber. Later when Felldrake plans for a new age of darkness, the Moon Bots are sent back to their respective homes, along with the other reinforcements summoned during the final battle. Even after the final battle has ended, it is likely that the Moon Bots have been sent back to the Moon where they remain in their static forms once again with the magic from Felldrake's spell being removed from them.

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