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Queen Moon Butterfly is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is the former Queen of the Mewni alongside her husband, River Butterfly, and Star Butterfly's mother. She was the previous wielder of the Royal Magic Wand before passing it down to her daughter on her fourteenth birthday.

As of season 4, Moon is no longer queen of Mewni, the throne having been passed from Star to Eclipsa Butterfly, and much of her memory is in fragments as a result of exposure to the Realm of Magic (though it seems to be fully restored by "Ghost of Butterfly Castle").

As of "Moon Remembers", she and River have left the kingdom to start a new life and formed a community of Mewman refugees.

In "Pizza Party", she regains the wand and the title of queen from Eclipsa, but after the age of queens and magic came to an end in "Cleaved", she, once again, is no longer queen.



Queen Butterfly is serious most of the time, having a low tolerance for anything messy or destructive. Despite being the queen, Queen Butterfly acts as the true ruling monarch of Mewni and always has the well-being of her kingdom in mind, to the point she is unable to express interest in anything else. This often causes her to appear cold toward others. Despite her overbearing strictness, she truly loves and cares for her daughter.

In her youth, Moon used to be just like her daughter, a "Happy go-lucky girl", but after Toffee killed her mother and she inherited the throne, she became serious and mature to protect her kingdom and family.

Physical Appearance

Queen Butterfly has a slender figure and taller than her husband. She has long pale blue hair with three bangs that resembles her daughter's, often shaped in a heart. She has blue eyes, wears pink lipstick, and purple diamonds on her cheeks. She wears a golden crown with a purple diamond in the center. Her royal outfit includes a light blue and periwinkle gown, the skirt somewhat resembling the shape of a heart, with long blue gloves.

From "Mr. Candle Cares" till Season 3, Queen Butterfly had slightly altered her look; her crown now has a gold diamond-shaped attachment with a purple diamond in the center, from which two strings of pearls curl around the sides of her hair. Her ears are visible, and wears gold diamond-shaped earrings with purple diamonds embedded in them. She now wears purple lipstick.

In her Mewberty form, Moon has large butterfly-like wings and six arms.

After letting go of her role of being queen in "Moon Remembers" onward, her hair style is changed to a long braid and wears a short sleeved sky blue dress.

Powers and abilities

  • Royal Magic Wand: Moon Butterfly was once the owner of the royal magic wand, and she once used it to permanently sever one of Toffee's fingers.
  • Mewberty form: Moon can change into her Mewberty form at will. She has blue skin, six arms, and large butterfly wings capable of flight.
  • Inherent magic: As a queen of Mewni, Moon has magic deep within her body that she can access by "dipping down". With this reservoir of magic power, she can fire energy from her hands and create magical constructs such as whips, barriers and energy swords.
  • Swordsmanship: Moon has proven to be proficient with both regular swords and energy swords created with her magic.
  • Telekinesis: In "The Bogbeast of Boggabah", Moon levitates Star off the ground. In "Tough Love", she levitates mud and large boulders.
  • Baking: "Butterfly Follies" and "Escape from the Pie Folk" show that Moon has a talent for making pies.


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  • According to Daron Nefcy, Queen Butterfly's first name is Moon.
  • In Season Two, Queen Moon receives a redesign to her appearance.
  • In "Into the Wand", it is revealed that Queen Butterfly was the one who first defeated Toffee and severed the middle finger on his right hand.
  • It's revealed in Season 4 that Moon can play the guitar.
    • Her heart-shaped hair might be modeled after Queen Elizabeth I of England, the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.
    • "Into the Wand" reveals that Moon was the one who first defeated Toffee and severed the middle finger of his right hand.
      • "Into the Wand" also reveals that Moon wore her hair down in her youth, greatly resembling her daughter's style, and had a pet pig-goat named "Lil Chauncey" whom she used to ride into battle.
    • "Moon the Undaunted" revealed that Moon became queen when she was not much older than Star, due to her mother being killed by Toffee and his army of rogue monsters.
      • "Moon the Undaunted" also revealed that she has had dark veins on her arms (similar to Eclipsa's) ever since casting the 'darkest spell' to defeat Toffee.
    • In "Game of Flags", it is revealed that Moon is the only member of the royal family willing to tolerate the rambunctiousness of the Johansen family, as a result of her marriage to River Johansen, who would become King Butterfly. The rest of the family openly disapproves of their marriage, and often chastises her for their union.
    • When Moon was a princess, she wore the same crown that Star now owns and wears on special occasions.
    • At the end of "Storm the Castle", when Moon hugs Star, a part of her hair falls out only to have Star reattach it, suggesting the curls on the sides of her head in Season 1 were hair extensions.
    • As a teenager, Moon has had dark purple veins on her arms as a result of performing dark magic, and since then, she has always worn long gloves to cover these marks, until "Divide", where her arms are completely healed.
      • However, in "Stump Day", these marks, for some reason, are completely absent.
    • Moon states in "My New Wand!" that she learned how to "dip down" at age 19.
    • In "Marco and the King", the pillow she normally sleeps on has an imprint of her lips and her eyelashes, implying that she normally sleeps face-down and wears makeup to bed.
      • "Stump Day" reveals she also wears her hair down to sleep, and it appears wavy and messier, and her bangs do not show.
    • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Moon took a pole dancing class at one point in her life. She kept the boots for her regular attire.
    • According to Dominic Bisignano, Moon was born on the 1st Corn of Diamond.
    • Moon was the second known queen to begin her reign at the age of 17, the first known queen being Skywynne Butterfly (though Skywynne took the throne as a result of her mother stepping down out of boredom).

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